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League of Legends Build Guide Author Teerumpdawg

Ryze - The way to play Dawg

Teerumpdawg Last updated on December 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I know a lot of people think ryze is a cheap noobie champion (witch he is) but he does major damage and you can accually do good with him if you have skill. Even though he is a recomended champion he still packs a punch and is not a noobs only, you don't even need hands to play him, champion because he does good without trying but he does awesome when trying. so heres how i play

begining game-so what you will want to do is imedietly go and harras on the squishyest champion in your lane and last hit every minion possable! You always want to have at least 2 kills begining game to start your domination. once you get enough for Majia's you NEED to go back and get it, the majia's is somthing you want soonest because ryze gets a lot of kills in begining with the build i use so it's great to have right away.

Middle game Mid game is when the ganking starts! Especially with ryze you need to stay with one to two team mates at all time!!! never go in the jungle and sertenly dont lane at all without a friend because the other team will want revenge for all the deaths you have given them. this is also when team fights start. when in those big gang shoot outs you want to stay there for a matter of second for all you have to do is take out the champion with heviest damage and then high tale it because they will always kill you first if they are smart lol (i leanrned that the hard way my first try at ryze. At this point in the game you should be building Archangel and you should have a lot of stacks with Majia's so you have a giants cereal bowl filled with AP and are ready for the NUKES i love to nuke because it makes me feel powerful and the enemys stay away. at mid game you nuke the heck out of enemys. the way i do it is nuke, kill and wait at base for the cool down

Late Game late game would be my favorite because there usually is not a late game when i play ryze because they quit or we win too fast :) but if you are strugling to hold on to that tug of war rope you need to kick it in gear and grab that very large staff for the "Insta kil" (with one "L" for Trade mark purposes ;)) and nuke till your hearts content.

I know a lot of you realy good, have played for years, people will look at my build and only look at the things i did wrong so here's why i picked the build i picked: Majia's for the extra AP as you kill. Sorc boots for the magic pen. Rod of ages for the little extra protection just in case and the extra AP to help the damage. Archangels ataff for the AP off your natural mana (because you will have a bunch of mana at the levle you get it at anyways). Zhonya's first of all because the passive is amazing in team fights when you can't get out and your team cant help you at the momment but also i love it because of how much AP you get with the extra 25% and all. and last the big staff because it gives you an AP boos and if the game is that long you can get creative and build off of it to get what ever you want.

So thats how I play ryze!!! PLEASE do not look at my build and say it sucks and give it a no, i want you to play this build and tell me what you thought. that will be when you deside what to rate :) good luck and happy gaming! an also i just wanted to add that every game i play i get over 10 kills and 1 or 2 deaths so it's my favorite to use (but anivia is my mane i just play ryze to pass the time)