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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xanhast

Ryze the Pulse of Magic

Xanhast Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Hey gamers!! Xanhast here, going to tell you about how I like to play Ryze and tell you about my way of DOIN it. Take care lol ;)

Nothing speciel to write really. Ryze is one of my fav. champs, and the build you can do such MASSIVE dmg with, that eaven beats "facerollers" is so simple, so we're probably gonna have a lot of problems for those new or veteraned Ryze user who read this build. Sorry to all of you who actually hates Ryze, but you probably play Garen or Tryndamere, so stop the crying :)
But I will give it a shot with my point of view on this nice char, which I've actually started to play more and more.
And no, 467 is not much at all, I know, but it does not count the 9% of your max mana into it AND does not take your full amount of AP and times it with 25% from Zhonya's ring. I'm deeply sorry about this mistake from Riot, but you must know that your AP with this build will end up about around 860 ap, and with your ulti that is over 1k ap for sure!
Anyway here goes!

SS (Summoner spells)

Ryze's spells:
Q - Overload - A red ball of DOOM that bring more dmg from both ap and % of your max mana.
W - Rune Prison = Snare. Awesome for 2v2 or 2v1 and ofc. for fleeing capabalities.
E - Spell Flux - You AoE spell and ALWAYS the main ability either as mid or bot/top laning partner! The dmg from this spell is just magnificant! And the reason why this spell always is main ability, is that you can last hit with it if you place is correctly near a minion that is close to an enemy hero that maybe could be near their tower and you are to low to dive AND your SS's are on cd. The thing about Spell Flux is also that it bounces, and when it bounce (this is the most awesome about it) it can bounce between the oppenent AND you if you are not to near to enemy minions!
R - Ulti - Gives your an AP bonus for a little period AND makes all of your spells go wild in an aoe splash! All of your spells recieves 65% of their dmg done into aoe. Epic.

My summoner spells are as aggresive as it could be for a spell caster really, but also really good for escaping, actually the best tbh. Now, what we want with this is fast dives, fast forwards last hitting or eventually killsteal (cause we DO need our stacks ;) and ofc some good spells to escape with after you have rolled 3/5 oppenents are going a bit low. Very handy SS's.
As for laning partners.
Since you have snare which works just like a stun ability a good melee hero like Yi, Xin, Twitch, Shaco, Akali, a lot more I guess, and especially Garen would be well suited with you cause of their dmg output early game is just awesome. But this is the DPS part for a lane.
As for Dps/support.
Taric, Sona, Heimerdinger, Sion, Blitzcrank, Lux, Zilian. Taric, Sion and a well placed 'Nade from Heimerdinger is a perfect stun, also Sona is retrieving that at lv 6 for her ulti, and stun/snare - boomb burst combos are really great. So try it out as lane premade! I wouldn't recommend 2 low ap casters really, I know Zilian and Sona is, and Heimer is too a little, but the reason why they are here on the list is because Zilian has a HUGE movement speed/slow bonus by his spells, Heimerdinger has turrets and his 'Nade, Sona has heal and actually do pretty good dmg, honestly she do, Lux is also squishy, I know, but she aswell has a slow AND snare which both are dmg spells actually, and ofc. her Death Beam (Lol like Freezer from DragonBall Z.. Dunno why that came up, sorry) which does some good dmg early on, and huge dmg late game. She would actually be a nice mate with Ryze if she charge up her ulti meanwhile Ryze face smacked the enemy team.

About my item build.
Mejai's Soulstealer is always a MUST for Ryze, cause feeds are inc. when you play him right and have a good team/lane partner. BUT. It's not your first item to buy. Mana crystal is because you dont have clarity and you want to either get kills or harash a lot early on. When you reach 940 gold you should go back right away because then you can buy Shoes and upgrade your Crystal to Angel's tears.
A little notice. If you have problems about surviving, which you will have because is Ryze is basicly always the main target in team fights, stick with a Rod of Ages or Rejai's Crystal Scepter. These 500+ hp items with their slow or imp. AP, mana and hp pr. min is really good for you if you aren't the kiting one with Ryze. If you aren't I would recomment the Crystal Scepter for ryze cause of the slow, but honestly, with this build, Rod of Ages cause of the mana AND ap.
The main thing in this build is to get your 3 Archangel's Staffs as fast as possible! Why? Oh my dear gamer, that is simple.
They. Stack. WUUUT!!
AND. Other than the lovely stack effect, it improves your Overload spell like hell thanks to it's % of your max mana thingy AND that it runs on ap at the same time, which makes Archangel's staff THE main item for a Ryze because it gives mana and AP AND the more mana you have the more AP you have! Awesome.

But gamers, if the game turns out bad for you, fear not, cut out the Mejai's Soulstealer and get another Archangel's staff insted. Tbh I havn't checked if Mejai's soulstealer with 20 stacks gives more or less ap than an Archangel's Staf really. It must depend on if you have 3 or 4 Staffs really combined with Zhonya's Ring. Will check it for you and change this build by the result ofc. :)
As for my Rune build:
Never EVER go full ap runes as an AP caster. Yes you can start out with 35, 55 with Tome, and 65 with Tome AND imp. ignite on cd, sure thats awesome, but I say: Go for Magic penetration mate.
The thing about magg penetration, especially for Ryze is, that a lot of enemies will grow tired of you and will probably end up with a Banshee's Veil which gives HUGE magic resistance. We dont like that do we?
So. 20+ start ap and a min. of 8 magic penetration is the way to go!
And the reason why I have mana runes is because it gives me a good start with Mana Cystal and no clarity, and late game it actually have something to say about my final AP.

Your start dmg AND late game dmg is really crazy!
(also this is a personal matter. I just love the amount of my magic penetration I got on my Ryze! If you like to start with 35 ap insted of 20 and magic pene, its your call mate:)

Thank you for tuning in at my build! Plz feel free to leave a comment about good/bad stuff.

Rate & comment!

Cheers mates! AND GAME ON!