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League of Legends Build Guide Author Modanya

Sarah Fortune

Modanya Last updated on October 16, 2010
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Hi my name is Modanya and this, is my Miss Fortune guide. As most of you know M.F. is one of the newest league champs to hit the Fields of Justice, and I'm going to help you get to know her very very well. M.F. is probably one of the best pusher's and carries in the game, but only if she is played well and correctly. You can always tell if someone who is playing her is new or an idiot when they set off a bullet-time for no reason what so ever or they miss an entire team with it. Being able to effectively use M.F.'s abilities in conjunction with her Items and team make up is what will make you an effective player. Good Luck and I hope you enjoy this guide, please if you feel there is anything I need to improve I would love to know.


Strut (passive)- We all know what this does, makes her fast and hard to hit. Keep in mind though, when play M.F you do not want to get hit while lanning or it makes it harder to harass in and out. So try to avoid anything that knocks strut off in the beginning. This passive also makes it nice because you do not need boots as quickly as other champs do.
Double-up(Q)- Miss Fortune fires a bullet at an enemy hitting them and a target behind them. This is what makes M.F such a B*tch. The ability to be standing back with her minions, but yet still be able to hit the enemy. Understanding how double-up works though is important. Double up will on occasion go to the side, but it has a tendency to go back. If you are aiming for an enemy aim for their casters it should hit the caster minion then bounce back to them. This is a wonderful harass early game.
Impure Shoots(W)- Miss Fortune passively increases damage dealt to a target with each strike. This ability can be activated to increase Miss Fortune's attack speed and cause her attacks to lower healing received by a target. This ability has a great passive the more you hit a target the more damage the take. (Awesome...I know.) The active itself is even better speeds up attacks and lowers healing makes those Sona's and Vlad's cry. Use this to focus a target that heals or will receive heals or on towers to push a tower.
Make It Rain(E)- Miss Fortune unleashes a flurry of bullets at a location, dealing waves of damage to enemies and slowing them. I like to call, this ability has a lot of uses, face checking bushes, slowing down someone to kill them, using it to initiate your ultimate. As attack damage M.F. This will not do a whole lot of damage, the purpose of it is to use it for the slow generally.
Bullet Time(R)- Miss Fortune channels a flurry of bullets in a cone in front of her, dealing large amount of damage to enemies. This is probably one of the best ultimate's in the game (in my opinion) using it at the right time can be the definition of an ace against the enemy team, or your death. I've seen terrible M.F's waste this ability with little to no damage going out because they timed it wrong so the enemy team sits their going that, that is over....Your team has been aced! When using this try to make sure that the whole team is going to be hit by it and that someone is either going to die to it (With the rest of the enemy team being low) or that the whole enemy team is so low the rest of your team can pick them off.


Lets talk about items. Now, the thing with M.F. is a lot of her items are very situational, meaning, that depending on the team you are facing is what you are going to build! I go Doran's blade and H.P. pot first. Obvious reasons is obvious, health, Attack Damage, and life steal early game is nice.
I.E. This item I always get, no matter what. Why you might ask, well because double up criting that Mal down half-health is priceless it works extraordinarily well with double up, impure shots, and bullet-time.
Frozen Mallet- This item is one I very often get I find that the health is very very nice, plus having an entire team slowed in your ultimate is extremely effective.
Lets talk about boots for a moment, I personally go Merc's more often then not. The reasoning behind this is M.F. already has a built in quickness that does not need swiftness's or mobilities to build it up. Beserker's are nice, but more often then not being able to escape (Since you are a bit squishy) is a wonderful thing. (Make that Amumu cry when he can't stun you full duration.)
Bloodthirster- The reasoning behind this is the massive amount of Attack Damage and the life steal. You can literally gain most of your health back by attacking a minion wave and bullet-time health gain is great too.
Blackcleaver- This item in conjunction with impure shots, not only lowers healing, but lowers armor. Plus the amount of damage your bullet time and Double-up does is bloody brilliant.
Banshee's Veil- I choose a defensive item last, I figure if the game has gone on this long most likely you have now made your self the focus of silences, stun's, snares extra.... Being able to continue doing your ultimate because that silence ate it from Banshee's is wonderful

Other items that I didn't put in my main build-

Manamoon- I personally don't find myself with a lot of issues with mana, due to seals of clarity, but if you find yourself running low on mana...manamoon is a nice option. Keeping in mind that the more mana you have the more attack damage you gain from getting items such as Banshee's boosts the amount of mana due to Catalyst thus giving you more Attack damage.
Last Whisper- M.F. lacks a lot of attack speed except when she has Impure shots up and even then its under par compared to say Tristana, getting this item helps boost that if you are feeling a bit slow with your attacks. Though having so much damage output you shouldn't need a whole lot of quickness since you will be 6-7 shooting a lot of the time.

