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Pantheon Build Guide by Salvarth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Salvarth

[Salvarth]How I play Panth full DPS

Salvarth Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

Chapter 1

Hello and Welcome to my Pantheon guide :).I would like to thank everyone for supporting this guide and helped me improve myself over the last year.
This guide is a bit old,actually was my first one.So I will remake it into today's situations,and try to give you a good and effective way to play with Pantheon.
In this guide,I will show you two ways of playing Pantheon.One for Normal games(build 1),and one for Ranked(build 2).
I hope I will give you a more accurate way on how I play this character,and be able to help you to have fun with him at the same time.
-Come back with your shield,or on it-



Good farmer.
Powerfull ganks.
Strong Early game.
Stun+Gap closer.
Build-in "teleport".
Nice finishing abilities.
Fun to play.


No escape mechanism.
Thirsty(mana dependant).
Easely countered.
Weakens at late game.
Kill or get killed.

Putting Spear to purpose(Skills/Skill lvlup)

Aegis Protection
After attacking or casting spells 4 times, Pantheon will block the next normal attack that deals more than 40 damage to him
Pantheons passive provides protection against hight impact hits.It doesnt block spellbased abilities.
You are able to Block:
-Siege creep hits.
-Turrent hits.
- Parrrley.
- Mystic Shot.
- Decisive Strike.(You block the damage,but still get silenced).
Spear shot.
Pantheon hurls his spear at an opponent, dealing 65 / 105 / 145 / 185 / 225 + 140% of his bonus attack in physical damage. If Heartseeker Strike has been leveled up once, Spear Shot will deal 150% damage against opponents whose current health is below 15% of their max health.
This is your poke spell.Its low manacost and good range makes it exellent for harrasment and lane control.A trustworthy spell witch gets the job done.
Aegis of Zeonia
Pantheon leaps at the target enemy champion and deals 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and stuns them for 1 second. Pantheon also instantly refreshes his Aegis Protection.
This spell is crucial for Pantheon as is closes the distance between you and your target.Along with that it provides 1 second stun and trigers your passive .
Heartseeker Strike
Passive: Pantheon gains 100% critical strike chance against targets below 15% of their max health.
Active: Pantheon channels for 0.75 seconds and deals 3 swift strikes in a cone in front of him. Each strike deals 13 / 23 / 33 / 43 / 53 (+60% bonus attack damage) physical damage, and they deal double damage to champions.
This is your most powerfull spell.If maxed first it devestates your target.Combine it with for better results.If the enemy team does not have many stuns or interrups this is the way to go.
Grand Skyfall
Pantheon gathers his strength channeling for 2 seconds and then leaps high in to the air, crashing down at the target area 1.5 seconds later. Deals 400 / 700 / 1000 (+100% of ability power) magic damage to units at the center (down to 50% at the edge) and slows them by 35% for 1 second. If the channeling is cancelled, the cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds. Ignores spell immunity buffs (like Morgana's Black Shield).
Your personal damaging Teleport.It can provide many kills early game if used properly.Always keep in mind that it needs 3.5 seconds for you to jump in the selected location.Its easy to fail with that spell and takes time and practice to master.But its really enjoyable coming out of nowhere.

So i've been thinking and trying to find out witch skills worth leveling up first.Lets take a short look.
With this lvlup order Pantheon deals the maximum damage he can pull out with a full combo.A fully landed HSS hurts more than anything else early game.
-Your harasment is weak.
-Duo lanes with hard cc wont let you cast HSS.
-If your gets interrupted your damage fades dramaticaly.
-Requires more mana as it is dependant from
With this lvlup setup you deal considerable amounts of damage with both of your main damaging spells.But it deals less overall damage.I personaly find myself not using this setup very much.I prefer to max either one or the other.
-Both of your abilities will deal less damage than supposed.
Recently this is my favorite way.Your Spear Shot HURTS.I am able to outharass most champions.Also it helps more when towerdiving because its a one way spell and therefore it reduces your time under the turrent.You can also killsteal with ease^^(dont do it though).
-Less overall damage.

