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Sejuani Build Guide by Hexxic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hexxic

Sejuani, Ice Cube Isn't This Cold

Hexxic Last updated on January 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey everyone, this is my first guide on MobaFire, but don't let that stray you away. Sejuani is one of my favorite champions to play and I have developed a build for her that is very effective so lets get started!

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Pros / Cons

-Easy ganking
-great damage output even without AP or AD build
-you ride around on a bear...

-Horrible 1v1 ability
-Hard to get used to abilities
-Usually does not get a lot of kills, I stress that a lot, you will get a $%!& ton of assists

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For my choices of runes I decided to go Armor, Mana, and CDR. why? well the way this guide is building Sejuani requires her to play as a tank. its best she has armor and a lot, mana is self explanatory she is a mana based character and her abilities always help in team fights(ESPECIALLY HER PASSIVE), and CDR well just cause her cool down time can be a little tough and annoying to deal with early game and late game until you buy Frozen Heart. remember you're the player so if you have any other way you think building her runes would work, well feel free to try and let me know in the comments!

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For masteries, you should always keep it on the tanky side. Sejuani AP is good, but its not as effective as tank Sejuani they are just my style of playing her and they are suggested but you can change them if it helps you

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Skill Sequence

I like to get Arctic ***ualt before anything. I think it helps a lot with lane control and dominance during those first 2 minutes compared to permafrost or Northen Winds. especially since this isn't a jungling guide go with Arctic ***ualt, trust me it helps. You want to have that maxed out at level 9! it is good for knocking back enemies and taking down some health, it also is the perfect get-away mechanism, for catching people its not so bad but flash is more recommended. Arctic ***ualt can also go through walls so keep that in mind when running through the jungle. once you unlock all skills in order above your combo should look like this...-Q, Auto Attack(for slow), W, E, and R if necessary.

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Why get dorans shield first compared to philosophers stone? just like I said earlier, its that early game lane dominance that can really start you off with a kill or two if you're laning with somebody that knows what you and they themselves are doing. other than that the rest is pretty simple, get merc treads if they have a stacked AP team, but ninja tabi help a lot! it really depends on who you are playing against but that's the basic build :D

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust-adds another slow+plus your passive to assure the kill for you or your team
Flash-Who doesn't need it?
Ignite-ehh if you can't stand being THAT GUY
Clarivoyance-cmon now...
Revive-what are we level 1?
Teleport-I won't say it doesn't help, see who you are laning with and see if they use it
Cleanse-LIFESAVER, but other than that fail
Fortify- 0_o
Heal-Totally your call
Surge-if your feeling it

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Unique Skills

Sejuani's skills are OP down to rights. Her Q is practically Gragas's body slam, her W is Shyvanna's ring of fire thing(DPS), her E is Nunu's ult on insta-cast, and her ult is Ashes frost arrow without the insane across map sniping range. Her ult is her main point of team fights so lets talk about that

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Sejuanni and the Glacial Prison

Glacial Prison is a GREAT aoe stun. or a great for stunning running away enemies. her CoolDown on it though can be annoying. thats why you should use her ult sparingly during the first 20 minutes or so. once you get Frozen Heart it drops to around 70-80 seconds depending on your runes. this is when you get its full potential. Use her ult all the time in team fights. ESPECIALLY if you see a caster like FiddleSticks or Nunu charging their ult. it gives your team the perfect oppurtunity to turn a fight around, or get out of it if your team is definitly losing and needs to get out. when chasing an enemy it will work perfect for stopping them and getting the kill in, but only if you ABSOLUTLELY need to, this means if you get a champion like Vayne, or Yi, or TF, thats carrying their team late game. DO NOT use your ult when chasing people like Shaco(He escapes very easily) or casters like Le Blanc that can clone themselves and/or disappear and fool you.

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It does not seem like it but Sejuanni can level up very fast especially in early game, as soon as you get your W(Northern Winds) use it on minions in the lane once they have low health and you will most always get the kills for them. you are also very effective in the jungle with your W ability, and Northern Winds and Sunfire Capes passive will definitly give you some AOE damage constantly, at which point Northern Winds has a 4 second cooldown(After the ability stops) it is easy to farm and have a good damage output.

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that's about it, I will definitly post pictures of my games and also a Early-Game commentary with her as soon as I get some more free time, so check back! please Thumbs up if this helps!!!! Leave a comment and tell me if you think I should do something different or you have and Constructive Criticism!!!!