Summoner Spells

I use ghost and ignite personally I find that being able to chase down my enemies or escape with a ghost is very very nice along with strut, plus ignite with impure shots works out extremely nicely (no healing for you Vlad!) Though other runner ups are as follows
Flash- Getting across a wall is nice!
Cleanse- If someone gets your strut off with a slow...things can get a bit sticky really really quick.
As I said Summoner spells in my opinion are personal preference.

Skill Order

The Skill order I use is based upon what I am which is A.D. Attack damage works well with Double up and Bullet-time. A.D. also works well with just your regular attacks which M.F. does a number of, you will not always be doing an ability. Impure shoots are somewhat based off of A.P. 5% conversion, but when you hit the active, you will be hitting quicker so the harder your attacks are as you are hitting the faster the better off you are. Make it rain on the other hand is 80% based off of A.P. which it is never going to do a lot of damage unless of course you go A.P. (A different guide.) So the Skill order is Bullet-time, Double-up, impure shots, Make it Rain.


The runes a choose are for very specific reason, I had tried a lot of different runes with M.F. even giving AP a try out (which I might make a guide for though, its a bit different then A.D. M.F.) These runes I have found to be the best. Armor pen Quins and Marks means that you will get the most out of your massive damage, even against those pesky tanks. Seal's of Clarity for the very reason that M.F. is a mana using wh- I mean....she uses a lot of mana. G of Celerity are for the purpose of putting bullet-time at an extremely low cool-down usually ensuring you have it for every time fight which is very nice. You may ask why I use per level over flat. Flat at the beginning yes are better, but by about level 12 you get more from per level, then you do from flat, making them vastly better.

Game Play

Early game- Early game, I like to take mid, though in my opinion there are others who could better use it then you. If that is the case then head to a lane with someone, I know solo queuing you won't often get a choice of what people will be playing, but try to lane with someone who has a stun or a snare. The other thing about early game, try not to go back until you have at least 2,200 gold+ and as M.F. That should happen by at least level 7 or 8. This way your first trip back you come back with your B.F. Sword. Harass at this time with double up and make it rain. Also use those two to last shot minions and pool in the massive amount of money you will need.

Mid game- Ganking is now starting, and I'm sure since most likely you are dominating your lane (you are M.F. for pete sake's) that someone has attempted a gank on you. If this is the case this is easy solved problem. Dropping your E or Make it Rain will slow down anyone attempting to gank from there turn around impure shots and start firing as you move back away from them. Then double up to hit them and their buddies behind them. If they insist on pressing and come anywhere near your turret slow them again with Make it Rain and drop the Ult bomb on them. Someone is most likely going to pay for their insolence of even thinking of touching your turret. If you attempt a gank keep in mind you already have an upper hand...that little passive strut.. as long as you keep them slowed your catching up to them and you will have them. Make sure to slow them with Make it rain and if they go to hide in their turret with low health hit them with a double up and watch them Q_Q about how M.F. is OP as you see AN ENEMY HAS BEEN SLAIN!

Late game- Team fights should be in swing by now and you will be I assure you the bane of everyone's existence on that team. Understand though you are not god, you will not survive if you get the focused by their entire team. That means stand back. You do not need to be in the front leading the charge. Let someone with a bit more survivability do that, say...a tank. If you have a tank who can stun or taunt drop a make it rain as they stun a target and if their entire team comes up use bullet time and make sure you get everyone with in its cone. This ensures that not only does their team take massive damage, but you will have slowed the entirety of their team to allow your team to pick them off, if most of them are not dead already.

Remember when going for a kill make it rain..then impure shots and if they keep running double up a minion so it bounces to them.

Any Questions or Comments please let me know and if you enjoyed this guide give it a rating!