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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quardah

Ryze : Make Your Ultimate Worth More With This Guide.

Quardah Last updated on October 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. Welcome to my third Build. This one is about the most reknowed caster in the game for his legendary performance in the season 1 trailer (Which i believe is awesome.)

Skill explanation :

OVERLOAD (Q) : Preaty much the skill you'll use on enemy champions because it deals an EnOrMuS amound of dommages. This skill, altought, i'll explain later how you can use an Holy-Haxx that i figured out so you'll be able to destroy anything in your way (Don't worry, i ain't no hacker. Lol, it's only a mather of syncronization)

RUNE PRISON (W) : Your basic Stun. Keep it for enemy champs only. The only exception why you would use it is if you need to reduce your cooldown or combine with the ultimate you can use it on creeps so the AoE is gonna kill them all.

SPELL FLUX (E) : Good at everything, this spell is what makes ryze overpower. Combine with the ultimate, you can farm 30 creeps in a second. A trick you should not forget is that you can make it bounce on yourself, so even in a close quarter fight (you know, those you ain't supposed to be in), that spell is rediculously strong.

(ULTIMATE) DESPERATE POWER (R) : This spell is probably the best boost of the whole game. The funny thing is that this ultimate have such a low cooldown that you may use it against creeps if you need to do so. Do not hesitate to use it when you need to. If you're in a fight, it's cooldown will be around 20 seconds.

In Game :

In the Laning phase, be sure not being alone. A Ryze mid is a Ryze dead. You're probably more squishy than Kog'Maw itself, so don't get in any **** or else you won't be able to XP. Harass with your spell flux. Althougt it cost a lot to use at the begining, don't mind about spaming it. It kills creeps preaty quickly and gives you a lot of cash. From now on, if you're a good farmer, at level 3 you should have the Catalyst. Now you can keep on farming without any need of backing. keep in mind that those boots are your only way to survive, so go pick them up Asap. You may reconsider about buying those with cooldown reduction if the enemy team has a lot of CC. Do what you want if it can help you.

At level 6, you may start ganking. With your Ultimate + full mana, you may farm enemy champs if they aren't tank.

Don't forget about the final kills on creeps. Now you should have enought to buy the Rod of Age. From now on the shop's gonna be more complicated than other champion:

Buy the tear to start upgrading your mana.
Then buy Sheen for masive damage.

Don't upgrade to Archangel's staff unless you have Sheen. At this point of the game, the passive you obtain from Sheen is crutial either to farm or gank.

From that point you should be level 11. This is where the Holy-Haxx comes in.

It's preaty hard to explain, so i'll do my best to make some ASCII art for you guys :)

This is you, lol.......And this is your enemy. (Believe me i'm loling right now)

........../ \........................................./ \

Now you should use your spell that way on a 1vs1 (Which occured often) or in any gank if you are focusing somebody.

Q R W E Q As fast as possible. From now on you'll ask yourself ''Wtf why would you use you overload before using your ult you are ******''

Well no. Listen

Use your Q and then wait 'till you can see this :
....Your overload spell....
/ \......................................../ \

Hope you get the point... (My ASCII skills are pathetic... but they are fun tought)
When your Overload is in mid air, Use your Ultimate. From now that little Overload spell will be affected with your legendary Ultimate and, the most important of all, the cooldown for Overload will be reduce by a second! Now cast Rune prison to make sure your enemy won't leave and use spell flux (Be close if it's a 1vs1, so it bounces on you).

Result? Well your ult (which stays 8 seconds) lost about 3 seconds. 5 seconds remaining. and your badass Overload will be a 3 second from reusable. Now recast it and it'll still be affected by overload.

Result? (If you haven't got the point at this point your dumb.)
You'll simply do another powerful ball. At this point, i've played around 50 games with ryze and i never saw any champions able to survive to this shot. Really, try it out. It's a common shot that you'll have a lot of kill this way. I permit you to buy the Mejai if you own a lot, but at this point the enemy team is gonna surrender (For sure, everytime i use that Holy-Haxx they ragequit)

For the End phase, i normally have my Archangel's Staff and Lich Bane. You'll aim for Zhonya's ring but i'll bet you'll win/lost before having it. If you can put your hand on it i suggest you go buy the Mejai too if you haven't took it before. Personnaly i had to use it only once, it was one hell of a long game tought.

Anyway at this point you'll be a beast in defense since you'll be able to destroy super-creeps in a second. You'll be awesome at pushing too, but remember that you're so squishy being alone is ******ed.

Pro Tip 1 : Ryze is a real Mana eater. If you wanna be at your best, Aim for the Golem. I believe not enought people use those buffs altought they are free and you can obtain them in seconds. Be smart and give yourself the unfair advantage (Stealing Razors line, lol)

Pro Tip 2 : I believe that Ryze itself is a better jungler than Warwick whenever he's level 6 and above. If you have a level problem aim for the Jungle, and don't hesitate to walk around to go behind your enemy.

That's preaty much everything. I'll be waiting for your feedback guys. Thanks for reading and i hope i helped you getting better (Espacially with the Holy-Haxx). Keep on fighting and don't ragequit people, that's ******ed.

One last thing, as on my other guides, do not hesitate to change any summoners spells. They are all good anyway, but i enjoy teleport because you can teleport next to an enemy and kill him in a second. Most players won't eventually notice the teleport and they are simply gonna die under your awesome damages.



(Si quelqu'un parle uniquement francais je suis pret a traduire mon guide pour ce dernier. Suffit d'uniquement demander dans les comments.)