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Ryze Build Guide by 1Scorpion1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Scorpion1

Ryze the Manatanks Fury

1Scorpion1 Last updated on April 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Contras

- You Can Spam your Attacks with an Short Cooldown
- It Makes Fun to play him^^
- He Can Tanks easily
- He Can Defend your Teammates aswell
- Newbies can Pwn with him aswell
- Lanedomination
- Range = is ok!

- Cant Jungle
- Cant Farm good Minions at the Beginning
- Magic Damage Hurts

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Beginning / Spells

When you are in Mid make sure that you spam your opponent with Overload when ready and when its possible. then when he gots 25% of his life you can run with ghost to him and Cage him with Rune Prison then Cast Overload and Spellflux + Ignite and you will get easy the Kill. Ryze can be played good aggresiv and can kill an enemy fast but be carefull it will be harder when your opponent has a longer range with his attacks than you.

As you got Tear of the Goddess you can spam your attacks more then before. Make Sure that you make an attack every 4 Seconds for the Passive of this Item to get more Mana. The Overload Cooldown is 3 Seconds everytime when this attack can be used i wait 1 second longer than i cast this spell for Tear of the Goddess. The other attacks got an longer Cooldown thats why i only cast overload (Q) for getting Mana from the Passive.

With Glacial Shroud you will have no longer Mana Problems. Now you can Spam your Attacks how much you want and your Cooldowns are now shorter then before. So when an enemy wants to Gank you you will be Harder to Gank because you can cast Rune Prison faster and with Ghost you can Run easy away.

Just buy the Items and follow this Attackorder:
First you cast Desperate Power
Second you will cast Overload (Q)
Then Rune Prison(W)
Then SpellFlux (E)
And then again Overload (Q) etc.

I recommend Ryze at SoloTop or Mid because when you´re alone you can kill the enemy easier and you can concentrate at 1 Person.

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Tank as Ryze and be the Fightstarter!

When you got full equip you can Tank easily the enemys. They will focus you because you are a Mage and they dont care about your Items because they´re stupid they look only at your Character thats why you will kill all and laugh at them. With Full equip you will see that you make Incredible Damage and cant be Damaged.
The Good Thing at TankRyze is that you will be focused and because you are a Rangetank you can kill the other Range enemys easy. an example when your team has a good tank like Rammus and you going into a Team fight go after Rammus directly in the Fight and Focus the Range People or the Guys who has not Many HP you will kill them with 1 Combo or make a Damage of 75% of their HP and they will run away.

You Can also Start a fight just go and focus 1 but not the Tank pls and Cage him then like Morganas Cage your Group will Focus this Guy and will kill him then Destroy the other Guys^^.

As Ryze you can defend you People good too! With Rylais Crystal Scepter you Can Cage 1 who goes on your Supports or on your Rangeguys then just Cast your Combo and because of the Scepter they´re Movement Speed will go slower and your Teammates can escape easy.

With Will of the Ancients you will be hard to kill because of your incredible Spellvamp in Combination with your Ulti.

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Farming / Carry

At the Beginning it will be Hard to Farm Minions but when you got Tear of the Goddess you will farm Minions Easily. its the best when you kill the Minions with an Spell so you earn Money and Stack your Passive.

Because when you play Solotop or Mid you will be Ganked more then your other guys. So when the enemy gots an Jungler make only Lasthits on Minions. With this Tactic you will not push your lane enemy to his Base you just stay at the mid of the lane and when a Jungler comes you can Escape easy with Ghost and Rune Prison (W) When they got an Jungler that can makes himself Invisible like Evelynn just buy an Magic Ward and place it in the Mid of your Lane or Ward your Bushs of the Top and Bot Lane with an normal Ward.