So witch way is best?.I would suggest Maxing Spear shot first because its more reliable spell compaired to HSS and it benefits much greatly from spell ranks.
Yet again,the other two ways are viable as well.But it depends on enemy setup and the abilities(and skill sometimes)of your lanemate.
So i believe that you should try all diffrent methods and see witch works better for your playstyle and game phylosophy.

Basic playstyle

The ideal and usual rotation I use is:
+ + + +

Although everything changes depending on the enemy character and the situation at hand.


Dont charge around with Aegis Of Zeonia withought thinking first.
Positioning is key.The target you will stun must put you in an advantage,and not cut you off from your team or leave you vunerable.
Targeting by:
1)Enemy opposing immidiate threat to your carry.
2)Enemy carry.
3)Chaneling opponents( , ).
4)Position for Heartseeker(stun the first-HSS on enemy team).
These of course are hypothetical situations.

Learn to Aim your Heartseeker Strike withought using your stun.There are some rare cases when this will be needed.
Do this when:
1)Enemy walks away from you in melee distance.
2)Opponent almost reaches melee range.
3)Ally immoblilises-uses cc on your target(stun,snare etc).
Use your Hearstseeker like this when you need to conserve your stun for the next seconds(waiting for an important enemy to enter the fray).Or you want your opponent to use an escape mechanism first( ).

On teamfights dont always charge inside the heat of the fight.Because for example if an Amumu stuns the enemy team prefer to use Heartseeker Strike from distance while they are stunned and then charge in if needed.In this way you avoid much of the danger and still be able to land a deadly HSS on several players.Every situation is diffrent and you must use your judgment on every one of those situations :).

Using Pantheons ultymate(Grand Skyfail)

So you check out Pantheons ultymate: .
Pantheons ultymate is basically a Teleport witch has range.It can be use for:
-Defending distant turrents.
-Placing yourself correctly into battle.
-Assisting team mates who got ganged.
-Kill people who recall back and feel safe inside their turrents(sort of my favorite^^).

Total cast time is 3.5 seconds.Keep that in mind every time you aim your

Placing your correctly:
1st. First of all judge how many seconds will your enemies stay in the area you want to ulty.For example if they just reach the lane and start farming creeps they will stay much more instead of when the creeps are dying and the target get lost in the fog of war.
2nd. See what enemy you are about to ulty on.
For example a can easely run through your whole ulty withMove Fast.
can throw you immidiatly back right after you jump witch will screw up your gang(not to mention you will need so much time to kill him that by then more 2-3 people would have jumped on you).
Also will just jump outside of your ulty's circle(and even come back around and attempt to kill you if fed)..etc
So be aware of your enemies summoner spells and skills!!!.
3rd. Coordinate with your team mates!.A stun from your ally inside your ultymate dramatically increases 's effectiveness!.The closer to the center the better.So if for example your teammate attacks from the front you must ulty behind the fight or close escape routes,etc.Depending on where and how the fight develops you must use your judgment.Also dont forget that now Pantheons ultymate has range witch means that you might need to run some distance to place it correctly and by the time you are in range the fight may be over...(gz Riot).

So to make a summary.
Most of the time you will place your slightly behind your enemies.Not in front but not a km behind them either.Judging on the current situations try to dominate the map as much as possible by being in as many places as possible.Have map awareness and good team comunication and have fun bashing skulls :D.

Early game

Prefer going on the side lanes as you can dominate more easely.Pantheon is a great ealy game char so try to take advantage of it,harass opponents when you see opurtunities opening for a + + combo and lasthit minions easely with your passive(from HS skill).Always focus on the weakest target and dont waste spells on chars that can either regenerate the amount of health lost very fast or can lifesteal it back(like or ).Using your spells when the time is right is crucial if you dont want to sacrefice a summoner spell for clarity or for mp5 runes.When you hit lvl 6 be aware of the fights in midle lane.You might need to position yourself closer to the midle lane since cant reach mid from bot anymore.If the enemy has overextended towards your turrent warn you friend with a ping and jump on him using the classic W+E+Q combo and hopefully get a kill or an assist.On the other hand if you have advantage in your lane you can hide in the bushes,coordinate with your lanemate and land with behind your emenies and confuze them.Focus the squishiest target for better results!.Kill and farm as much as you can before going back to base.By that time you should be able to take at least a and .If you are extremely fed you can pick up instead.The damage boost is enormous.

