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Ryze Build Guide by Daurokz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daurokz

Ryze The Unlikely Tank

Daurokz Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Replaced Guardian Angel With WarMog
And Completed Tears Of Goddess to Archangel Staff( IF the games reach that long)
Recommended items
Banshee Veil / Thornmail / Warmog / Guardian Angel / Forces Of Nature.

This 5 Tanky items are Interchangeable
Only 3 Of this can be Picked
Depends on Oppenent team
AD team = more armour
AP team = more Magic resist
Hybrid = BV + GA + warmog//Thorn

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So :) my 1st build .... Epic Ryze Champ ;)
since I 1st watch LOL trailer .. i was like .. damn .. that hero looks wayyy too cool
guess i was bound to use him as my 1st hero
LEts start ;)
-TANKY(well .. oni in my build)
-Cooldown is .. like .. whut ?(his passive and our finger spamming qwerqewrqewrqer)
-Mage hero ;)

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My runes are practically a rip off from Sagasu Build .. well most of my ryze ideas came from his build .. His build has like .. the best well calculated CoodownReduction + Max mana pool build + AP be damn build ;)

U might wanna take a look at his reasoning for this rune builds :S cause i jz followed him in runes

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This is where i differ from Sagasu build
while he focus and hp regen early game from his runes
I prefer to focus on my cooldown early game

this reason is simple ... Sagasu has well calculated to achive 40% cooldown and not waste any time gettin above 40%(40% is the max cooldown reduction you can get in this game)
My point is .. I pumped my quickness-flash-intelligence-presence of a master Masteries is for
quickness - With 3 Quints of Swiftness and this masteries .. Ryze can be cruising the map happily avoiding kites ;)
Flash - the most important spell ever in this game .. u can use this defensively .. to run away and ALSO offensively by pretending to be runnin away and suddenly u flash into them and nuke em ;)
Intelligence- This is where i differ majorly .. this masteries gives me excessive cdr midgame WHich i want ..
Cause ryze is a burst Dmg nuker son of a gun. and me going into tanky build
my dmg comes from non-stop spamming moderate spells to kill enemies
And precesnse of a master .. helps my ryze flash blah blah ghost .. blah blah .. yeah .. cooldown faster ;)

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RIGHT .. So Here is where Sagasu build differ from mine
Early game i would get tear of goddess(TOG) ASAP cause .. of its passive (ManaPool increases by 4 per spell cast)
normally the red pot would be use anytime early game .. but the blue pot , i normally use it after gettin TOG.
after TOG, i would spam spells on minons .. and refill mana and aim the heroes.
next is my shoes
Normally If i hav enough money i would complete the sorcerers shoes instead of jz buying the plain shoes.
Sorcerers shoes cause .. heck ? imma mage ... i NEED MAGIC PENETRATION ... doesnt mattter whos my opponent.. Ryze is hopelessly useless without the darn shoes
Ah and now i aim for my 1st big item
this special lil heart ... it works defensively offensively and fakely for Ryze
1.99 Armour
2.500 Mana
3.25% Cooldown
YES ... defensively .. with 99 armour .. douche bag like Yi or Wukong .. wont hurt THAT much anymore
offensively .. Heck ? with my rite calculations i think by lvl 10-14 my Cdr would be arnd .. MAXED to 40%
This lets me burst -almost non stop and in addition to that
500 MANA ... dats like .. increasing my dmg dealt by arnd 40 per cast ?
yeap and that mostly my two main damagin items .. Tear Of Goddess And Frozen Heart

starts here
if opponent teams consist of 3 ad and 2 ap
i would get banshee veil .. cause i wouldnt need that much MR
but if oppoents has 4 ap 1 ad .. i get fon jz to be much mor of an arsehole ...
unlucky for ppl with 4 ad 1 ap
cause then i would aim for a thronmail and be thick like a ... nvm .. but yeah .. thick
with thornmail and frozenheart, my armour can actually reach about 200++ i think
and gettin a guardian angel to finish off my completely IRONCLAD ryze ... it would take ppl arnd 4-5 secs for a full gank to kill u ... Which i am taking it to be quite long considering the fact that i also manage to take down 4 other heroes with me be4 i died :S
RIte to be clear i gonna post up a few pics to see different tanky build i hav .. its cause i hav to adjust to AP or AD heroes

Warmog wouldnt be bad eihter btw ... makes u fat and thick ;)

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Skill Sequence

Right owh ..
the reason i pick spell flux over overload is cause
1. I dont need the passive cdr from overload anymore (frozen heart helps alot at cooldown)
2. Spellflux works nicer when u want burst Damage
3.Spellflux drops MR
4. It hits more targets
5. Good for farming .. when i sux at last hits
6.Well it scares the **** out of bush ambush

OKAY so here is my combo
always start with W ... Move in closer ( or in bush .. dont move at all) Continue with E and R .. End it with Q
Thick heroes requires 2-3 combos ..
Fat heroes in a gang fights requres more than 3 .. but its ok .. once u finish casting Q .. its about .5- . 8 seconds left for W to cooldown

AND NEVER RUN AFTER GETTIN FROZEN HEART .. well .. Never Run IF U know u cant Win ..
You see ...
When You press that RETREAT button to a tower ...
ur hero has to turn around and run away ..
THAT is when other heros will jump on you ..
and u will die if u think u can run fast enough for early game ... -.-
normally .. try to bait by runnin away .. then FLash pointblank into them and unleash hell on them

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Summoner Spells

flash ghost ..
needless to explain
good for defensive offensive
FLASH IS A MUST .. cause it helps ALOT .. and my masteries lets it cooldown just nice for each gang fight interval

ignite .. Maybe ( i get last hits .. sometimes combos doesnt work )
clarity .. NO WAY ... U CRAZY DONKEY !?!?
teleport - MAybe .. good for chging lanes and move into gang fights when u are far away
Heal- Okayy but not so good .. late game its USELESS
Fortify - nice spell if u dont have flash .. cause u can stun a enemy hero doing a tower dive and spike fortify .. ;) u get a sweet nice kill
de rest ... DONT EVEN CONSIDER .. :)

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Its not a perfect build ..
not so detailed ..
but its everything i can explain for now :)
ANY QUEsTIOns .. please ask
den i can add it on to the guide :)
YES i know .. tank ryze ? wth ?
well only late game .. after lvl 13 ;)
Have fun And good Luck ...
PleASe try de build :)
its my only build to get legendary :D
And also .. the only build to win a 3 v 5 match :P
rofl . ... go easy and dont rage me as epic fail -.-
cause its my 1st build ...