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Ivern Build Guide by Spection

Jungle [S11 GM] Skirmisher Ivern Does Not Like Treehuggers

Jungle [S11 GM] Skirmisher Ivern Does Not Like Treehuggers

Updated on February 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spection Build Guide By Spection 165 21 814,473 Views 42 Comments
165 21 814,473 Views 42 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Spection Ivern Build Guide By Spection Updated on February 28, 2022
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NekoSamaTH | December 19, 2018 11:34am
Voted +1
Very useful to me, thanks !
RamboMcGriddles | December 14, 2018 9:37pm
Hey new ivern main here just wondering if you had any standard combos and I also saw that there is no explanation for triggerseed?? thanks in advance <3
Spection (6) | December 27, 2018 1:40pm
Standard combos vary for ganking depending on whether or not your laner has dependable hard CC. If they do, use Q for follow up and then E to slow afterward. If they don't, use E on self and then flash Q for a guaranteed root. Use W freely to keep passive up whenever possible. Hope this helped!
LIL UGLY MANE | December 4, 2018 4:06pm
nice guide thanks a lot
NDarKnight (24) | November 27, 2018 3:05pm
Voted +1
Greeting Spection, this is really nice guide for ivern i love ivern cause you can be creative with him, he is so fun to play and ganking at lvl 6 awesome i love this guide i play ivern for a while im not main but i still play him and he cheers me up when i play with him, anyway this is really nice guide well explained and keep making more guides like this and keep updating this one.
Spection (6) | November 27, 2018 3:25pm
Ivern does that! Thanks for stopping by.
SaivorTheMisery | September 2, 2018 11:47am
Voted +1
Very in deapth guide
MrEuphoric | August 14, 2018 10:46am
Voted +1
Your way of explaining things is very nice, and you sound like a wonderful person. I thank you for this guide.
Blackholle | June 30, 2018 3:11am
I think you left out triggerseed in the ability explenation. Could you fix that please?
Spection (6) | July 7, 2018 12:16am
****, you're right. Will do so when I get the chance to write it all out. Thanks for noticing. Since the passive required so much explanation I may or may not have forgotten Triggerseed existed.
V3DFurious | May 12, 2018 7:26am
Voted +1
pretty good
Spection (6) | May 14, 2018 7:20pm
glad u like it!
OGxFUBAR (3) | May 8, 2018 11:54pm
Voted +1
awesome build, awesome champ. well done and thank you

hey going to upvote this, great guide. Not to say anyone elses wasn't tho! I got ivern thinking he was a support, just come back of hiatus and last time i jungled although went well, as a heavy damage jungler like Xin you need to be assured to carry lanes. Ivern is so fun, his comments are great and he is the easiest champ hands down, especially jungling. I got the camp situation down as bot lane never seem to mind just watching red so i can forest it and go to blue, smite and come back down. indepth guide and has helped me win 3 out of 4, minus a DC it would of been another win. The 1 v 1 on ivern like you mention is crazy the damage of the shield and auto attacks from the bush...throw daisy in to the fight and WOW ! just WOW. thank you again and i have found my new favorite champ :3 :3 :3
Spection (6) | May 9, 2018 12:53pm
So glad to hear you're enjoying Ivern so much. I hope you continue to master him!
WhenYou | May 5, 2018 9:15pm
Voted +1
Thank you for making this aggressive Ivern build so I don't have to learn how to help and only how to kill. At least that's how I've been using it... Probably the intended way :)
Spection (6) | May 9, 2018 12:52pm
If you aren't killing people, you're definitely doing Skrimisher Ivern wrong, haha. Thank you for the upvote!
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