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League of Legends Build Guide Author sathin

Ryze - Spell gatlin

sathin Last updated on April 23, 2011
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To start this is my first guide ever posted on a website however I generally only use guides i build myself... That being said here goes nothing.

(I also would like to apologize for any improper grammar and things like that ahead of time i'm not one to really practice good grammar over the internet if it makes it difficult for you to read i'm really sorry but i hope that it isnt that unbearable thank you for your patience)

(Any constructive critism is accepted please don't come here to troll i've put a decent amount of work into perfecting my ryze gameplay and i find myself typically going 20+ kills and staying below 10 deaths while doing it)

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Reasoning for my item selection from first to last in the build.

Sapphire crystal- i start with this because it adds mana which adds damage and means staying in lane a bit longer some people may suggest starting with meki pendent i wouldnt suggest this simply because your mana regen runes should keep you up enough to lane and the damage added from the mana is very nice and it builds into your Tear of Goddess which is needed undoubtly.

Meki Pendent- This is my second item to be bought if i cant straight out buy Tear of Goddess upon my return to base simply because they mana regen provided along with that from your runes will mean you should never really go OOM

Tear of Goddess- This item is undoubtly the best bang for its buck on ryze (one time only though due to its effect being unique and thats the real reason its so valuable ... DO NOT TRY AND STACK THIS ITEM) it's a very cheap item but adds a huge amount of mana overtime and mana regen as well as later being built into an item that will convert your base mana into AP and because ryzes spell damage stacks with mainly mana but also some AP you'll gain a lot from that AP boost coming from mana

Boots of swiftness- These are what make my guide possible if you dont buy these you wont have any success using my methods of play. the 1 extra point in movement allows you the ability to harass none stop without your oppenent catching up to you ranged or melee you'll be keeping yourself out of they're range while spamming your Q all over their face... They'll be nearly helpless if you combine this with ghost

Frozen heart- This gives you aton of armor for survivability mid game when those melee start dealing heavy damage they wont be able run at you and kill you at all this survivability plus as well as the mana gain is great to add to damage essentially this is increasing your damage and survivability ... the perfect item?

Banshees veil- This adds even more survivability against casters now meaning you have protection from melee/range dps AND any other mage but if that wasnt already enough its gonna block a spell every 45 seconds meaning if they try and initiate a fight with you with a CC or a nuke ability it wont do a thing and u can just shackle and gun em down with your Q it like the frozen heart increases damage as well with the mana gain from it

Archangels staff- Ryze doesnt benefit from AP much anymore but it still does help a little on the side that fact is undeniable and because this item will increase your AP by a percentage of your base mana which your stacking what isnt nice about that it adds a little extra oomph into your spells damage espcially E seeing how mana doesnt effect it (thatd be OP if it did silly)

Another Frozen heart or another banshees veil- this can go either way depending on the other team if they're heavy in AP go with the extra banshees veil if their a balance of AD and AP or just heavy in AD go with that frozen heart... the reason why frozen heart trumpts banshees in being stacked should their team be an equal balance is because it adds more mana which means more damage than banshees veil as well as that extra survivability

Void staff- Usually i dont even get to this item but this just makes you able to wreck any smart guy trying to shut you down by stacking MR i dont get this for the ability power although its somewhat nice i get it for the magic pen

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You didnt get your R at level 11 or 16 u waited till 17 and 18 WTF???

ive never seen R do a ton for me to be blunt with it the points being put into your shackle and E to increase damage output further is a bit of a boost over your oppenent i dont use R for the life steal or the AoE damage i use it to as a back up method of spamming Q the fact that it reduces the cooldowns on my other spells as well is a bonus and the lifesteal and AoE is a great bonus but i dont need it usually and because ryze has his cooldown on R reduced everytime he casts and he should be constantly casting his R typically his up constantly.

