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Mordekaiser Build Guide by SatansRache

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SatansRache

SatansRache's Guide:Mordekaiser?Unkillable?

SatansRache Last updated on June 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone,this is how I (SatansRache) play Mordekaiser.
Mordekaiser is, by far, my favorite champion to play.Why?Because Mordekaiser can become unkillable if you buy the right Items.

This build aims to maximize health,magic resist,armor,movement speed and damage.
From mid-game on,you wont die(unless, of course, all five enemy champs unleash everything on you).If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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Which role has Mordekaiser in LoL?

What is Mordekaiser?Is he a mage?a tank?dps?carry?support?
He doesn't have any CC,no snare and no taunt.
He lacks the damage needed to be a mage.
And his attack damage is much too low to be considered a dps/carry. And to be a support, you have to support other champs in some way (CC, heal). So what the hell is Mordekaiser?

In my opinion,Mordekaiser is a tank/ap Champion.
I mean,Mordekaiser can deal great damage and he has nice surviability ,too.
He falls into the same category as,and.He isn't a full tank,but he has enough durability to be one.

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-You cannot be killed from mid-game on.
-Great Movement speed from beging.
-Your whole team will never die,because you will be alive.
-Can easily take mid or solo 1v2.
-Rarely ever has to go back to spawn.
-Great end-game tank/mage.

-Somewhat requires mid or solo lane (you can still lane with a partner, but you'll be less effective).
-Fairly squishy early game.
-Absolutely no CC (sadface)

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Runes are very important for every Champion.
I will be discussing a few rune combinations that I find useful for my build.

MarksMagic Penetration 9x
The only Mark that I will discuss, simply because it makes sense. Mordekaiser puts out mostly magic damage; this will give a better kick.

SealsDodge 9x
It is good against Dps Champions for exampleetc...My recommended Seals.
Health Regen 9x
This is a great combo with.
You will have more than 20 Healthregen at lvl 6 and this allows you to spam you E-Ability.

GlyphsCD 9x
Allows you to spam your skills even more.
More skills = More damage = Easy win.
Magic Resist/lvl 9x
It's just great against Mage champions.
You will get about 24 MR at lvl 18!
Just awesome.

QuintessencesMovement speed 9x
In my opinon,these are the best Quintessences.
You will start with a 4,5% Movespeed bonus.
Isn't that awesome?
But they are very expensive,if you dont have the IP,I'll give you some other suggestions.
Ability Power 3x
This is my second suggestion.
Mordekaiser does AP damage,so he needs ap for more damage.
Any question?
Healthregen 3x
My third suggestion.
In combine with theyou can stay mid for a loooooooong time.
Trust me.

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Everybody plays Morde differnt.Some guys go 9/21/0,but I take 9/0/21.
With 9/0/21 you will maximize your cooldown, while taking the spell penetration in your Offensive. Pretty strait-forward. This is what I use and I think these are the best masteries for Mordekaiser.

9/21/0 This is, after all, a defensive build. Defensive masteries could make you even more unstoppable, right? Good Masteries,I would recommend this for a newbie Mordekaiser player.

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Summoner Spells

I always takeand.In my opinion,these are the best summoner speels for Mordekaiser.

Ignite syncs very well with your ult. Get used to how much damage this combo does, because it is the most effective way to finish an enemy. But don't waste your ignite if you don't need it.
Ghost is one of my favorite summoner spells. Provides a good speed boost to your already speedy Mordekaiser. Use it for escape, chasing, getting to the team fight, chasing down an enemy, etc.
You can take flash instead of ghost.
But I think ghost is better then flash.
If you take exhaust,take 1 point in Masteries into cripple.

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AnalysisIron Man (Passive)
The second bar no longer hinders (like mana does), but now buffs your champion. This is your defense against harassment, your shield against burst damage, your extra health in a team fight. I love this passive for its defensive capabilities.
Mace of Spades (Hotkey: Q)
I've seen builds that absolutely maximizes the potential of this ability. If built right, you can deal well over 1000 damage in one swing with this spell(Lich bane or withHextech-Gunblade).This spell also resets the attack timer, so you can attack, hit q right away, and attack right after the initial attack.
Creeping Death (Hotkey: W)
Get good with that Alt key! This is one of those few allied skills that you can cast on any ally within a given range. If you didn't know already, hitting Alt+W will instantly cast Creeping Death on yourself, not needing the self-clicking. I suggest getting used to this self-casting system. As far as the skill itself, it adds a nice DoT (Damage over Time) and a defensive buff.
Siphon of Destruction (Hotkey: E)
Behold, the ultimate farming tool. Use this to kill off minions, buffing up your Iron Man, and harassing the enemy. Typically, I don't like pushing, because of a possible gank while I'm at the enemy turret.So, I don't like using this on the whole minion wave. If I can, I'll use it to last-hit minions. Only when I suspect an incoming harassment do I use Siphon of Destruction on an entire minion wave.
Children of the Grave (Ultimate; Hotkey: R)
Syncs well with Ignite.This will be your curse to the enemy champions. Let them know that if they die, they will only serve to further benefit your team. This changes team fights to 6v4, this changes a harassing idiot to a valuable puppet, this changes their enemy tank to your enemy tank for turrets.
Also, know that you can control your puppet by holding the Alt key and right-clicking (Get good with that Alt key!). Sadly, it doesn't use any abilities, but it still counts as a champion, not a minion.

