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Sejuani Build Guide by bravoeagle12

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bravoeagle12

sejuani: 120% SLOW (jungiling/tank build

bravoeagle12 Last updated on January 20, 2012
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hello this is my first build. i dont spend time correcting my grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes because while im righting this im waisting time playing league so ill get right down to the point

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Pros / Cons


great ganker
great jungle
about 400dps with norther winds and 5k hp
OP ULTI 2 second stun that does 350 dmg even if u miss it will still stun for 1 second
with 1 normal attack you can get a 50% slow and with perafrost u get a 120% (cap is 80%)

long cooldown on ulti and Q
hard to run away even with charge
gets banned alot
2 skill shots on a tank
if u miss ur Q ur just sitting in the open with now slow on the target so if u miss ur SOL

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Creeping / Jungling

This is a jungling early game then a tank end game guide
get cloth armor then 5 hp pots. start at the wolf camp or get help to kill the blue buff
if u start at blue buff use smite to kill the blue buff or kill the wolves then kill the wraiths smiting the big 1

after that head to small golems (using hp pots as u go) by now u shud be lvl 2 then go get wolfs again and if ur not lvl 3 yet get wraiths again then head to blue buff (if u didn't get it all rdy) then after that get red buff by now u shud be lvl 4 start ganking now or when u get lvl 5

i don't like ganking till i get the wriggles lantern tho so i can ward bushes to make sure they don't counter gank me (or until u have ur ulti)

just keep going ganking/getting buffs and creeper kills help ur teammates push turrets if u can and do not feed sej is a amazing ganker with her Q charge and all the slows/ 2 second stun especially ganking top

ill explain items in the next chapter

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so OK

cloth armor/hp pots jungling of course then wriggles lantern jungling u can sell that later on if u want i usually do so i can buy my atmas right after my warmogs great dmg increase

i get frozen mallet right away so ur basic attacks have 50% slow!!!!!!
combined with perafrost thats 120% slow (even tho the camp is at 80% lol)

you then get a sun fire cape because its 35 more dmg a second and in 1v1s or team fights that's a lot combined with northern winds plus the hp bonus 2

THEN you get ur warmogs armor witch = 1000hp witch is also increasing Ur dmg with northern winds by a ton making u have a lot of hp and do a lot of dmg a second (over 250 now) + sun fire cape dmg

then i usually sell my wriggles lantern now or soon so i can buy my atmas impaler fast witch gives u some armor + a decent amount of dmg now the game should be over or getting close

for your last items there kind of depended on whats happing

if your doing a lot of dmg and are owning it up (havnt died in a while) by a trynd force and warmogs armor for even more hp and norther winds dmg or if ur team is losing team fights by a warmogs for the aoe dps and then by a ionic spark that makes every 4 attacks do 110 dmg to 4 enemys its great for team fights doing another 110 dmg every 4 auto attacks

and if ur getting owned alot and ur just dieing buy wamorgs and a quicksilver sash (thornmail if there ad champs owning)

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when ur ganking durring jungling you shud

charge when ur teammate is rdy with your Q get them frost then apply perafrost then when ur in melee range and start auto attacking then u use ur norther winds and if u somehow down manage to kill him use ur ULTI b4 there in turret range works great and u kill them often

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runes are pretty self explanitory


less dmg in jungle and vs the other team
magic resist
less dmg from other team and some jungle mobs
(^^ your a tank you want those anyways)
start the game with enough hp to go jungling without more then 2 hp pots (do not try that unless u are sure u can handle it)
and then

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sej is a amazing
great jungler
great ganker
great tank
GREAT dmg per second end game
sooo this was my first guide plz dont be mad when its not spelled good or with good grammer im sorry

plz leave comments and good reviews ill update soon
(when i figure out how to do the fancy stuff i see on most guides)

whitewolf1004<in game name if u have some questions for me that i didnt answer
thank you