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League of Legends Build Guide Author Magic Nipple

Ryze Let The RAGE Begin

Magic Nipple Last updated on February 14, 2011
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Ryze Owning Guide

Ok so as this guide suggests your going to be pissing the other team off with this build the idea behind it is to have your ulti up when the team fights start because that's where Ryze does the most damage. The way I see it is Ryze really has 2 ultis reason being is his really ulti doesn't cost mana so the real damage comes from Overload and Spell flux, which do a good amount of damage on their own... BUT with your ulti the amount of damage they do SKY ROCKETS because not only do you get a huge AP boost all your spells that deal damage become AOE and that wrecks in team fights ESPECIALLY if you have either a Kennen or Amumu on your team with their ultis up.

Key points.

This build does not work if you have bad team mates.
Not dieing is key to this build once you get maji's especially.
It is crucial that you do what ever you can to have mana and be casting abilities all the time. Mana pots in the beginning and later you wont have to worry.
If you feel like your gonna get attacked or ganked make sure to fall back.
Watch out for silences and anything that will cause you to not cast for six seconds after ulting

Use spell flux on enemies close together especially if any way their bodies form a line.

The way i engage in fights is if they have full health get close without them knowing or make them think you can't take em then pop your ulti then Rune prison them so they cant get away and they use Spell Flux and follow up with an Overload that should be enough to kill almost anyone but if you want to be safe pop the Ignite.

If Fighting Vlad AKA Edward MAKE SURE to get an Ignite on him or he will 9 times out of 10 get away with his little pool of blood move.
Lastly make sure to not get close to FED high dps characters when your ALONE cause they can one shot to three shot you very easily even with regular attacks.

(Early Game)
So early game the first thing your gonna wanna buy depending on if your going mid or if your top or bottom. If you Top or Bottom then go with the build above, If your mid then your first item is going to be a "Meki Pendant". Now on to the fun stuff...harassing. Now harassing with Ryze makes the game just too much fun if you do it right. Early game Spell Flux Is your best friend! if you gonna hit a hero make sure they have either minions or another hero next to them otherwise Spell Flux is basically a weaker Overload. So harass don't over extend unless the people your playing are garbage in which case rape their faces.

(Mid Game)
By this point you should have gotten Sorcerer's Shoes, Tear of Goddess, and if your having a good game Mejai's Soulstealer, if your not having a good game go to Zonya's ring which is now removed from game so go for the Deathcap. Make sure to have your ulti up for as many team fights as you can and don't forget to set up ganks. By this point in the game if your team doesn't suck you will be ganking kids left and right and they will as the name suggests be RAGING.

(End Game)
Alright by this point you should have all your items Mejais should have at least 15-20 stacks, and the other team should be discussing XD so yeah make em RAGE!