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Ryze Build Guide by IF Voltaire

Ryze-The "Legendary" Mage

Ryze-The "Legendary" Mage

Updated on July 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IF Voltaire Build Guide By IF Voltaire 2,245 Views 0 Comments
2,245 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IF Voltaire Ryze Build Guide By IF Voltaire Updated on July 27, 2012
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Hi My Name is...

Welcome to my guide. My name is IF Voltaire and this is my first guide on MobaFire. Today i will be talking about Ryze the Rogue Mage. First off, please try this build(s) out a couple of times before taking the time to downvote this. Second, when leaving a downvote, please also comment on why this guide is bad or what you feel is wrong with it. I encourage negative comments because i want to become a better guide creator for the future. Thank you. Lastly, this is a guide not a book that tells you EXACTLY what you need to do. You may choose different items according to the needs of the game. Trust me, i wont get mad :) . Now it is time to dive into the Ryze build.
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How Ryze Works

I have been playing Ryze for a while now and i realize that many people laugh at me because i have 0 Ap from the beginning. LOL. Now let me explain something. Ryze is a champion that scales mostly off MANA. Yes AP will come into play later but it is mostly from the Archangels Staff i have in Late Game. Another thing, Ryze relies heavily on 2 things; his Q and his W. His Q Overload deals pure energy while his W is one of the best snares in the game if not the best because it is not a "skillshot". Now you may ask why his ultimate is not stated as important. Reason for this is because almost all Ultimate's in the game are an actual damage dealer. For Ryze it is only a short time passive that increases his stats TREMENDOUSLY.His Ultimate in many case will be used for farming but that will come up later.
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First off i have 3 Ryze guides, You may choose the build that suites your needs and playstyle. Also Mark of Insight will always be used since it is the best AP Caster mark hands down. Ok so Build 1 is my personal rune page that relies on early game damage through alot of mana as well as incorporating mana regen for the need to stay in lane. Build 2 is more of a tankier and mor magic penetration ryze. This can be useful if you feel to have more defense than offense while late game the extra magic pen will be useful. Build 3 is for scaling mana to help you in late game with some very early burst damage at the expense of some mana regen.
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I dont really feel about talking about this since it is quite obvious but ill do it anyway. There are 3 points in brute force. You may ask why. This is for easier last hitting which i will talk about in the farming section. Now we go 4 points into sorcery because we want to get to Arcane Knowledge which has the amazing 10% magic penetration. Now we go deep utility tree because the use of this mastery is all about ryze. We have spell vamp, cooldown reduction, higher experience gain and runic affinity all in a single tree. o.O damn that's sick. Now the reason we don't go into the defense tree is because there is really no need to go there since Ryze is gonna die early game no matter what. Trust me, they always get first blood but then i usually get a 3v1 triple kill or sometimes i even get the penta in team fights. Its fine to die first since farming is a breeze with Ryze.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IF Voltaire
IF Voltaire Ryze Guide
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Ryze-The "Legendary" Mage

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