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Ryze Build Guide by bloody nose

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bloody nose

Ryze the Master of Lightning

bloody nose Last updated on October 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So if you go mana gem first it boosts your Q up to 80 dmg, with mana runes it's now 90 (most magic users first spell does 80), also gives you +2 hp regen(+3 with the runes). You'll start off with 560 mana so as long as you use auto attack to last hit you should have plenty to harass the enemy champion with.

Once you can get tear and boots go back. If you're taking too much dmg I sometimes get catalyst first otherwise I get that second before or after magic pen boots. Once you start cranking out the Q's and loading up your tear you'll start to notice a nice HP boost from your seals and HP regen from your masteries. These are nice in keeping you safe from a jungle gank.

Get your Glacial Shroud and snag a blue buff. Unleash upon everything in your path and stack that tear.

Here's where the choices come in, if AD is heavy or has racked up the most kills finish off the heart, if AP is owning then make a Banshee's, if you're owning and can easily afford it an RoA might be good. Otherwise in a regular game I finish the tear to a manamune, then get sheen>trinity force.

Now you can throw off 200 dmg auto's, 400 with sheen, slow, regen 100 hp/5(kind of annoying mobafire doesn't calculate strength of spirit), take hits and dish them out like a beast.

Feel free to do the other builds with RoAs and Archangel staffs but AP doesn't do jack on Ryze after his remake and the end game is more about taking down turrets and less about how you kill people.

I should probably put in some whiny tidbit about not down voting but f* if I care.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is really a standard for everyone.

Ignite is good because I don't like being out maged mid by someone with ignite.

Teleport works for some people.

Ghost is nice for trying to catch up to people for a rune prison.

Exhaust maybe kinda.

Anything else would probably get you laughed out of the match.

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Marks=Magic Pen
Obviously the only choice here.


I looked up this 2500 hundred guy and he used HP/LvL on basically everyone. Upon close examination they scale really well reaching the bonus that flat HP runes have at level 5. Most per levels were nerfed so they didn't meet the bonus of flat runes till 9th/10th level.

Mana regen runes aren't necessary because your mana pool is gigantic, might be nice for the first 3 levels or so but after that completely unnecessary.

HP over armor because your build already includes heavy armor so why not rack up some HP.

Glyphs=Flat +Mana

Cooldowns would be nice, magic resist would be nice, AP would be horribad but with flat mana you get another 101 mana, that means Q does 8 more dmg, W 5 more dmg and you gain another 1 hp regen. Combined with a mana gem for a starter item that's noticeable Damage, HP regen and a very deep mana pool that will last you until you need to go buy.

I wouldn't do Mana per level because the bonus over what red and yellow get per level is negligible, doesn't give you the big pool to begin with and the end result would be trivial.

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What I chose:
It's different that's for sure.

You got some extra defenses in the Defense tree to start with along with Strength of Spirit which will cap out at around a 100 hp/5 sec (Pretty sweet!).

Next you got a very nonstandard utility tree build taking both extra exp and +5% mana. Taking gold and longer buffs skipping mana regen and finishing out the tree normally.

What I didn't choose:
I'm not saying -15% magic resist isn't excellent but you're already getting 14 magic pen from runes which goes into affect before the 15% is taken off so there would be some benefit lost there. If you are a super excellent pro that never dies or gets hit with damage then sure, take the -15% otherwise I suggest the 7 in utility.

The 3 mana regen per 5 would help in the beginning but imo not very much, therefore, I suggest expanded mind and gold for the long haul. If you need mana, get golem the buff will last 30% longer ;)

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Lots of DPS
Great HP regen
Helpful when taking down a turret
Mixing up damage between AP and AD

Needs potion or golem buff to max CDR
No -15% magic pen
Your spells have a slightly longer range than your auto attack so you have to get a little closer if you want to utilize your manamune and trinity force

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Skill Sequence/Skill Rotation

Not so much the order of picking skills matters as long as you max Q and W as soon as possible but how you cast them is.

By maxing out your CDR (to get the last 4% you will need a golem buff or the elixir of brilliance) your Q will be instantly up if it's followed with any other spell because you take 1 second off the cooldown of all your other spells.

I suggest a rotation Q/W/Q/R/Q/E/Q/W

If your Q is in the air when you hit R it will gain the AoE affect. To do this more effectively I put Q and E on smart cast (I like having the target for W because I preemptively bring up the target and start clicking for things like Akali's smoke screen).