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Skarner Build Guide by Originalien

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Originalien

Scorpian Wins - Fatality!

Originalien Last updated on December 21, 2011
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Offtank/Anti-tank & Full T


Jungle & Hybrid Carry

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi there. I wrote this quick build guide for 1 reason, i cannot find my builds elsewhere on this site or others and i have had great success with these builds. I am not a high elo, on the contrary im just getting my feet wet in ranked play.

I feel that these builds reflect their own quality regardless of who has written them, the authors history doees not take away any validation for these builds versatility and quality...

On the contrary, it leaves them open to scrutiny and peer review through experimentation. That is how i initially created these builds, through loving the amazing range of what skarner can do and then seeking to push the limits of his pre defined roles into unconvential roles.

Initially this started with being forced to be Main tank through nublets making terribad character selections or trolls just choosing the worst character that u can think of. After slowly meeting great success in main tanking with skarner it encouraged me to try new things. I think the thing that works to skarners advantage when filling an unconventional role is that people underestimate his power and endurance and get caught off guard. Im sure u will find the same if u try these builds yourself....

People dont expect u to be able to go toe to toe with rammus as main tank but then again not alot of people play skarner

Please feel free to leave constructive critism, i dont care about rank or build votes at all but i would appreciate, if u have an opinion, share it in a manner that this guide may grow in quality through feedback, not be trolled into extinction through snobbery.

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The Builds

The 1st build is my Offtank/Anti-Tank build. I created it when faced with a team of pure beef, just every character something with massive HP.

The 2nd Build is my PURE tank build, inspired through moments of frustation with poor team selection on the part of others in lobby.

The 3rd is my Jungle build

The 4th is my Hybrid Carry build, through experimention to see just how much DPS skarn could do.

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The runes i have selected for each build are mostly self explanitory. You may find the tank rune set and the Hybrid carry set somewhat uncommon. If u take a moment to analyze the role that is being filled you will see the rune sets accommidate skarner perfectly.

The tank set fills in his shortcomings that u may experience early game vs other true tanks, giving him time to item up and come onto par and exceede his competitors.

The hybrid set is a mix of offensive power and early game survivability. The rest is pretty stock standard ( Credit goes to the author of Rune Tips, those lessons taught me alot )

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The masteries are like the runes, the obvious choice.

U may find the hybrid masteries intreging, the aim of that mastery table is to reach both spell vamp and life steal simultaneously whilst reaching the AP and AD penetration buffs.

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The items u see in each build are tailord to the role skarner is trying to fill, u may find the Hybrid carry and offtank/anti tank builds somewhat fun to play.

The offtank/antitank build is extremely satisfying, having enough dps to take out and 1v 1 carries whilst being able to eat tanks alive via madreds. The increase in AS helps his passive tremendously giving u incredibly dps output with both spells and auto attack.

The tank build is completely open to variation depending on the enemy dynamic. If u have heavy AD enemys choose ninja tabai instead of the magic resist shoes, and rush thornmail instead of the frozen heart as it is cheaper and gets you the emor u need faster. The final item is completely down to personal taste, some prefer banshees or another warmogs even.

The carry build can be surprising even to yourself when u realize how many people u can fight at once, especially with the Gunblade built. I have ROFLMFAO a few times at beating 4 - 5 people in a row with people thinking u are killable after u just defeated a team mate of theres and on low health only to realize ur sustain and speed is frighteningly powerful, his crystal sheild will have people rage quit i promise.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty much stock standard, cept for jungle which has tail whip at lvl 3 as u will have blue buff and u want the health buff asap.

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Summoner Spells

These guys are totally personal choice, I find as a rule of thumb, dps needs something to gank and something to run from the gank after it succeeds or fails.

Tanks need a slow for ur team mates when u initiate and teleport is great to rescue team mates and towers.

Nough said

The argument of flash vs ghost is personal opinion, but when ganking i lean to ghost, even tho it leaves u no where to go after the gank he is so hard to kill with his crystal sheild movement buff that it dosnt matter most of the time. Wait in the bushes, crystal sheild then ghost then run in and Ulti and run back to ur team mates.

Flash is more for quick exits which suits the more dps orientated builds being more squishy.

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Unique Skills

When ganking and using ur ulti:
Have ghost and crystal sheild activated, uliti a carry, run to ur team mates.
A great trick is to turn around just as the ulti wears off, it forces the enemy to walk around u which takes precious seconds ( We all know the pain of pathing causing you to be slain )

His crystal slash is his bread and butter, after 1 successful hit the next hit slows any enemy caught in the aoe. This in combination with his crystal sheild is what makes him such a powerful pursuer and difficult to catch runner. Use ur W to get ur speed boost, use ur Q to slow, this applys obviously to catching and fleeing.

His tail slash is great at sustain. He is trully one of the kings of solo top. Tail slash a large mob, i find it best to flank them when they get into those big concaves, then run into the middle of the mob and then Q Q Q ur little heart out, auto attacking as much as possible for the passive CD reduction. Skarn can clear a lane so fast he almost pushes a lane faster than yi

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Pros / Cons


Amazing sustain
Amazing Chasing and Fleeing
Crazy versatile can fill alot of roles
Underestimated by alot of people which will feed you
He has great CC, with his slow and supression grab


His ulti is susceptable to being blocked via spells such as morgana's spell sheild and vaynes roll.
You tend to get focussed once people realize u are the biggest threat, even when u are tank lol

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Team Work

In group fights, do the dance of to and fro until u see a carry not move in time and then leap forward and ulti and bring them to ur friends, always aim for the squishys obviously.
Remember, alot of people forget this, but u can cast spells as u are ulti'ing the enemy carry to ur team, meaning u get in a Q whilst they are suppressed and by the time they get free ur next Q is ready and will slow.

Not only are u initiator alot of the time but dont be afraid to leave ur team for a short moment to run after a carry who is fleeding , u are faster than anyone and can slow the enemy team mates trying to cover their friends retreat so that u can chase freely

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Well enough Rambling!

This is my 1st guide, i know its not full of pics with maps of what bushes to gank from and diagrams showing a scorpians Anatomy but i hope that if u are somewhat new or even just new to skarner , u found it helpful.

And i hope that the high elo LoL fiends found something new to play with that they found as amusing as i did using these builds.