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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sejuani Build Guide by cmoosewylde

Sejuani - Laning Tank

Sejuani - Laning Tank

Updated on January 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cmoosewylde Build Guide By cmoosewylde 2 5 14,606 Views 18 Comments
2 5 14,606 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cmoosewylde Sejuani Build Guide By cmoosewylde Updated on January 22, 2012
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Hey everyone, this is Moose here with my first build guide. I've been playing tanks and supports for most of my experience with League of Legends, and this is my vision for Sejuani. She's a powerful tank with the ability to put out a huge amount of crowd control. This build is designed to maximize her CC with items that compliment and enhance her natural abilities.
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My rune build is designed to allow for the very expensive item build that I have designated. The Quintessences and gold per 10 Mastery allows you to start the game with as much gold per second as a Philosopher's Stone or Heart of Gold! The glyphs and seals are designed for early game survivability, while the marks will allow you to deal some extra damage.
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I think Masteries are the area that I'm going to get the most negative feedback about, so let me explain ahead of time. While Sejuani is a tank, she also has the ability to pump out a large amount of damage. The items which maximize her survivability as a tank and enhance her damage dealing ability happen to be very expensive.

Rather than focus on the "ultimate" Mastery in each tree, I instead chose strategic Masteries which maximize the battlefield effect I'm looking for. For the Offense Tree, Arcane Knowledge will give us the Magic Penetration necessary to pierce our opponent's defenses and we'll pick up some AP along the way. Defensively, Veteran's Scars will boost our health, which gives Sejuani survivability but also boosts damage with Northern Winds. Finally, I push all the way down to max out Greed in the Utility Tree. Greed will complement our Quints of Avarice to give us 5 gold per 10 seconds as soon as the game starts!

This gold generation is key to our ability to fill out our item inventory. I leave the farm for the carries, as I play Sejuani as a laning tank. More on that in the Team Work chapter.
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Ah, Items. I love this part. I've taken some time in deciding which items work most effectively for the way I play Sejuani. While many of her spells scale off of Ability Power, I found that building a large amount of health items into her is more effective. Each item is chosen for its synergy with Sejuani's abilities and role on the team.

Start with a Regrowth Pendent and a Health Potion. Due to our Runes and Masteries, it won't be long until you can afford your Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold! Once I have these 2 (3 with Runes/Masteries!) gold per 10 items, I purchase boots immediately. You are the team's tank and won't be very effective if you show up to the battle late because you're slow. This is why I choose Boots of Mobility over Merc Treads or the new-and-improved Ninja Tabi. They will allow you to run LIKE A KENYAN!

After boots, I begin building health-increasing items. These items have a dual function. They will make you a better tank by increasing your survivability, but they will also increase the damage on your Northern Winds ability. By the time you have 4,000 health, your bonus damage on Northen Winds will be 80 damage per second!

*** Optional Situational Items **
Thanks to MSGaBe for suggestions.

Thornmail: I did not include this item in the original build because I have found that the armor from Atma's Impaler as well as Sunfire Cape was sufficient most of the time. However, this is a great item to build if you are facing down some heavy AD. I would remove Sunfire Cape and replace it with the Thornmail. If you're having trouble early game, pick up a chain vest early.

Randuin's Omen: This item gives you some of everything you need. It has bonus health, health, regen, and great passive and active abilities. I have not included it in the original build because other items give better health regen, bonus health, and Sejuani has lots of slow without it. If you really like this item, however, it is a really powerful one, and I would include it instead of Atma's Impaler.
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Skill Sequence

I start with Permafrost because I don't want to be too aggressive early game. I lane with one of my carries (typically an AD carry). The slow of Permafrost will help my carry survive ganks. It will also secure kills for the carry when we do decide to get aggressive. I quickly take Arctic Assault at level 2, however, so that I am ready when my carry wants to engage.

From level 2 on, I prioritize Permafrost and Northern Winds for crowd control and damage. Of course, pick up your ult whenever you can, and grab a level of Arctic Assault at levels 7 and 13.

** DONT FORGET** Arctic Assault will save you from a gank and it DOES allow you to charge through walls in the jungle!
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Heal. Exhaust will give you EVEN MORE crowd control. It will come in a ROCKET CAN! Heal will increase your survivability and enhance your ability to support your carry. The one area where Sejuani falls short in her role is sustainability. Heal will keep you (and your team-mates) going in the lane much longer than you otherwise would.

I don't use Flash on Sejuani because your Arctic Assault does everything you would need Flash for. It allows you to initiate team fights, escape ganks, and get over walls in the jungle. If you find that you need a Flash + Arctic Assault combo to initiate, then you were out of position in the first place. By the time you've Flashed and Arctic Assaulted, you've left your team far behind you. Either that or you were too far behind in the first place. This is the primary reason that I choose Boots of Mobility over any other boot. They allow you get in the team fights when you need to be there.
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Team Work

I want to take a moment to discuss your responsibilities as a tank in the laning phase. If you are in the bottom lane with a carry, then your job is to keep your carry alive and get your carry fed. Its a little game I like to call "feed the carry." Leave your desires for glory at home and be a team player. All of the gold per 10 in this build will ensure that you get your items, so be happy with assists. It will be easy to KS your carry with Sejuani, especially when you have Arctic Winds up. Do your carry a favor and retreat when the enemy is one or two hits away from defeat. It might take some practice on your part and some coordination with the player of your carry, because they'll be confused at first.

The only time you should be getting kills in the laning phase is when your carry has blue pilled back to the base or is dead.
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Change Log

1/20/12: Updated Items to add Atma's Impaler and to reflect comments left by MSGaBe

1/22/12: Updated Items further to include more AP based on comments and suggestions.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cmoosewylde
cmoosewylde Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani - Laning Tank

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