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Your passive makes ryze the spell gatlin he is Q is your bread and butter spell spam it as often as u can and to maximize your ability to cast this you should see your other abilities as more of just a jigsaw puzzle sequence which order available will get your Q available quickest to see how this works when you look at my sequence im about to post keep in mind im just trying to get Q available essentially

Q-W-E-Q-R-E-Q-W-Q-E-Q <--- starts to die out at the end as well ryze over heats hehe theres that spell gatlin reference anyway i cant emphasize enough how essential Q is truly dont be that noob ryze who thinks that the shackle run up close to ur enemy cast E and then finish with Q method is viable still its not... you'll die... fast

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Early Game

As ryze i always make sure to take mid in all honesty I have no experience side laning with him so I will base my early game guide around mid lane, laning...

I see ryze like in the title as a spell gatling gun none stop spewing out his Q its the perfect harass it deals high damage has high range is easily spammable and is a magnet cast. This allows you the ability to control your lane against virtually ANY other champion u may face. I've always had good success waiting till minions engage and then tossing out a Q on the enemy champion then throw out physical attack by this time they've casted whatever they got as a starting ability but by then u can hit Q again and pull out, if you did this correctly u did more damage. Thats just level 1 from then on out once you get shackle u should harass with Q then move forward use ur W (shackle) then E then Q again then pull out make sure to try and constantly be strafing on a diagonal if possible back and forth to avoid skillshots or if needed keep you on a path retreating from the other champion if they overpower you somehow

Ryze ability to harass is essential in laning thus you should be playing aggressive however if your oppenent is managing to deal out more damage tower hug and ask for a gank at mid play defensive and bait them into tower diving just a tiny bit if you see that line meaning your tower is targeting them shackle them ASAP get your Q and E off and run back out of hitting range

on a side note early game the quicker you get your boots of swiftness the better once you get those bad boys u can out run your oppenent fleeing from your Q W E Q spam. Meaning you have absolute control of them ... use it. Also if u angle urself correctly and they arent behind they're tower they're in range of your Q while u stay out of tower range make them pay for that mistake as often as possible :)

(buy up to 5 health potions whenever u go B to keep you in lane its not a waste of money trust me you'll be using them with the amount of harassing your doing)

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Mid game

Mid game is when I start going on my killing sprees... and yes it really can be that easy that once u hit mid game you say to yourself well... time to kill everyone...

Mid game for me isnt by level more so once i have tear of goddess complete boots of swiftness complete and glacial shroud started / completed once i have all those essentials its time to back and forth lane gank look at your sidelines see which enemies have over extended and head that direction run into the bush and get behind your enemy then proceed to ping your target when u see your team heading for that target run out shackle and get off your rotation if they're not dead by the time they're near their tower they should be very close to it so use ignite and pull out hopefully they dont have the ability to heal and the kills is yours or the assist... either way you did good work then head back mid and deal with that noob you've been punishing all game rinse and repeat this method all throughout mid game

Also keep in mind ryze is extremely strong 1v1 if you can manuever with him correctly espcially against melee you can be unkillable with the movement speed bonus from swiftness and if needed pop ghost to keep out of range. if you see a target leaving lane heads toward them Q them and once they're near or have lunged toward u (xin zhao ... master yi) shackle them and cast E and run away a decent amount hit Q R E reshackle them and rinse and repeat till they're dead ive brought numerous melee down from full to dead with barely a scratch. It's all in the kiting.

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End Game

By now your kinda like how lee sin was described in his april fools joke... except your no joke and he's under powered >.>... you excel at being a tank, nuke, and DPS.

End game is when team fights fluorish the most i find and this is when u can make it or break it truly... your role in a team fight is to run in and out spam you abilities attracting maybe some melee attention but keeping them off you and your team mates. Keeping yourself moving is essential only walk within range of casting off your rotation and then move out till you can recast either Q or W you shouldnt find yourself in the action unless your casting those 2 abilities...

End game is when you should have your frozen heart, one banshees veil, boots of swiftness, archangels. and working towards your second frozen heart if you dont already have it... because your damage benefits from tank items ryze is extremely beefy which a lot of people dont realize because they see you as a caster they think your squishy you have the power to bait those people extremely easily while you constantly throw out chunks of their health with your Q.