Mid game

Your is ready and you might already have your 1st .Always wait for the perfect chance to charge inside the battle,this is where you must use your spell wisely.Wait for a fight to begin and as soon as the first round of cc spells are used pop up ghost-charge-stun an oponent that will allow you to hit more than 1 char with (as many as possible)-finish the combo and if the situation looks bad disengage otherwise finish off the remaning chars by keeping them in range of your and wait for ability to cool or if they are on low health finish them with a few quick .When you have your ready farm inside jungle between fights and try to fill up the stacks because +40 dmg is not easy to ignore.After you finish your rush the .

Late Game

The most difficult part to play with pantheon.Usually the oposite team will have huge amounts of aoe damage and if you dont play carefully you will end up seeing things black and white...Making your will help a lot in killing people who have more hp than before.You should be very carefull on the way you will gang people because noone goes alone anymore and they probably will be expecting you to appear.Try to take advantage of your high burst damage and assault the fragile targets as they are busy on killing your friends.NEVER charge first inside or alone!,you wont be able to help much if you are dead.Try to ensure that your will not get interrupted and avoid heavy aoe damage interrupting spells(like blizz and amumu's ulty). is one of the most fragile late game chars and you have to understand the nature of this problem.Now you are ready to build your .This will make you shred people with 1k crits and good amounts of health.You will be surprized on how well is synegizes with the overall build.You are now a damaging beast.Still you have to judge the situation right when engaging.Brain is a very powerfull tool.Use it :)

Dominating with Pantheon(Dominion)

Pantheon is an extremely effective character for Dominion.Exelent for defending and getting fast where needed made me easely win 80% of my games in this map.


Greater Mark of Desolation.Armor penetraton scales extremely well during the whole game.Combine this with your items and dont be afraid of engaging any kind of enemy.
Greater Seal of Defense.We want to enhance our effective health and make us able to take more punishment,and live to tell about it.These seals help greatly towards this goal.I prefer Armor/lvl because in Dominion you level up very fast,making flat runes a worse pick.
Greater Glyph of Shielding.Again,the more resistances the better.Although,sometimes I change for Cdr/lvl so I can use Grand Skyfall faster.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation.Important for cutting opponents down.Pantheon's kit needs a good portion of Arp,he just can't have enough.

................................Summoner Spells..................................................

For Dominion mobility is very important.For my playstyle I use:
Exhaust.A spell we are all familiar with.This spell can give you an edge in fights you thought where lost.It has many uses and adds another CC to your arsenal.
Ghost.Although some Summoners might disagree about this,I find Ghost to be superior to Flash for Dominion.Great for going fast to a capture point or throw the last spear to the enemy who just flashed.In this map you can't pull the tricks you can do in Summoner's Rift.Its more about overal mobility,witch Ghost gives plenty of it.
Flash.Probably the best Summoner Spell of the game.Savior of the universe etc etc.This spell has countless uses.But it doesnt fit my playstyle for Dominion.But its a great alternative to .Swap if you just can't live withought it.


For Masteries I use a setup that might look a bit wierd,but they worked nicely so far.I might update or change them if needed as I get more experience with the new mastery tree.
My masteries focus on a more offensive approach.
Some brief explanation in things that you might not be sure about:
Sorcery.A nice boost to our cooldown reduction.The more you can use your the better.
Vampirism.Although this Mastery is not a must,it does help sustaining yourself between fights.But these points can be spent elsewhere if needed.
Good Hands.Every second in Dominion counts.This Mastery is almost a must here.You must be alive and kicking as fast as possible.


Probably the most important part of this chapter.
Pick 2x + .This will allow a very early and therefore trustworthy damage.
As soon as the battle starts head for Windmill with your team mates.Harass them and try to conserve your Hp and Mp for the real thing.If you see your allies ready and willing mark your target.You will target according to 1)Threat,2)Positioning.Stun and give time to your team to either kill,or severly damage the enemy.Its not necesary to kill.You just want them off your ground.Aim for capturing the important locations,not for kills.
All the time run and use the Regeneretion points.Thats what will keep you rolling.

