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Sejuani Build Guide by irishdeathmonkey

Sejuani - AD jungle/tank

Sejuani - AD jungle/tank

Updated on January 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author irishdeathmonkey Build Guide By irishdeathmonkey 2,690 Views 0 Comments
2,690 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author irishdeathmonkey Sejuani Build Guide By irishdeathmonkey Updated on January 18, 2012
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Hey guys, this is my first build ever so i thought i'd give it a shot. This build is for Sejuani and i like to build her real tanky with alot of aoe damage so keep in mind that you don't really need the kills and that you more than likely will get your team fed. Please leave your comments below if you wanna suggest something better for items and PLZ NO TROLLING lol.
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I usually go with 9 greater marks of alacrity, 9 greater seals of resilience, 9 glyph of warding, and greater quints of desolation. I chose the mostly because they're basic jungle runes but like i said feel free to leave a comment below if u think something else would be better.
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As with most junglers you start off with cloth armor and 5 health pots. After that u should really rush boots, then a heart of gold, and then finish whatever item your working on (in my opinion i go for the Aegis of Legion or finish the Ninja Tabi). With the Ninja Tabi, it really is important to see if the enemy team is either more ad or ap in which case u should go Merc Treads. Then buld your Aegis of Legion, i get it because its health and both armor and magic resist but u could switch it out for Randuins Omen. After that get your Frozen Mallet just because it adds more slow to the slow your already putting on them and it gives you heath and attack damage. After you get all of that u can pretty much choose whatever but i usually want more aoe along with my W so i build a Sunfire Cape. So now your real tanky and u got alot of aoe and alot of slow you can really build whatever items you want at this point it shouldnt really matter because by now the game should be close to ending unless its a really long game in which u should probably build more AD or AS so i'd go with the madreds. Alot of the items you build depends on the enemy team if u should get armor or magic resist in my build u get a little of both,
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Skill Sequence

With the skills, you want to stat with your W but finish your E first and E last while getting it at level 3 and getting your ult at the given times. when ganking your combo should be Q from the bush, W while auto attacking them E to slow them even more then R to stun so they cant get away. even with flash they're still slowed and your faster than them at that time and your ult has range but remember that your Q and your R are skill shots so you might have to aim a little in front of where they are running. But if you happen to miss your skill shots don't worry just go back to your jungle or theyre jungle or do what you have to do but NEVER CHASE, I dont care how tanky you are you wont survive a 5v1 or a 5v2 just wait till he comes back to get him and this time dont miss.
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Pros / Cons

easy ganks
little bit of a troll
Your on a giant boar

easy to over estimate
not easy to 1v1
2 important skill shots
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In all Sejuani is a very fun champion, her joke is kinda funny and anyone who wants to play a hot chick on a huge boar this is your champion if ur any good at skill shots. Like i said this is my first build so if u guys have any questions on why i didn't choose a certain item or thinks something else is better please leave a comment and i will message u back and please thumbs up or vote or whatever if you liked this guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author irishdeathmonkey
irishdeathmonkey Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani - AD jungle/tank

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