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Ryze Build Guide by Xyver

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xyver

Ryze solo baron? WHAT!?!?!

Xyver Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Ryze Build

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Update time!

I made a Ryze build long ago, and since then I have improved it a lot! I've even done calculations and stuff!

Anyways, this build is great fun, you are tanky, burst-damage-y, and all around a pretty cool dude. Did I mention you can solo baron? Last game, I did it at the 47 min mark. I wasn't fed or anything, my final score was 11/9/19 I believe. So average ish.

Core build: Sorc shoes, ROA, Archangels, Frozen heart and Will of the ancients. Banshees and Voidstaff are situational, depending on how the game is going.

So here is what I have figured for this build. With Sorc shoes, Archangels (+1000 mana), Frozen heart, Rod of ages (after 10 min is up and its maxed), Will of the ancients, and a Banshees (never counted this up with a void staff), you get the following stats:

2593 HP
4688 Mana
64% damage reduction
44% magic damage reduction
Q hits for 586 damage, with 2.16 sec CD
W hits for 648, with 8.65 CD
E hits for 255, with a 8.65 CD
R has a 30.88 sec CD, and with spamming the spells you get it about every 15-20 sec.
And you have 356 AP.

So pretty awesome. GO forth and kill stuff!

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I just got lvl 30, yet I still have not gotten a proper rune page. So far, I have 3 quints of flat health, marks of spell pen, seals of mana regen, and glyphs of CD reduction. Ryze only needs 2-3 CD reduction glyphs to reach max, so you can get different glyphs.

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21/0/9, these are actually not counted in the total stats that I told you in step one. I calculated that before the update.... So you should be more powerful now :P

Get magic pen, magic damage, and mana regen. And neutral buff duration increase.

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Early Game

I like to get mid best, if I'm laning then I just get jumped by the 2 enemies and die right away. Start with your potions and Meki Pendant, and head to mid. Most people think to get sapphire crystal first, because of mana/damage boost, but it only gives you 8 extra damage. I prefer the regen, for more spell casting. Try and last hit, and keep your mana high. Maybe harass when you can, but don't spend all your mana with your level 1 overload. Keep last hitting, and maybe hit the enemy once or twice with overload. Keep your mana above 3/4, but don't let it get full. If you get really good at last hitting, or get some extra cash, get back to base and get Tear of the Goddess, then you can start major harassement. More casting = faster tear filling! Around level 5 is when I start getting ready to try and kill. (level 3 overload, level 1 rune prison and level 1 spell flux.) Also, this is when I try and harass the enemy and start to ignore minions. If they build up too much, ulti them.

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Mid game

By now you should have your Tear of the Goddess, Sorcerers Shoes, and a Glacial Shroud. Here, you can start to be an assassin. Watch the other lanes for when enemy champs have low health, or if your team is being pushed too far back. You can teleport to other lanes to help get kills too. Work with your team, and play it safe. You have not yet reached your full power. By now, you should have Catalyst, and Glacial Shroud. Get blue when you can, and you can solo dragon at about lvl 9. You just need Glacial Shroud and Sorc shoes (as well as previous items. But those are the important ones.). You'll have about half health left after dragon. (just remember the combo, Q,W,Q,E,Q,R,Q,W,Q,E,Q)

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Late Game

By now, everyone should probably have abandoned their lanes, and the teamfights are all over the place. Watch carefully for when the enemy team is all missing, and be careful of ganks. If you get jumped, you die pretty fast. At about level 15 or 16 (depending on how many kills you've gotten) you should have Archangels, Sorcerers Shoes, ROA, frozen heart, and be on your way to Will of the ancients. You are getting pretty tanky here, spell vamp helps keep you alive (hextech/will of the ancients and your R) and your Q is beginning to hit hard.

In teamfights, you have amazing burst damage, especially when you turn your ulti on. Have no fear using it, with this much cooldown reduction, along with your passive, you can cast it every 20 seconds or so. It's best to wait for them to clump up, then shoot one with your Q, and catch anyone trying to leave with your W. Then, cast another Q for good measure, quickly followed by an E to get explosions everywhere. If you start getting focused, back off and then return fire with your spamming spells!

At the end of the game, finish off the Will of the Ancients, and if you are dying lots, get Banshees, or, if you are still doing alright, get Void Staff. And this is when the special part about this build comes! It takes 14k gold to get all your items, and after that, get the blue elixir and red elixer. You can now solo baron. I've done this 3 times in real games (out of a total of.... 6 games maybe? I had the right items and could have done it more times, but the team helped.) Just keep moving around baron, never stay still. Don't bother auto attacking, just move and cast spells. You can almost cast spells as fast as you could auto attack anyways. Stay close to him, so your E bounces between you and him for max damage.

This seems like an expensive build, but you can finish it most of the time as long as the other team doesn't surrender early. You get about ~200 minion kills by then end, and you are a sufficient killer to get cash, AND! you are a great assist ***** when you ulti in teamfights. 5 assists per fight anyone? So you should have plenty of cash.

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I've said all I wanted to, NOW GO WIN GAMES WITH RYZE!