If you managed to capture the Windmill succesfuly,aim for having 3 bases and be able to defend them.I usually stay there and defend.From this area you have an easy access to all the capture points with your and assisting your team.
But i suggest doing what you think will be more beneficial for the team.

So these are some basics for playing in Dominion.I will add more things as they come along.

I will also prsent you a tautorial video,created by Deot(Raibar 9).Realy thankfull that he used my build as a base for the video :).

Explanation Build 1

This is my personal favorite build for this character.Combining great amounts of damage as well as having a fair ammount of Hp was my primary objective.This doesnt make you a tank but you will be much more defficult to be killed than a full glasscanon pantheon and still making you a huge threat for the opposite team.Also you can be of use even if your Heartseeker strike gets interrupted and dish crazy melee autohitting damage provided by the build and the Active of Youmuu's.

:Best for chasing-fleeng,use Mercury's only against realy heavy cc teams
:Everything you realy need is inside this item!.ARP CDR and ofcouse extra damage and active
:One of the most powerfull AD items.Most of your damage is given by this item even in the end
:One of my favorite items for Pantheon.The Hp that provides gives you more security when diving inside the enemy lanes and the passive ensures that noone is getting away anymore.
:This item is deadly for pantheon for this build.Also improved recently,synegizes perfectly with the Triforce and Youmuu's
:Expensive but makes very big diffrence when made

Explanation Build 2

Pantheon is one of the most squishy chars of the game.So after severall ranked games i decided to create a build witch will help me synegize with my premade friends and keep me alive longer in grim situations.Atma's was the solution.Getting advantage of my classic combo of + providing me with the health and magic resist needed,adding Atma's Impaler was the best choice for getting even more AD as well as a good portion of armor.The results where better than expected.Still not a tank.

*The items listed above will not be explained in this chapter*
:I love using this item for shreding people who think armor will save the day!.Allows your to destroy enemy teams even tanks.Cheap and defenetly a Must when phasing metagame geared chars.
:Playing with Olaf,Garen and Xin Zhao made me love this item.Now it was Pantheons time.This item works perfectly in this build.(Be advized::The extra AD provided by Atma's impaler is not calculated at the Characters Stats above)
:When you want your precious HS not to get interrupted or you want to piss of a fed Karthus this is the perfect item!.The health and magic resist boosts makes you considerably more durable when facing any kind of enemy.From not allowing to reach you with Alpha Strike to even avoiding 's Ultymate!


Thanks for reading my guide,please feel free to comment-always trying to improve!
Result achieved by ImNotBlonde.
Also check this awsome video!.Nunu bot ftw!!!(Ashrender Playing Pantheon).

Last Updates/Change log and thoughts

Happy new year to everyone!.Been out for a while due to some weird sir***stances.

Rewritten some parts of the guide.The whole remake is not finished yet thought!.Please be patient :).

New Masteries:Set.
The last patch left Pantheon uneffected.
Updated the Masteries eplanation in the Dominion chapter.Still want to find time to rewrite the whole guide,its just terrible and it doesnt cover all the aspects on how i play Pantheon at the moment.

Added a Dominion chapter.Hope it helps.
Did a couple of changes at the 1st build.
Removed a chapter showing the final build.I cant even remember why i created it.
Getting ready for the patch release.I'll be back updating the guide as soon as I have some experience with the new Masteries.
Untill then,Gl & Hf.

So many things I want to do so little time.This guide was first made a year ago when i joined mobafire.And i feel i have to change the guide around a lot because it was based on the old build(the 1st one up there),witch I dont use as much as i did in the past.Still thinking if i should remove it or not.
Moved the "Last Updates/Change log and thoughts" to the end making it the last chapter.

I just feel I should clarify this.
Most people who see the 1st build will say:"Just another dumb glasscannon Panthon who just got rated up cuz it looked fancy".And they are right on one part.It is a build with no resistances.It is expensive.It is risky.And its not viable in high elo.
This is the build witch brought me the best results in the past,and it puts a smile on my face every time I use it.
I am just not sure what I should do.
For now i think i should suggest using this build only on normal games.
But i dont want to remove it.Because it still works on normal and...I want to leave it up there for old times sake.I dont even know if people would care reading this.Just want to write this down.
By the way i will work on an Atmogs build for the fans of it(I had one in the past i just want to make it better).And since I see its becoming more and more popular.

