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Ryze Build Guide by HawaiiHeiner

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HawaiiHeiner

Ryze the Monster

HawaiiHeiner Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi this is how i build and play Ryze and like my friends are saying... ryze is a monster

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So i go with magic penetration, armor in yellow and ability power per level in the glyph slots

as the quints are concerned.

Ryze is naturally a slow champion, you are not going to buy a FoN or a Lichbane in most of the games, thats why i pick one quint with movement speed. As you see in the masteries i have skilled "Swiftness, which gives me another 1.5% so i get about 3% increased movement speed. Its not enough to run away from most dps champs but since you are a monster you can just kill them anyway :)

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I skill mainly on Cooldown Reduction.
You get 10% from your Q, 20% from Frozen Heart so there is still 10% missing. There is no item which gives CDR and Mana so you either skill it in the masteries or you buy an item which does not fit your build.
-> you skill it
Strength of Spirit in Utility gives you a lot of Free HP Regen, combined with your spellvamp from your Ult it gives a good regeneration.

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The main aspect of Items for Ryze is one thing: Mana
You will need a lot of Mana for your skills scale with it.

First thing you will need is the Tear. You want it as soon as possible. Then go for Boots and go for CDR and more Mana

With Ryze you have a lot of gold normally. I dont know why exactly but i tend to have too much money with him, when you recall buy what you can get and spend the rest on wards. As soon as you have a catalyst, the tear, boots and a glacial shroud you dont really NEED any more items in that stage of the game. you have all you need, so spend it clever and buy wards.
I normally leave the base with a stack of 5 and just drop them around when pushing a lane behind the first tower or when doing drake etc.

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Skill Sequence

I go first on the Q
I love the harrass, i have already 10% CDR so i can really spam it and with lvl 2 i can do a combo with Q and W and it hurts. It hurts really hard.

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Summoner Spells

I go with flash to net a kill or escape and with teleport.

Why teleport?
1. You want your Tear asap and you want back to the lane asap (i mean asap, you have the money you recall immediately, or you snack the other guy first under his turret with a combo and recall then... also gives boots)
2. You are spamming wards everywhere all the time, you can tp to them and mess the other team up from behind, push a turret, farm, gank, its just great.
3. When you die in a teamfight you are right back in the action with full mana full hp and a full tank of unleaded rage^^

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Creeping / Jungling

In most games i have a bad creepscore, but the most money anyway ;)
in the early stage of the game (before you have the tear and when you just got it) you can lasthit minions with your Q, just to get the gold for the tear fast.
As soon as you have the tier ask someone to help you with blue. Then spam your abilities to charge your tear and your purse

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Unique Skills

Ryze is a combo mage, so you have to concentrate when using his skills

Normally you start with Q, then W then Q then E then Q then R and so on
always put in a Q between the other spells, it gives maximum damage.

when you are low on health you will sometimes just pop your ult and then start the combo.