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Sejuani Build Guide by bruceleroy99

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bruceleroy99

Sejuani: Queen of the Frozen Jungle

bruceleroy99 Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sejuani is fast becoming one of my favorite junglers to play. While she normally won't carry a team (unless you're playing in ELO hell, then anything goes), she has a high amount of utility and can be a great intiator with her Arctic Assault => Permafrost => Glacial Prison combo. Any team that sees her charging in is going to have to focus her quick or quickly find themselves sitting at half health before they even noticed the fight has started.

When playing Sejuani, one thing to keep in mind is that she almost never will be able to 2v1 champions. From my experience, she is best played as a jungling ganker, initiating by dashing into a group of opposing champions and snaring them before they realize what's happening. In this guide I will try to outline some of the key points that I find help make Sejuani a powerful force to be reckoned with.

This guide is a work in progress, so hopefully I will not be too lazy to add more detail later. If I am then, well... tough.

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Since this build relies on soaking up damage, the added ~175 HP from the Seals of Vitality is pretty amazing, and the Greater Endurance quints will end up adding ~150-180 HP by the time the game ends. The CD / level runes are almost as important, though, mainly because arctic assault has such a long (15s) cooldown. While Sejuani isn't an AP carry, the magic pen / CD reduction runes (and masteries) help you maneuver around the map and gank all that much easier.

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These masteries are focused around HP and CD reduction, allowing her to have higher mobility and soak up more damage and do her job well. Initiator is an excellent mastery for Sejuani, since most of the time when you Artic Assault in and then Glacial Prison a group of enemy champions, they'll start running immediately. If you find yourself having too much gold, feel free to swap a point in Mercenary to max this out instead.

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Now, one question one might ask about this build is why there are no straight +AP items, and the reason for that is simple: Sejuani is not an AP carry. Seriously, get that out of your head now if you are going to be playing her. While a lot of her abilities get double damage from being frosted, her ability to survive after initiating dimish greatly with an AP-based build. In order for Sejuani to perform well, she needs to be able to initiate a fight and soak up damage so that her teammates survive. If you're charging in with a glass cannon build, you'll be sure to die very quickly trying to wait out the arctic assault CD. While Sejuani's AP ratios are fairly low, the almost guaranteed double damage from artic assault + permafrost makes an AP extremely unnecessary, so building yourself as a strong CC enabled tanky bruiser will help guide your team to victory.

Getting a philosopher's stone and heart of gold early, and also holding off on upgrading them for most of the game, are a key part of this item build. While jungling and getting kills / assists from mercenary will definitely help your gold pool a lot, these two items help you get gold no matter how well your team is doing, which can easily help turn the game around very quickly (if you're initiating well, your team should be able to capitalize and get 1-3 kills fairly quickly).

Some things to point out about this item build is that it is focused on getting lost of HP and keeping it that way. The Sunfire => Force of Nature progression helps you soak up a ton of damage while also making sure no one will get any from you easily, while the Randuin's Omen helps you initiate and keep the opposing team snared after your ult wears off. If, somehow, you've made it to endgame (and the opposing team hasn't forfeit yet), swapping out your merc treads for a Lich Bane will give you a nice all around damage boost.

Another good item to get is an Aegis of the Legion, since you'll spend most of your time around your teammates, so giving them some added damage and resistances can go a long way.

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Skill Sequence

This build focuses mainly around the arctic assault => permafrost + arctic winds => glacial prison combo. As such, you'll be wanting to max northern winds as soon as possible. If you're going for a quick gank, you'll want to get permafrost instead of that 2nd rank of northern winds at level 3 so that you can slow your enemies even more (and add some more burst potential to your gank). Note that permafrost does have a bit of range on it and that it resets the timer on the slow, so you can get up to 6 seconds if you time it right [half of which is an additional 30-70%].

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Summoner Spells

Sejuani's biggest weakness is the cooldown on arctic assault. Because of this, I find having ghost instead of exhaust / flash to be much more beneficial when trying to keep up with enemy champions. While flash can be more useful in some situations, I have found ghost to be more useful in both catching enemy champions that stun you and start to run (especially since arctic assault is almost like a 15 s flash anyway) or get away when you really need it.

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Creeping / Jungling

Early Game

Start with blue buff and work your way through the jungle as per normal (wolves => wraiths => golem) and back. By the time you've used up all of your health pots and are low on health, you should have just completed your third pass of the jungle (blue => golems => wolves => golems), and have just enough to buy a philosopher's stone.

At this point, you should be able to head out for a gank (preferably mid or top lanes). At this point you should be level 4, at about 6 minutes in. After the gank you should head back to the jungle and get enough to buy boots and hit 6 (since that gank should put you somewhere in the level 5 range). At this point you should head back out and gank with your newfound ult, most likely to bottom lane since it will seriously disrupt a majority of lane compositions.

After your first few ganks, do whatever you need to to get a Giant's Belt [and boots, if you don't have them already]. This will give you some much needed survivability in what will soon become a much more dangerous game.

Mid Game

End Game

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Overall, Sejuani is a very versatile champion, adding a large amount of utility to any team. Her initiation capabilities are extremely strong, and with the right build she can become an unstoppable force that plows forward through lanes, bringing her team to victory with ease.