Added the build that i am using for Dominion and will add a chapter on how to play Pantheon on this map as well later on.Also had some weard comments today.Still not sure what heppened.

When I Edit my Guide it says "Guide Type:Champion",while when being out of it says Dominion on the right top.Any way to fix this?.Is it a bug or something?.Now i understand why i had those comments earlier on.Sorry for being agressive I just didnt knew this happened.

Wow reached 400k + Views!!!.
Thanks to everyone who commented and upvoted my build,helping me to reach the top!.
Keep up killing with Pantheon!.
By the way i am working in a Dominion build.Soon to be added.

Last patch left Pantheon uneffected witch is not good nor bad either.
Added the "Putting Spear to purpose(Skills/Skill lvlup)" chapter.Again should had done this sooner^^.
Minor changes on 2nd build on Runes,Masteries,Item order for greater resistances early game and more flexibility.Arp ftw!.
Changed the order of some chapters.Not sure if its better now but we will see ;).

Took a look at the patch preview and the whole changes.I have to say only one thing.
F@*** Riot.
So...they faceraped Mordekaiser,nerfed(again)Oriana and buffing the already super overpowered Nidalee(crazy heal,crazy burst,crazy escape mechanisms).
Mordekaiser was my main for a while now.Just like Pantheon.And just like Pantheon he gets f****ked up because of newbs crying Op.While the only thing they needed was a f***ing negatron cloak.
Just like Xin Zhao,who might indeed needed some nerf but those guys ruined him.Like Evelyn witch i havent seen in game since the day she got nerfed.Wonder why?.Because they made her uselesss.
I know this part doesnt fit it in a guide's changelog.But i wanted for this to be seen.Its my personal opinion on Riot nerfing all my favorite champions.
Thanks for that...

I would realy like some comments from the people who vote on this guide.Tell me what you think is wrong or didnt worked for you!.Because i see many votes without comments.I am trying to find some new ways of building this champ and any feedack is very much apretiated!.
Thanks :).

Added the Using Pantheon's ultymate(Grand Skyfall) chapter.
Should had done it sooner^^.

After playing with the "new" Pantheon I figured out that acctually the last patch increased greatly the effectiveness of my builds!.Although the range on realy made me wonder what the f*@#k these people on Riot are thinking but thats another story...
Anyway i decided to republish the build after doing the proper changes!.Enjoy killing again with it :).And remember:Its only a game.

Because of my lack of time and the vast changes on the game i decided to archive the build since i dont have time to update it and improve it to the current battle situations.I want to thank all the people who voted and gave critisism to my build and motivated me to become better.Good luck & have fun.

Getting ready for the next patch.I hope they wont ruin Pantheon.Because his ulty is very important.I am not sure if those changes will be good or bad yet.I will try to keep the build updated .And thanks for all those people who readed my guide and liked it :).I am truly greatfull!.

After testing,exhaust+ignite does not work in all games good.For example if the enemies play very diffensively or have hight mobility, this combination will put you to a disadvantage.So ghost=<3.Flash is a very viable option though.Depends on your playstyle :).

Minor change in purchase order in 3rd build,improving early game damage burst.
Strugling with editing(finaly!).Because its lame reading endless lines:P

-Again placing Dorans Blade as starting item in the first build(was removed after the raised cost to 475) instead of Long sword.After endless testing proved to be wayyy better for pantheon's early game performance.
-Changed the item order a bit on 1st build imroving the early game damage of the build and its overall effectiveness.God i love this build :) !!!
-Thinking on replacing Ghost with ignite in the first build because your MS is more than average with the item purchases and it also allows you to pick up much more kills on early game by using it.

After the last nerf on heartseeker strike and Aegis of zeonia the w-e-q combo is much less powerfull and i tested a new playstyle witch is much more effective atm.I suggest the second build for the time being but i'll leave inside the first one as well because it still is functioning.

The third build is for ranked and premade games when damage is not the most important thing,but having balanced stats as well as good survive ability is.Your damage will still be outrageous because of the Atmas+Last wisper and its ArP.Be aware its not using lifesteal;.Although the build is not carved in stone.You can change some stuff if they work better for you :)