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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pirouline

Ryze the Steel Cannon

Pirouline Last updated on January 4, 2011
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As a disclaimer, the patch at Jan 4th 2011 doesn't affect my build by much. In fact, I actually think it actually helps. This build is inspired by an expert Ryze user Fluffy1. I only did minor modification and provide additional comments. I've used this build in ranked a few times and won most of them. I even carried in one of the winning game resulting a 19/2 ending score. I believe this build makes Ryze more viable in ranked games.

Explanation & Pros

This build is what I called a AP DPS Chipper Ryze build. Your low cool down at 40% from
Frozen Heart, Mastery, Overload Passive and champion passive means there is only a 1-2 seconds delay (not cool down) between each set of combos. Meaning after you blow your first set of combo (R W E Q), your next combo will be ready in 1-2 second (W E Q). Unlike the traditional glass cannon build, you gain defenses in the form of MR, armor and movement speed. In exchange for massive damage in one combo then wait for cool down, you deal a portion of massive damage in each combo with 1-2s delay between each combo (thus the DPS chipper part because you chip away their hp). As the game goes on, your tear of goddess allow you to build more damage on Overload since its damage is based on 10% of your max mana. Because of your item builds, people would less likely to target you first (low target priority) which allow you to continuously chip away their hp during teamfight. If they actually target you, it is even better because you can kite them and bait them to move away from their teammates. What really happen during a teamfight is this, a teamfight broke out, you blew everything at them, 1-2 of the enemies start going for you, you activate your summoner spell and stay at a distance, blew your combo at those chasers, they gave up, going back to the core of the teamfight, you chase them, blew a few more of your combos at them again until they're dead. This is a really annoying build to those anti-carries because they realized that it is not cost-effective to fight you due to your tankiness. However, you will continue to deal damage on him if they don't kill you first. In my opinion, this build is less risky than the glass-cannon build.

Requirements & Cons

There are a few downsides to this build:
1. You must take mid and try to gank as much as possible.
2. You must try to farm as best as possible because you need your items asap.
3. contrary to Riot idea that caster are early game champion, this build is a late game build, meaning you gets stronger as the game goes on. This also means you deal ****ty damage early game until you have some solid items. You must farm A LOT. However, your mana runes do help you a bit in terms of damage on Q.

Itemization – The Reasons

1. Frozen Heart is going to be your first main item because of the armor, mana cap and
CDR. All of these synergize well with this build. You need armor to survive and bait,
the mana for damage and CDR for skill usage.

2. Boots of Swiftness is your next item. You don’t get the sorcery boot because you gave
up Mpen in exchange for mana and CDR. All you really did is gave up the burst mage
status by not investing AP and Mpen but instead CDR and Mana. The bonus here is the
armor and MR you get. Plus, you do get Mpen but not anytime early.

3. Void Staff – finally a mage item. Simply put, you want this for higher damage and
consistent damage.

4. Banshee Veil – CC is always a problem for Ryze so you want to invest in this. And
what’s better than the extra MR, HP and MP?

5. Lich Bane – Mana, AP, MR, movement speed and a useful passive.

6. ArchAngel – Just to finish off your build.

Early Game

Take a sapphire crystal or boots and a few potions and go mid. Sapphire crystal helps you with the early damage while boots allow you to harass or avoid being harassed. Try to farm as much as possible. Also try to harass enemy with your Q or E when you have the opportunity. Even though you don’t have the magic penetration mastery, you can still set up for a kill when you reach level 6 when you have your ultimate. Once you’re level 6, try to push the lane forward a bit and recall. Grab a boot if you haven’t done so and another sapphire crystal and start ganking. As your damage is still pretty low, you’re only good for chipping away enemy HP. As a result, you want to gank the lane with champions who have the most gankability like Pantheon, Xin Zhou or Ashe. Do this whenever you see the opportunities. Also, ask the jungler if you can have blue buff. It will help you push your own lane forward and gank.

Mid Game

If you’ve done what I’ve told you early game, you should already have a boot of swiftness and hopefully a Glacial Shroud or Tear of Goddess. I personally go for Tear of Goddess and grab another crystal for the Glacial Shroud. However, if there are a lot of teamfight going on, you might want to get the GS instead for the extra armor and CDR. ToG helps with farming and may delay your build a bit. Continue to farm regardless of which one you have, you want to get the Frozen Heart asap as this is your main item. The next item is situational. If they have a lot of casters, you want to get the BV. If you’re doing well, get the Void Staff for the extra damage since you don’t have Mpen from mastery. Just a reminder, you always want to use your ghost when teamfight start so you can run after you blew your combos.

Late Game

By now, you should be the fearful Steel Cannon everyone is afraid of. You piss people off with your tankiness and “hit and run” strategy. They found you blowing your combos at them and start chasing you, only to find that 1 second later, you take another chunk of their HP away. This is great because you’re the bait; you want to bait the team to waste time on you while you kite so your teammate and you can chip away their HP; you want to bait the anti-carries to waste time chasing you just to find out that they’re the one who’s going to die. The longer the teamfight goes on is usually the better for you.

I will continue to update this. Please feel free to drop any comments! Thanks all.