This is really just preference to the player. I find that Siphon of Destruction is the best farming tool, so I level that first.

I try to maximize Mace of Spades.
Good in Teamfights,good in 1x1.

Of course, always pick your ultimate, Children of the Grave, whenever it comes up.

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Great item.Use Creeping Death and that is a awesome combo.
Good items,gives much MR and great Healthregen.Get it!
Movespeed,MR and a great passive.


Always nice if the enemy team is full of stuns and suppressions, your worst enemy. Plus, it has that nice amount of Magic Resist.
Boosts your Mag pen,gives movespeed.Squishy targets likewill take great damage.
Gives more movespeed than other boots.
You can get it if the enemy team isn't that strong.
Good for moving around the map and ganking.
Boosts armor,12dodge and movespeed.
Good against DPS champions,but only take this boots if they have a lack of CC.

Secondary Items

(last three slots)Boosts your hp,gains your ability power and the best is its passive.
Great for chasing.
Nice armor,nice magic resist and awesome passive.
One of the best items for MordeKaiser.
In some Situations I get this item.
It boosts your AP hard!!
Good hp.
Any questions?
You should get this when they got much physical damage.
Boosts hp,healthregen,armor,CDR.
Really good item for Mordekaiser.
Just one problem:Mordekaiser doesn't need the mana
Anyway it's great because of its passive and MR.

My normal build
Got another favorite complete build that uses the same core? Let me know in the comments.

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Game Play

Early Game
In champion select, let your team mates know that you can practically go anywhere, preferring to be solo. This will open up an opportunity for a jungler, and letting other people pick their favorite champions. Be sure there is enough CC, however, because Mordekaiser has none.

Once you're in the game, pick up a Dorans Shield and head off to your lane. If your jungler is starting at blue buff, then be sure to guard him from any gankers coming from the Fjord. Once the golems spawn, head off to your lane. I usually just hang back for a bit until the enemy champions reveal themselves, and I occasionally head up there for a last hit.

If you're soloing 1v2, and they are trying their best to zone you out of experience, don't get too worried about it. Worst case scenario, you'll level up at the same rate as the enemy champions. And, you never want to feed, so don't attempt to get a kill. 70% of the gold you gain will be from minion farming.

If I'm sitting at a 1v1, I generally push more against the enemy champion, throwing minion waves at the enemy turret. Be sure to not push too hard, though, because an enemy jungler could come at you from anywhere. This is where wards come in handy; warding the nearby bush in the fjord will give you some extra sight.

Rarely you'll end up in a 2v2 lane. In this scenario, your job is to support your lane mate. Help them get the kills they need, while you're killing off the minions. If your partner is in trouble, be sure to cast Creeping Death on them to give them that extra shield.

Around level 5, you'll start farming more effectively, killing at least 4 minions out of the wave. You shouldn't have to go back yet, though.Also around this point, your jungler might come around for a gank. If this happens, help them any way possible, even maybe throwing your life away for your jungler. It's more important for you to die and your jungler getting a double kill than your jungler dieing.

At this point, you're sitting around 1000g to 1500g. The name of the game here is to sit and defend as long as possible. This build is meant for you to stay away from spawn for as long as possible. However, once you reach about 1500g, I would consider going back and picking up a Regrowth Pendant and boots of speed when you get a chance.

Once you get your Regrowth Pendant,you can stay on your lane until you get 3000g,then teleport base and buy your MR-Boots and Sunfire.
After getting your Sunfire you will shine.Your Creeping Death will be awesome with Sunfire.

When a team fight is initiated, get in there and take any or all burst damage. Make sure you take all the burst damage. You can survive it more easily than your AD carry behind you. Cast your Siphon of Destruction on the enemy champs to get your Iron Man up, and be sure to support your melee team mate with Creeping Death. Cast Children of the Grave and Ignite on the enemy champ that is most likely going to die first. That way, you have an extra player on your team to pick off the remaining enemies.

After the initial fight, there's always a follow-up chase. If your team won the initial fight, chase down the enemy champs with your ghost, if you have one. If you have enough health, take the turret hits if they go under cover of an enemy turret. Or, better yet, let your ghost take the turret hits. If your team lost the initial fight, then defend any surviving team mates. Your job is to survive and protect any friends above all else. If there's an enemy champ running away with 10hp, DO NOT go chasing after them. Stay with your team.

Late game
If you're at the point where your team is down to their inhibitor turrets, this is where Mordekaiser shines. You're speedy enough to get from turret to turret, and able to take a huge amount of punishment. Your turrets are your babies, defend them like so.

But, the game doesn't usually get to that point. Most of the time you'll be in the enemy base, taking down their turrets and inhibitors. As always, above all else, protect your team mates! Take the initial blow of burst damage, take all the harassment, take all the turret hits

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I hope you enjoy my Mordekaiser build,leave a comment,because I'm interested in what you guys have to say.

Take care, and I hope to see you all out on the fields of Summoner's Rift.