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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killzya2fast

Ryze the Nuke

Killzya2fast Last updated on September 5, 2010
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Welcome to my Ryze guide. This will show you how to build a nuke of a Ryze. First off for those who are considering playing him, he is easy to get the hang of, fun, and a game winner. For those who play him ths will hopfully help your build to make you more successful.

Summoner spells.

Ghost: I perfer to have ghost on Ryze for the simple fact that it is versitile for either escaping a fight since Ryze is fragile, and also to hunt down a stragler.

Ignite: You will find your self using this more early game, when u wana be agressive at level 6 blowing all your cooldowns will either kill or put them to low health. So when this happens they will use Flash, Ghost, etc... to get away ignite is just a nice finisher.

Rune build: I got for a full Knowledge build, the mana in the begining will be nice. Some might be saying then why not take flat mana? Becouse it will not be that heavy of a game changer but later in game with 3 archangles it will contrbute alot towards ability power.

Item Build: I always start out the game with a Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health pots. After I have been farming and most likly picking up some early kills, I get a tear as fast as i can then start buying boots. Once you have gotten some more gold, pick up the staff, then from there on, pick up Zhonya's, Rylai's, then into 2 more archangels.

Stacking those staffs will make you the biggest threat in the game. Once i pick up my last im at about 800+ Ability Power. At that point my rotation can take down 1-3 people easy.

Mejai's Soulstealer: If your confident in your skils and have pickd up a few early kills, you could pottentialy pick it up, although i would only pick it up if its going to be a fast game. I would not recommend this, instead just wait it out for your main ability power items.

Early game: Ryze's early game can be quite aggresive, after picking up Spell flux you can toss it on your opponent to get some damagein and get some minions or if you issolate him you can deal some heavy damage by bouncing it off your self. Just be careful and know your limits by not being over confident and geting caought by your opponent.

Mid Game: Ryze is amazing in this stage. By this time i am ganking lanes and picking up kills by just one quick rotation. He is an amazing pusher when you want to, and an amazing ganker with the Prision. Continue killing your opponents and working on your equipment.

Late Game: Ryze becomes a nuke at this point. With all the items i got a triple kill on a team that had Baron Buff. As Long as you dont get in too close where as singed or some one else can put you in a bad position to be killed. a quick rotation of Desprite power, Rune prision, Spell Flux, Overload any one will most likly die if not be at dangeriously low health.

And with a little math you will find that with this build you will have around 900 ability power! nolt including the bonus mana that you get from the passive ability from Archanges. If you max out your Archangels you will have about 1200 Ability Powere.

Thank you for reading my guide and Good luck to you on the battlefield!