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Sejuani Build Guide by Fixation

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fixation

Sejuani - A Jungle Bully

Fixation Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Sejuani jungle build. I liked the look of her when I saw the champion spotlight, realising the awesome ganking potential she has. So, bought her and tried her out and the main thing I realise that needs to be worked out - her build..

Seems quite complicated to build. Tank? or AP/Health? Well, the way I look at her is as a better version of Nunu. So I finally finalised a build and decided to put it up since I cba to read it from a post it note every game :D


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Pros / Cons

- Amazing gank/chase ability
- Quick jungling
- Very tanky
- Good movement capabilities
- Fantastic team fight initiation

- Slow start to jungle
- Quite mana dependant, especially early game
- Susceptible to ranged with slow/red buff who can kite you

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Attack Speed marks - Pretty much what I go with on Cho'gath jungle purely because your basic attacks are very important to your jungle (especially early game, not so much mid+) as well as your passive so I feel it's very important to keep your passive up by having higher attack speed seeing as you don't get any attack speed items.

Armor seals - You're a tank. Flat armor makes your early game ganks (which there should be quite a lot of) less likely to turn round and bite you in the arse by having the opposition laner turn round and start hitting you after a botched gank.

Magic Resist glyphs - Same as the armor really. Really helps more for the early/mid game, and late game you'll build enough magic resist to make the ones per level a bit moot.

Movement Speed quintessences - You're gameplay is built around slowing people. You can't do that if you can't catch up with them. In my time that I've been playing her, these help so much with catching that person at the end of the enemy retreat/catching the people at the back of a team fight/easier ganks.

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Gone for some pretty standard masteries in terms of tanky jungling (believe it's what they said on the Champ spotlight). Taking health, inc move speed, reduced damage taken and spec'ing flash. Quite standard. Could drop the point in smite if you wanted and get 1 in magic resist but I prefer this build.

In utility gone for the full movement speed increase (same reason as Move quints), additional gold and increased buff duration.

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For items I've gone for regrowth pendant + health pot to start. This works pretty well, you just need to watch your health and get a decent pull on blue. Pop the health pot at the end/just before the end of the blue golem.

After you go back first time, you should be able to get Philo stone outright. Maybe boots as well, depending if you've successfully ganked or not.

This early build means that you can stay successfully sustained with gold while also having mp5 and hp5 and boots means more move speed! :D

Merc Treads usually because I end up having a ton more armor than magic resist and the tenacity really helps out cos you can't ulti if locked down all the time :)

Heart of Gold - same reason as Philo stone but gives you health as well which means more W damage and more sustain and more gold :D Builds into Randuins ofc.

Frozen Mallet - Health and even more slow. What's not to love. Plus gives you more damage, This item I feel really helps you out when trying to pressure opponents.

Aegis - You're a tank. Get it! Extra bit of damage (yeah that's right, aegis for damage ;P) and survivability ofc.

Randuins Omen - Upgrade that Heart of Gold ! Awesome fight winner item :)

Last item is something I've deliberated over. Could go Warmogs for pure Health ofc and more W damage, or can go Force of Nature if their AP is doing too much damage/focusing you into oblivion or you could go Frozen Heart. The armor is awesome, mana is awesome, attack speed slow is awesome, and the cooldown reduction helps out a bunch. Kind of up to you and how your opposition is.

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Skill Sequence

I start with W, mainly because this does more damage (over time), to more enemies, making it easier to clear camps than the other spells to begin with and is on a shorter cooldown.
I then go Q next. Mainly because you can Q into a camp and affect them all with Frost and then pop your W which will do bonus damage to all mobs.

I then go for E, permafrost, and then max this out first. Why? Because this will make ganking a whole lot easier and will make you more likely to get a kill. The burst of damage is also very good combined with your W to burst down camps/minion waves.

I'm still not 100% on going W over Q first. Would be nice to have reduced cooldown on your Q but for ganking and clearly camps, W is clear favourites.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty standard. With the set-up I go for, I have enough run speed + your Q to not worry too much about catching up with opponents so I see ghost and unnecessary and feel flash is better for ganking/catching opposition that flash away from your slows.

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I start at wolfs. Usually get the AP mid to auto-attack the smaller ones a bit while I kill the big one. I kill these before Blue spawns, then get the AP mid to pull blue and kill that next, popping my health potion towards the end of the fight. I then go wraiths and then golems and go back or golems and then gank, depending on how much health I have left. You should be level 3 by this point so should be ready to gank.

At around 7 minutes (if the opposition started at blue), head to their blue and try to get your Mid to come with and steal it. Keep a look out for their jungler. Give blue to your AP mid as much as possible. It's very nice for Sej but you should give it to mid, unless you steal the enemy blue.

Steal the enemy wraiths as much as possible. It's very easy to do it when you've got Permafrost rank 2. Q through the wall to wraiths, pop E and W and they drop in seconds.

Being able to Q through walls makes it very easy to jungle.

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Team Work

With team fights, you can lock everyone on their entire team down, making you one of the best team fight initiators. If you have someone like Xerath or Swain for example, you can use your ulti to lock down 3+ of the enemy team easily if they're not really careful and then pick up easy kills on 2 or more of their team. Combine this with your Q, W and E combo, you can do an amazing job of wearing down the enemy team seeing as all of your abilities are AoE.

If you have Frozen Heart/Randuins, you can use your ulti to your advantage to position yourself so these items will be of full use.

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Ganking is pretty easy on Sejuani, depending on how you're ganking of course. Try to get your Q to hit as many enemy players as possible. If not, don't worry, just make sure to melee hit them as quick as possible. Pop your Permafrost early into the gank, you don't want them to get too far without you being able to catch them.

If you have your ultimate, try to time it so you can catch as many of them in it as possible. It does a ton of damage so don't think it's just a stun and through it whenever you feel like it. Catching both support and AD is obviously better than only catching one of them. That's just common sense.

Try to initiate with your ulti if your lane has other CC's as well as you. Pop your W while they're frozen and sit on top of them, melee hitting them. Wait for you ultimate to wear off and pop Permafrost. Q them when it comes of cooldown and keep W up as much as possible and Permafrost whenever it's off cooldown as long as they have Frost on them.