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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shinis

Ryze - Most Useful AP champ Patch [1-4-2011

Shinis Last updated on January 8, 2011
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Chapter 1

This is my first build. So i asking you to comment and rate.Have fun by reading it ^^.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English

Before Pros let me say that you can buy Rabadon's Deathcap than Mejai's Soulstealer, becouse some peoples don't like Stacks. Or if you want don't buy zonya's ring. Buy Rabadon's Deathcap!

1.God allways, early game, mid game and late game.
2.A lot of HP.
3.Very big AP damage.
4.Nice nuker.
5.Easy to run away with Rune Prison.

1.Low mana at the early game.
2.Good just for 1v1. (2v1 is possible, but if your combo is on CD your dead)
3.At team fights he can just aim one of enemies. (Without Spell Flux)

Early game items:
For the early game buy Mejai's Soulstealer or Rabadon's Deathcap. We have some damage but we need to run, so we just buy simple Boots Of Speed. For the early game it's best. You have some speed, AP. (You have some armor from Rabadon's Deathcap to, but we just bough it for the AP) And for some mana (+regen) buy Tear of the Goddess

Mid game items:
For the mid game we have Mana, AP and some speed. So if ryze is God of AP just let's buy more AP! So for more AP buy Blasting wand, and we need more speed to catch runners, for some speed + AP buy Sorcerer shoes. You don't want to be really squishy huh? So just buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter for AP and HP. That's how strong are you at the mid game.

Late game items:
Ok like i allways say "You can't be TOOO strong". So buy Rod Of Ages for Hp,Mana,AP. Want to be stronger?... Ofc you want! So buy Archangel staff. Becouse there is no Zonya's ring anymore buy Zonya's Hourglass. That's it. All items in your pocket.

How can you kill all of them with Ryze at early game? That's the Answer:

At last try to last hit creeps with your Spell Flux(e). If it's on CoolDown just try to last hit with your normal atack. If you want to gang first of all get 3Lvl and get the all spells. Ofc sneak from the back side and... BAM. Use your combo Rune Prison (w)-Spell Flux (e)(Allways use Spell Flux first not the Overload becouse after Spell Flux Overload does more damage.) - Spell Flux (q). And if he didn't died. Than you can run till your Rune Prison will be ready. If you go 5v5 and you are Purple go to the top (Easy gang, Easy to run away from the enemy team gangers). If you are blue just go to the Bottom. Same good things like you were Purple. If you play 3v3. Stay at the bottom becouse just being at bottom easy to gang top.

And remember your combo at 3,4,5 lvl is:

Rune Prison
Spell Flux
P.S. if there isn't any enemy creeps near enemy champ come closer. Becouse your Spell Flux can "jump" to your enemy champion and then back to you and from you back to enemy. Thats means double or later triple damage.

How to rule allways? The answer is:

Becouse if you plaid good and gang was successful you are on the Killing spree. That means you are already feeded. So it is easy. Just use your combo. Your combo can take enemies so easy. What can i say, but if you weren't lucky, try to def and last hit creeps and feed from them. Becouse you wont take the enemy's team now. Wait till late game... Ofc Ryze is strong allways but not when you play about 1/6/1 and enemy plays 6/1/5, but even when you feed Ryze still can take others champs in the late game, just try to get some money by last hiting creeps. And if you feed when the dragon spawns allways go to kill him for money. If 3v3 for buff to.

And your combo now is:
Desperate Power
Rune Prison
Spell Flux (Remember if there is no enemy creeps near enemy champ if you have some time or chance come closer for more damage)
And the last combo spell
And if some of your spells is ready just use them.

P.S Don't forget to use your Zhonya's Hourglass item spell.

Thanks for reading my First guide. And again sorry for my bad English. Please rate and comment! For the victory! And don't forget to have FUN!

Created by: Shinis (Game name Shiniss) ^^