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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author c0nFusIon

Ryze: Overload BANG!

c0nFusIon Last updated on April 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ryze, the good old ranged caster NUKER! Welcome to my first guide, and It's going to be really fun and entertaining! Pay close attention, or else I'll slap you!

This build is entirely based on gameplay, skills, items and much more!

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Pros / Cons

- Supreme farmer, due to his ultimate.
- Extreme nuker (imo the best in the game).
- His passive allows him to spam his abilities.
- Not that squishy.
- Extremely large mana pool.
- Great ganker.
- Hard abs.

- Item dependant.
- Squishy early game.
- Doesn't have good escape mechanisms.
- Has a bad voice.

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9x Greater Mark of Insight.
9x Greater Seal of Intellect.
9x Greater Glyph of Intellect.
3x Greater Quintessence of Insight.

For Marks I take Magic Penetration. Why? Because when Rammus comes with 500 magic resist, you could do more damage dumbass! :D anyway, lets move on with the runes.

For Seals I take Flat mana. Why? Because the more the mana, the more damage you do with your spells except Spell Flux.

For Glyphs I take Flat Mana again. The reason is explained already.

And finally for Quint's I take MORE MAGIC PENETRATION!!!! That's all for runes.

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The typical 9/0/21 for casters. BUT, I take Expanded Mind, because of the Flat Mana that It provides. I don't take mana regeneration, because Ryze has a good mana regen already.

Sorcery, followed up by Archaic Knowledge greatly increases your NUKING potential.
Awareness helps you level up faster, especially if you are soloing.

That's everything that is most important in the Masteries Section.

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Summoner Spells

Here is where it get's interesting.

Flash + Ghost. The perfect combination of summoner spells for a caster IN MY OPINION.

Flash in for a gank or to escape one.
Ghost. If you don't have Flash up, USE THIS!! Great spell for chasing + spamming abilities, also for escaping.

That's everything that is most important in the Summoner Spells section. Moving on to the next one!

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Skill Sequence

So you've made it this far eh? Let's move on with the Skill Sequence.

Overload - YOUR BURST SPELL!!1! When you are laning and have Tear of the Godess, make sure you spam this a lot, it's on a mere 2 second cooldown. I max this first.

Rune Prison - The spell from witch Ryze got his awesome tattoos. So anyway, I max this second. This is the spell that can save your a** from a powerballin' Rammus! Plus it combines very well with Overload, witch makes your burst 3 times more powerful.

Spell Flux - Great Farming spell, I max this last obviously, It's damage output is really strong.

And finally your Ultimate: Desperate power - It cost's nothing, gives you a lot of mana at rank 3. THIS IS YOUR FARMING SPELL!!1!!! With this you can devastate minion waves almost instantly.

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Begin with mana crystal + 1 health pot and 1 mana pot.
Go back to base at least when you have 1000 gold. Then buy Tear of the godess and boots of speed. NOW YOU HAVE YOUR TEAR, GO AND HARASS ! SPAM OVERLOAD at your enemies constantly, that will annoy the **** out of them, literally. Build up as much mana as you can with Tear of the godess. Go back to base and make your sorcerer's shoes. NOW IT'S TIME TO GANK! Go gank the lane where your team mates are hugging the tower. IMPORTANT! INITIATE WITH RUNE PRISON, THEN SPELL FLUX THEN OVERLOAD. Why? Rune prison keeps him in place while Spell flux reduces your opponent's magic resist and does damage, and then overload to maximize your damage output.

Great, you are now dominating. Your opponents hug the towers now. Go back to the base, It's probably Mid game till now. Make your Rod Of Ages as soon as possible. Don't have enough gold? GO FARM, USE YOUR ULTIMATE AND SPAM EVERYTHING AT ALL DIRECTIONS, the AoE will finish the job. And that's the way to instantly kill minion waves.

Continue to gank, or join team fight's w/e. JUST KILL! Now is the time to get your ARCHANGEL STAFF, This item gives you the most mana + a lot of AP, due to it's passive. In my opinion this is the best item for Ryze. Now you want to start making the second most important item, witch is FROZEN HEART. Why? Because it gives you 500 mana dumbass plus a lot of durability (100 armor) and COOLDOWN REDUCTION (20% FTW!).

Now it is Late Game, you are now Legendary with 0 assist's and 0 death's of course. If the game hasn't ended yet, get your Lich Bane. Why Lich Bane before Rabbadon? Because it gives you a Flat amount of Mana + 80 ap + magic resist. What more do you need?

And Finally IF THE GAME HASN'T ALREADY FINISHED YET, witch is impossible (with this guide or you have a ******ed team), get Rabbadon's Deathcap. Why? YOU ASK WHY??!?! You are a moron if you do. Obviously this is the best caster Item, but I get it Last Because Mana is Much More Important!

Go and carry your team into a heroic win!

*Guide is at it's end.*

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Last Section

Thanks for reading and enjoying (I hope) my first guide. Please RATE&COMMENT! Now go out there and lay waste to your enemies on the Fields Of Justice! :)