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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sejuani Build Guide by Icebound

Sejuani - Freljord's Vengeance - Solo tank

Sejuani - Freljord's Vengeance - Solo tank

Updated on January 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Icebound Build Guide By Icebound 5,507 Views 7 Comments
5,507 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Icebound Sejuani Build Guide By Icebound Updated on January 19, 2012
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Welcome to the build guide for Sejuani, The Winter's Wrath.

Sejuani is a new exciting tanky support, but with some old style abilities. But with alot off cc and a big health pool she's a force to be reckoned with. She's also a quiet efficient jungler, but in my opinion she excels at a solo lane.
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Awsome CC
A great farmer with Northern Winds
Can disrupt an intire team with her ultimate and pick out prio targets
Good jungling&ganking potential (not covered in this guide)
High damage output along with high survivability in late game
She's riding a big warthog!

Prone to harassment
Vulnerable to CC
Low damage output early game
Quite long CDS
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Summoner Spells

Top Choices

There's alot of flexibility coming to the selection of Summoner Spell's for Sejuani, I go with Ghost and ignite, ghost to chase down and ignite to beef up the steady damage output along with Northern Winds.

Other choices

<- For heavy CC team

I'm not gonna list spells to stay away from, everyone picks what they feel like using and works best for them.
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Masteries are focused primarly on defense and and along with 'Initator' i choose to go into the utility tree for more movement speed, and points in Vigor for a bit of health regen boosting your early game laning. Also going with the hp in the defensive tree also boost your Northern Winds AoE slightly.
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Welcome to the chapter that displays the abilitys of Sejuani. She have much CC and a great farming ability and that turns her into a really useful hero on the field of Valoran. With a Shyvana like Burnout but with a unique feature, it powers from Max HP! And with abilitys scaling on Ability power it turns her into a very exciting hero


Sejuani got a very unique passive which gives her a slow on her auto attacks and her Arctic Assault applies it as well (can hit several opponents/minions) along with Arctic Winds does increased damage on enemies that have the passive applied to them you can also use Permafrost on your foes afflicted by Frost, which increases the slow and does damage!

Arctic Assault

This ability can be used to position ganks, your ulti, as a roaming tool and to escape from ganks/unsuccessful fights. It moves Sejuani a short distance and also applies Frost to enemies.

Northern Winds

Simular to Shyvana's Burnout, but alot more powerful. This is and will be your primary farming ability, this ability gets power out of Maximum health! (2% at lvl 5) also scales on ability power (think of the possibilities). This badboy also increases it's damage significantly when Sejuani's passive Frost is applied. Turning it into a even bigger farming/damage tool when combined with Arctic Assault.

Perma Frost

Gives a nice slow and a little damage to your arsenal, can also be combined with Arctic Assaults Frost application, Northern Winds and then hitting this spell and a minion wave is long gone (and bursty AoE damage to players).

Glacial Prison

A very handy CC ultimate, should be used primarly to disable high priority targets that's squeeshed together with theyre team creating a mass disruption. But also handy as a minor damage boost and escape tool along with Arctic Assault.
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Skill Sequence

I start off with maxing Northern Winds for the farming potentian and the awsome steady damage AoE output it creates in teamfights.

Arctic assault i take a point and lvl 2 and max it last only and not using it for damage rather for it's movement utility creating a roaming/chase down/escape tool.

Permafrost is my second skill i deside to max for it's useful farming capabilities and superior slow and and a small damage (can be very handy to finish off a fleeing opponent who for examples flashes along with your frost applied to them).

Ultimate i take of course at 6, 11 and 16.
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The runes i've chosen is to be beefy early game and can of course be replaced with what you think works best for you. My rune choices is to along with Health regen pendant in early game counter harassment and some Magic pen for a slight damage boost. When you completed Mercurys you will have (with the masteries displayed) a high balanced Armor/MR Ratio.
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This build creates a tanky support Sejuani but with a steady damage output with Atmas, it focuses primarly on a AD orientated team.

I start with a health regeneration pendant and then quickly build to a Philosophers stone for the good regeneration effects, giving me plenty off health and mana to sustain in my lane. And a nice GPM buff

For boots i choose Mercury's Threads for the CC reducting stat 'Tenacity' Which i don't find any other item that gives this stat suitable for Sejuani.
Other choice:

If the opposing team lack AP or CC, you can pick these boots as of the next patch these will still be viable with a 10% auto attack damage reduction.

Depending on the opposing teams setup i rush Sunfire cape for a nice aoe damage along with northern winds, if the opposing team is AP orientated i would go for banshee's before hand.

For more hp preparing for randuin's omen, if opposing team is AD orientated you can choose to build Randuin's omen earlier. I also choose to buy this item because for the GPM buff after i built my Stone into Shurelya's Reverie.

I complete Shurelya's for a awsome support ability, giving your team a 40% for 3 seconds every minute, giving your team/you a chance to chase down opponents/escape. Also brings plenty of hp and regeneration effects along with a nice CD reduction.

This beauty will give us more armor, crit and 2% of our massive health pool added to our attack damage and with that giving us a bigger damage output. This will make us into a real threat. You can choose to complete this item later if opposing team is AP orientated.

Gives you more magic resistance and a nice spell shield with a 45 second cooldown that blocks any spell effect cast on you. This can be replaced for Force of nature if the opposing team lacks CC (or a karthus :D)

As my last item i choose to complete my heart of gold into a Randuin's Omen, for even bigger cc capabilties, HP/HP Reg and armor along with a 20% chance for a slow and a Slow activation ability (along with Shurelya's Reverie) Which gives you and your team great supportive abilities.

Another note, i don't think you should sacrifice the item's ive shown for the compensation of CDR. Ask your jungler if it's okay to pickup the blue buff and if you have the money for it get Elixirs.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Icebound
Icebound Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani - Freljord's Vengeance - Solo tank

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