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Ryze Build Guide by KingOfHearts

Ryze - Mana Power

By KingOfHearts | Updated on March 10, 2012
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Ryze - Mana Power

Welcome, This is a first guide please excuse any mistakes I have made, Anyways! Ryze is an AP, Which doesn't rely so much on AP, He is a Mana caster. Being very tanky, As well as having a strong burst damage, early to late game, also capable of having sustained damage throughout a team fight.
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Pros & Cons


-Burst Caster with sustained Damage
-Very Tanky with full build
-Very easy to use


-Very mana starved early game
-Can be shut down hard
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Skills - Thoughts

Overload - Your main damage source, Great for last hitting minions.
Rune Prison - An amazing amount of damage, As well as a snare.
Spell Flux - A good spell, When Ryze has some AP. As it just lowers a bit of Magic Resist and do little damage before AP, There is no point to max it before Rune Prison and Overload.
Desperate Power - With a passive of bonus mana, Short cooldown, Splash damage, And spell vamp, I find this one of the most useful ults. Considering it costs no mana, and can be casted to proc passive, Its Insanely useful is all circumstances.
Arcane Mastery - His passive, Godly once you get a Frozen Heart. 40% cooldown reduction along with lowering cooldowns by 1 second everytime an ability is casted. It allows a mage to be very sustained in team fights.
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Item Sequence

- 1. Start with Sapphire Crystal and your choice of 2 Health Potions, or 1 Health 1 Mana.
2. At 950 gold, Recall ASAP, grab your Tear of the Goddess and Boots Of Speed
3. Get to 1350 gold, Get your Sorcerer's Shoes and 2 Sapphire Crystals
4. Get a Glacial Shroud than a Catalyst the Protector.
5. Rush a Rod of Ages.
6. Get your Frozen Heart.
7. Archangels Staff.
8. Banshee's Veil.
9. Will of The Ancients.

Full Build

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Offence Tree:
Brute Force (2/3) - Since 4 AP Isn't going to make much of a difference of Ryze, I see the 2 AD better to last hit with auto attacks.

Butcher (2/2) - Same reason as Brute Force.

Sorcery (4/4) - Cooldown's on ryze are vital, But with this and Intelligence, Along side Frozen Heart, and Overloads passive, IT gives ryze max cooldown reduction (40%)

Arcane Knowledge (1/1) - Magic Penetration, Must I say more?

Havoc (2/3) - Extra Damage, Only place I see 2 points fitting in effectively. Feel free to move these 2 around.

Support Tree:

Good Hands (2/3) - Filler points personally, It is more usefull personally all round compared to what else is available.

Expanded Mind (3/3) - Free Mana per level, Extra damage.

Swiftness (4/4) - Ryze is a relatively slow champion, The 2% movement speed helps a little.

Meditation (3/3) - Early game, Ryze has alot of mana issues, This helps deal with that.

Transmutation (3/3) - A little spell vamp never hurt anyone, Little extra heal to stay in lane, or survive a fight before Will of the Ancients.

Runic Affinity (1/1) - Longer infinite mana? I mean blue buff.

Intelligence (3/3) - Same reason as Sorcery.
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Flash - As any caster without an escape, Flash is a must have, As well as allows securing early kills.
Teleport - I personally prefer this over Ignite/Exhaust, But take what you want.
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Marks - Magic Penetration - Since Ryze only gets Sorcerer's Shoes for Magic Penetration, He lacks in it.
Seals - Flat Mana per/5sec - Early game Ryze has a very high mana cost, and a very small mana pool, This helps you stay in lane and be aggresive, or just farm.
Glyphs - Mana per/5sec - Same as seals.
Quintessences - Magic Penetration - Same as marks.
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The beauty of farming with Ryze, is you use everything to last hit, And your ultimate to clear pushed, big groups of minions. But only issue is early game, You must rely alot on your Overload and auto attacks to last hit, since mana is an issue.
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Things to always look for:

1. If blue is up, Take it, Unlimited mana is worth it.
2. Any lanes pushed, feel free to call a gank.
3. Squishies, Any team fight, You can burn down an AD carry, or any squishy mage.
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Masteries -11/0/19 for cooldown reduction. 40% with frozen heart/Level 5 overload.
Runes - Magic penetration marks/quints, Mana per 5/sec seals/glyphs
Skills - Q>R>W>E
Summoners - Flash + Teleport/Exhaust/Ignite
Farming - Everything available.
Important - Blue