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Build Guide by Klasum

Ryze The Zeus OP

By Klasum | Updated on January 20, 2011

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Hi guys, this is my first full guide of champion Ryze.
I think he dont need a presentation, everyone knows the famous Ryze the Zeus and he is one of chars I dominate.
This is my mode to play with him, i hope you guys like it, and comment and rate and if anyone have any questions ask, i try to reply =).

P.S: We dont have always the better team and the best players with us, this guide works many times with me but sometimes of course the score is not the best, but is rarely.
I hope you enjoy and kill/assist a lot :D.
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- Very hight magic damage at mid/lane and late game;
- Best Nuker in the game 1v1;
- He has a good stun;
- Awesome spells;
- Low cooldowns.


- Low health he is very weak;
- Low atack damage to last hiting creeps;
- Low atack speed;
- Low movement;
- Useless if Silenced;
- Useless if Stunned.
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Overload - Ryze throws a charge of pure energy at an enemy unit for heavy damage and additional damage based upon Ryze's maximum mana. Ryze also gains passive cooldown reduction.
Passive: Ryze gains 2/4/6/8/10% cooldown reduction.
Active: Ryze blasts enemy unit for 50/90/130/170/210 (+0.4) plus 10% of his max mana (+) in magic damage.
50/65/80/95/110 Mana

Rune Prison - Ryze traps target enemy unit in a cage of runes, preventing them from moving and dealing damage for the duration.
Ryze traps an enemy unit, preventing them from moving and dealing 40 (+0.2) magic damage per tick (2/3/4/5/6 ticks) over 1.2/1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4 seconds.
80/95/110/125/140 Mana

Spell Flux - Ryze releases an orb of pure magical power which deals damage and bounces from the initial target up to 6 times. Targets hit have their magic resistance reduced.
Ryze unleashes an orb of magical power which bounces to enemy units or himself, up to 5 times. Each bounce deals 70/85/100/115/130 (+0.38) magic damage and reduces the target's Magic Resistance by 12/15/18/21/24.
60/80/100/120/140 Mana

Desperate Power - Ryze channels forbidden uncontrolled arcane power, granting him bonus Ability Power, and causing all of his spells to deal AoE damage.
Ryze becomes supercharged, gaining 50/80/110 ability power and causing his spells to deal 65% AoE damage for 8 seconds.
No Mana

Arcane Mastery - When Ryze casts a spell, all other spells have their cooldown reduced by 1 second.
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+120 Health +5 Mana Regen per 5 sec +10 Ability Power.

+20 Magic Penetration UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2

+400 Mana +25 Mana Regen per 5 sec +45 Ability Power Passive: 3% of your Max Mana is converted to Ability Power. UNIQUE Passive: Each time your Champion uses an Ability their Maximum Mana will increase by 4 Mana. This effect has a 3 second cooldown. Bonus caps at 1000 mana.

+500 Health +80 Ability Power Passive: Dealing spell damage slows the target's movement speed by 35% for 2 seconds (15% for multi-target spells).

+20 Ability Power UNIQUE Passive: Your champion gains 8 ability power per stack, receiving 2 stacks for a kill or 1 stack for an assist. This effect can stack 20 times; you lose a third of your stacks if you die. At 20 stacks, your champion's cooldowns are reduced by 15%.

+450 Health +525 Mana +60 Ability Power Passive: Your Champion gains 18 Health, 20 Mana, and 2 Ability Power every 1 min. Bonuses cap at +180 Health, +200 Mana, and +20 Ability Power.

P.S: Rabadon's Deathcap only in a late game, why? Because is a intem who gives you 155 AP only, dont give you mana or hp.. It's better for late game in my opinion.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Klasum
Klasum Guide

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Ryze The Zeus OP