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Ryze Build Guide by Overload Spam

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Overload Spam

Ryze - Someone carry me!

Overload Spam Last updated on October 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ryze is a cheap champion that is overlooked. He is seen as weak and squishy as well as a wasted member of the team.
I disagree with this view. Ryze is set apart from other burst casters because of his short cooldown period. This allows him to harass very well. Also with the correct build some of his "fluf" can be removed.

This is only a guide and you can change it however you feel fit. its what works for me but it wont always be that way for you.

Stay Cool, Stay Strong... And remember

Someone Carry Me!


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The Story

There are many on Runeterra who are attracted to the study of magic or, in recent times, the emerging field of techmaturgy. For most, pursuit of such knowledge is formalized in a college or university. The halls of traditional study were never for Ryze, however, who felt a more raw and primal connection to the magic of Runeterra than those who tried to teach him. He struck out on his own as a young man to discover what already called to him. Ryze traveled the world, seeking the wisdom of powerful hermits, witches, and shamans - anyone who had something to share beyond what was taught in the city-states of Valoran. When he had learned all he could from these fonts of wisdom, Ryze turned to seek the lost, forgotten, and forbidden knowledge in the world, delving into mystical worlds where others feared to tread.

Ryze's tireless searching for magical knowledge led him to an ancient form of spellcraft known as thorn magic. This art required Ryze to tattoo spells on his body, permanently infusing his being with vast arcane power and finally fulfilling his need to bond with the mystical energies of Runeterra. His travels also led him to uncover the giant indestructible scroll he now carries on his back - the purpose of the inscribed spell remains a secret only Ryze knows. He claims it is an abomination - something that he must safeguard from the world. This has piqued the curiosity of many, though no one is sure how to separate the scroll from Ryze, or if it is possible to overcome the rogue mage to do so. Since then, Ryze has joined the League of Legends to study the magical creatures and powerful will-workers that fight there, in order to complete his exploration of mystical Runeterra.

''Ryze is no longer just a mage - he has become a creature of magic itself.''
-High Councilor Heywan Relivash

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I will admit that these runes are not very good, at all. however i bought them when i was still new to the game and havent bothered to change anything. So, feel free to change these runes as much as you can because nobody uses mana quints.

On the other hand you are getting around 500 extra mana at 18 which is 25 damage on your "Q" in just runes. (Yes i know 25 is not alot of damage but there is also the 3% converted to ability power... trust me it all works out)

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Its just a process i have picked up through playing ryze alot. That is

More Mana, More Power, More Kills!

With that being said, Ryze can stay in a lane alot onger than most because he doesnt need the mana so he levels faster and in turn buts him in a good finishing possition.

Start out with the Saphire Crystal and two Health Pots ~You can always buy more if you need them so dont be scared to down those puppies~

Build the Tear of the Goddess first and start hitting the minions with your spells to get the 1000 mana bonous quickly.

Go for magic pen boots but these will be exchanged later. they are for early game damage but dont do much later on

Hit the Rod of Ages next so you get the nana and AP boost quicker, plus the health is always nice.

For the big money on your "W" advance the tear into the Archangles Staff for the 3% mana to AP exchange

Will of the Ancients is a must have item, the spell vamp keeps u in team fights and saves you if u are being chased... i promise that much.
~Some of you may be saying "But Ryze builds mana!" and yes he does but you need the spell vamp when you are being chased by Shen and Irelia through the jungle and your the last alive on your team. (BTW i killed them both after my CDs)~

Grab the Frozen heart for the mana and CD. now that we are starting a CD trend sell your magic pen boost and grab the CD ones. They were net that useful before because you didnt need to have a continuous stream of nuke being sent at your opponents.

Finish off with a Lynch Bane because it has a cool name. JK. Really its for the mana and movement speed. Then, when you are on your CD for half a second you hit around a 450 because of the passive effect.

You must know how to play to the strengths of ryze and against your opponents for this to work. EX: Late game DPS Sion is hitting you (1v1) with his ult and your going down fast. dont try and run, you wont get very far so turn around, pop the ignite on his face to end his lifesteal then nuke him all the way to his nexus!

*****Other Points*****
If they are scared of you late game and pick up lots of magic resistance drop the CD boots, frozen heart, and lych bane for magic pen boots, death cap, and void staff... u can now burst through a tank fairly easily but cant nonstop hit their team. With this just stay back, hit them and let your team do the work.

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I dont need the 15% CD on sumoner spells so its not the traditional 9-0-21 build, i like mine better so take that!

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Play Style

Know the range of your opponent and approximate their CD time to know when to pop in and burn them. EX: Ashe hits kinda hard compaired to you early to mid game. You cant just take her arrows and hope to walk away so stay behind your minions until she wastes her volly then "BOOM" pop her up with a quick Q-E-W-Q and get out of there.

Stay in a safe distance of your turret for ganks and what not.

Start out early with Q to hit those agressive bleeps! when they are in range!!!!!!!!!!!!