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Sejuani Build Guide by Thrasyvulas

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thrasyvulas

Sejuani,The snow comes to the top

Thrasyvulas Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Guys!!

Your text to link here...I am Thrasyvulas an EU WEST player and I want to welcome you to my sejuani solo top guide :)Hope you like it!!If dont vote down dont troll on the comments :)!!WIth the comments help me make my guide better!Thank you

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Who is Sejuani?

Sejuani is a melee tanky champion that have a great cc and can slow everyone and anything!!
Worth buying!!!GREAT CC GREAT TANK ABILITIES AND EPIC SLOWS AND DAT EPIC AOE STUN!!!!Buy her for a great cc tank champ that will addict you :DDDD

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Greater Mark of Warding:I choose that flat mr rune for early game pressure and late game teamfights!!
Greater Seal of Resilience:I choose those to counter my solo top opponent take less dmg from creeps turrets and AD gankers
Greater Glyph of Shielding:Late game Mr.You will be able to stay alive for more time in teamfights and counter burst mages
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude:Having more hp is always a good thing!And great one for solotoping cause you dont do that much dmg and you will need hp if you want to farm

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I take 17/13 in masteries.You are tanky so take points on defense.For utility you will really need gold cause you wont be able to take kills or farm late game also the speed boost is a great buff

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Skill Sequence

I start of with artic assault just in case the opponent plays 2 agressive I first full north winds cause it si the only skill that slows and its ratio is also based on your health really good.Then I go on with permafrost for the ms reduction

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Item Sequence

I start of with some hp regen and a hp potion that will help me not to be 2 low on hp on top lane so I will be harder to gank.Then I take boots for the survavivebility and the ms boost you will really need if your jungler comes for gank.Afterwards I buy heart of gold just to get gold.I explained eralier that you will not be taking kills or farming late game so gps is always a good purchase.Then I buy reverie which gives me ms boost that will be really helpfull on ganks and on teamfights to boost the whole team(said again) and more survavivebility.Then i take frozen heart.It is not the mana you will really need but the slow with your 1st skill you can slow the whole team but with only a 10% so a plus slow gives you a plus on teamfights and you will be a crazy chaser.It also gives you armor that will help you alot cause you tank :).Then i take force of nature to shut down the burst ap's and have more hp regen.I upgrade my heart of gold to a Randuins Omen to boost my team and me and then i close of with a Warmoogs Armor.

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Ranked Play

Alright as a solo toper your job is to make your opponent unable to farm and cause you dont have that much dmg you will need help from your jungler.You shall farm early cause it will be a hard job to be done late on!!In teamfights,you tank so go on with your first ability slow them all then open the 2ond and chase them!Focus the carry with your ult and your team will win!!

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Pros:1.Can tank well
2.Great survivability
3.Epic slows and great cc
4.Nice chaser
5.Hard to gank
6.The first mounting champion
Cons:1.Low dmg early and late game if builded tanky
2.Cant farm well
3.Not the greatest jungler
4.Unfortunately her mount is ugly :(

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As i said before on late game you wont have chances to farm so try to take alots of creeps on solotop so you can afford your build(This is why you build gold per 10 sec items)

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To sum up!!Sejuani is a fairly balanced and good player that can jungle and solo top very well.Her surviveability with her tanky build will make a her an unkillable tank that slows and stuns!!!Preety good :)