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Nasus Build Guide by wondrbread

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wondrbread

Scarier crits than Tryndamere.. :Nasus

wondrbread Last updated on September 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first build I've put on mobafire. This guide includes my version of DPS Nasus. This specific build is a lot heavier on damage output than survivability. In this guide I'll explain the routes i take if I'm having problems with dying quickly from getting focused. I'll put up multiple builds in this guide to show the available options that I take.

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Pros / Cons

-Capable of A LOT of damage. (I crit 2180 on an orianna with her full shield on)
-Can zone people really hard if you know what your doing
-A lot of sustain ( late game a Siphoning Strike could heal you for about 1k hp)
-Does really well in team fights because of ulti
-Can save himself with ulti (such as if you barely get away from someone and karthus pops his -ult but you pop yours and survive the dmg)
-Basically wins any 1v1
-When going straight DPS like I do can result in getting focused or CCed to death
-Only way to close the gap between carries is wither so they can still attack you as you run towards them

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These can be changed around quite a bit. The MUST have runes are the armor pen marks and quints. For seals I actually normally use dodge, because I'm a huge fan of dodge (I've been saved many-a-time by dodges). Especially late games, when someone such as tryndamere attacks you, if you dodge one attack thats a good 700 hp that you still have. For glyphs I normally take CDR to be able to maximize the number of siphoning strikes i can throw out. Also viable glyphs imo are flat mana regen because early game (before sheen) nasus has pretty bad mana problems. Especially in the sence that you start out with a passive 14% life steal, so you can stay longer in lane according to hp but you absolutely NEED to farm Nasus' siphoning strike as it is his main source of damage.

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I like to spec fully into offense. I get the crit chance because late game with Nasus consists of HUGE crits off his siphoning strike so that extra percent chance add to his devastation. Ill normally take exhaust to be safe, because with Nasus I tend t get myself into 2v1s and exhaust helps me win 2v1s (with ulti). I also like to get some CDR because I farm his siphoning strike as much as possible and Ill go deeper into laning phase later. I take the armor pen to add to the armor pen from runes to yield stupid amounts of dmg, especially from late game siphoning strike. The extra dmg from rest of the specs are great, especially the + 10% crit dmg. Late game it makes a HUGE difference.

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I am typically known for item ADD. I just go buying everything and then build it into stuff later. But my item ADD works very well in my experiences, because an early sheen gives quite a bit of damage and then with an early vampiric scepter you have amazing sustain in lane because the additional damage from sheen adds to your siphoning strike which gives more hp back from lifesteal.

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Early farming is kind of difficult with Nasus because of the cd on lvl 1 rank of Siphoning Strike. Early farm when you have no additional damage to siphoning strike you need to wait to the very last second to last hit the mini. If your soloing or your in a duo lane and you've got reign over mini's don't auto attack at all. If there's minis that are about to die but your Siphoning Strike isn't up yet, still last hit them to get the gold but get AS MANY MINIS WITH YOUR SIPHONING STRIKE AS POSSIBLE. They only time that i recommend auto attacking minis is when your hurt and you need to attack to get hp back from your passive life steal. The situations that i would auto attack would be when I'm getting pushed into my turret and am hurt from the enemy's harass.

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Skill Sequece

Since I usually go DPS with Nasus, I max Siphoning Strike first. Then I like to max wither to be able to make sure people can't get away from me or a gank and ensure the kill. I used to max spirit fire first to lower enemies armor to up the damage of my Siphoning Strike but I believe that it isn't truly useful until later game.

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Summoner Spells

Honestly, theres not a summoner spell that isn't viable with Nasus. Besides revive and rally, I mean who actually uses those. My must have with Nasus would be flash. I' ll normally take exhaust to be safe, because with Nasus I tend t get myself into 2v1s and exhaust helps me win 2v1s (with ulti). I also use ignite quite a bit because of the amount of DOT that Nasus has with the combo of his Spirit Fire and Ulti. Ignite just adds that extra punch in fights. I've also used teleport when I solo top just to make the time away from my lane as minimal as possible because of the importance of Nasus' farm and to make sure that you don't lose the top turret. You don't wanna be that guy to lose the turret as a solo.

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Nasus is an extremely flexible champion. He can be very successful as full tank or as DPS, everything with Nasus is revolved around farming his Siphoning Strike. If you get that farmed up, you have a lot of room to play around with. Just please don't go AP even though it may seem like it would work because AP stacks with the % per second on his ult. It just doesn't work. Have fun one shotting carries!