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Ryze Build Guide by Phumeuphong

Ryze will beat all!

Ryze will beat all!

Updated on February 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phumeuphong Build Guide By Phumeuphong 7,729 Views 0 Comments
7,729 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Phumeuphong Ryze Build Guide By Phumeuphong Updated on February 26, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Ryze is one of the easiest champions you can play but if you wanna be very good with him you might need some help with some gameplay advice. I play him as an AP mid most of the time. Also, he is a pretty awesome rouge mage that got his tattoo's in the rune prison and he is one of the most effective AP Mids.
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I chose half of them to be mana runes and half to be cooldown reduction for many reasons but the first one is that even though Ryze's passive is where every time you cast a spell it your other skills will reset by 1 second shorter well, if you ahve cooldown reduction pretend you use rune prison and then you do all your burst damage if you used all your skills it would be around 6-4 cooldown left without those runes. But if you had cooldown reduction runes then it would be around 3-1 seconds left. Also, I chose mana runes for early game advantage with damage because if you're going against someone that harasses a lot you can just nuke him/her down very easily because of your mana runes.
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I build 21/0/9 for many reasons but first of all if your ryze and you're a smart one you will always be in the back so you won't be focused that much and you won't need any armor but if they do thats usually later in the game when you have your banshee's and frozen. Also, some ap is still good for ryze but not that much so I just got a little bit of ap from my masteries. Another thing you should know is I put three points into the mana regen per level mastery because its an easy way to get mana and some more damage over time.
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Some people ask why do you want three health pots and boots early? Well heres the reason, you need great farm early so if you're playing against someone like ahri then you will have lane sustain and you would probably get enough money to go back and get tear of godess and your sorcerers shoes. Rod of ages is something else you don't see very often when you play a game of ryze but since the cataclyst gives you mana you just build it in to a Rod of Ages and you get some free ap too. Then, you would have more ap and damage to harass the enemy champ and to make them head back. Also Rod of Ages will make Ryze's survivability much more better because of his ruby crystal instead of just having armor and having like 1.5k hp base. Then after Rod of Ages why would you get Lich Bane? Well Lich Bane is the only other item that gives you mana (besides trinity force) that does more burst damage because you W then attack Q then attack E then attack then Q again and attack and the person is almost dead because when you have archangels your AP is around 150-200 depending on how much mana you have right now and I'm pretty sure you have a ton of mana by laste game.
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Skill Sequence

I max out Q then W then R then E because Q is like your most burst damage skill and if you want the most damage output I would suggest maxing that out instead of anything else first because it will help you a lot in team fights. Then you max out your W because when you max it out the longer the duration is which will give you a lot of time to harass and maybe let your jungler get some stuns and kill that guy with some mana left. Then like always you max out your ultimate like any other champion because it is your #1 skill because it gives aoe damage so if you have someone like malphite or shen who can stun or taunt them to bring them together it will do a lot of damage and GET YOU A TON OF FREE KILLS! Now who doesn't like free kills?
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Summoner Spells

I chose flash and teleport for many reasons. First of all teleport like always can save your turret and get you some free ganks while also helping your teammates (I don't suggest getting teleport if you are doing a 1v1 match so get ignite). Also, it will give you lane sustain so right when you go back five seconds later you'll be back in your lane fully loaded instead of walking like a pedestrian. Then flash which can be as useful as ghost but has some ways for escaping if you're in a drastic place and you're getting ganked by five people and it is very useful to help your team or you get a kill. For example, one time when I flashed during a team gank at blue in a ranked game I flashed and used my W (get it if you're ganking) to get a good kill on taric.
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Ranked Play

In ranked if you're first pick BAN AHRI OR KASSADIN. Ahri and Kassadin are the two people that will kill you anytime because their ults are like flashes pretty much so if you were against them I would ensure you to ask your jungler to help you and if the jungler doesn't well they better suck or you better be good at dodging skill shots! Also, most of the time Ryze will not be picked cause he is sorta boring to some people but he is a great counter and a great person to get you out of elo hell and up to elo heaven. Also, if you're against fizz I advise you NOT to go ryze because Fizz is one of the trickiest champions that can kill you and trick you to use your W and try to nuke him.
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Ryze is a great mid that can do a ton of damage if you know how to play him but remember if you're not careful you can jepordize your teams chance's of winning so play careful and make sure you don't go crazy when your fed. Rate and comment and some more guides will be coming out in the future.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phumeuphong
Phumeuphong Ryze Guide
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Ryze will beat all!

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