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Sejuani Build Guide by reaver159

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author reaver159

Sejuani - Unkillable mage?

reaver159 Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I plan on adding pictures and making it pretty when I figure out how to and have time off from work and destroying on Sejuani.

Hey everyone, so I figured I would say that this is my first guide and I apologize for any misspellings or grammar issues, I'm in college and I still suck at English, (too many video games) It's about my favorite champion so far, Sejuani a awesome CC tank with a secret way to do TONS of damage. Plus she's on a bad *** boar. Yeah yeah I know it's a boar and you all are saying that it should have been something cooler like a sabertooth but still.

If you do not agree with the items, masteries or runes, look further in this guide to see why and comment why you think I am wrong.

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Pros / Cons

• She's a tank
• Can stay in lane forever
• Loads of CC
• can escape almost anything if needed
• Slows everyone
• Awesome tower diver
• tons of HP
• awesome farm capability
• AoE slow
• High damage positional

• Should let the carry farm
• boar doesn't look good
• Takes time to get items
• Rather slow
• best at end game
• enemy team normally surrenders before you can get full build

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Heal rock on Sejuni. Heal is a must have, you're a tank that's so post to harass the enemy team. This will keep you alive and may even give your carry just enough time to get the kill as you are about to run away or keep taking the blows. Flash on the other hand is the most OP summoner skill in the game. I personally find myself using it all the time. When I'm in a massive battle and need to bail fast flash rocks to get out of a hard place. Used with "Q" you can flash out then charge further away from your opponent. When getting that killing blow then running away from the support because your almost dead and have used heal already. Flash out. But it can be used offensively as well. You have a opponent running away, you're Sejuni, you slow them through your passive and all your abilities, Flash + "Q" can close any gap. Or let's say you're going off with an opponent, you almost have them dead and then they flash away and "Q" is down! Bam! flash to chase them and use that slowing power to get the kill! Flash is a live savior or a kill securer (not kill stealer) And Heal will save you or your team.

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This build is made to have you follow the items I listed, only possible changes are if there team is AD heavy, get Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads. You could also replace Randuins Omen with Banshee's Veil depending on the game and your style of play.

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Why i picked thease items?

To explain the items I picked I have to explain the skills first. "W" or Northern Winds does AoE damage. Quite Simple, but there's a catch. It does more damage depending on the amount of max heath you have. A additional 2% of your max heath at max level. So we stack heath to increase that damage. Thus making you a tank. The rest of your abilities increase threw AP. Making you a mage. So when picking items you want 2 things; Heath and AP.

So I start off with Heart of Gold for the 5gp5 and it gives Heath. Boots next because everyone needs them. Then Warmog's do to the High amount of HP it gives. This makes you more tanky Early Game and more damage with "W". Rod of Ages is an awesome item, it gives a ton of heath, mana, and ability power. Plus it increases over time. Now this helps you start to do damage. Archangel's Staff is next; this gives mana, and more AP to increase your damage. It will increase your mana pool each time you use a skill, and more mana you have the more AP it creates for you. Thus more damage. After that I get Frozen Heart. This item makes you even more tanky, it gives mana which creates more AP from Archangel's Staff, CDR which helps do more damage, and it slows the damage from any AD carry the opposing team has. Now would be the time to sell your Heart of Gold and get a better item. Heart of gold builds into a awesome tank item if you want to be more tanky. Or you could go for Banshee's Veil which gives HP and mana which increase your damage by all spells due to "W" goes of HP and Archangels Staff goes off mana. Plus it blocks an ability every once an a while. That's your call.

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You should let your carry farm last hits and champion kills if possible to boost your win chance as well as you will have Heart of Gold for 5gp5 and a Quintessence for 1gp5. If your soloing use your "W" (Northern Winds) to help get lasts hits. I also understand that it will be hard to get your carry to get the final kill on an foe when northern winds is active but try.

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How to play

It's actually quite simple really. You have a ton of HP because you're a tank. Don't be afraid to harass your opponent, "Q" will send you into the match and do some damage. So always begin with "Q". After you have charged in activate "W" this will do AoE damage to your enemies. Followed by "E" if they are retreating. Try to save "E" for when they run away or when you're trying to save your team. Do NOT use "E" for damage at any point. And your ULT "R" should be used to A: Save your team B: Ensure a kill or Kills since it's a AoE Stun C: Stop barren (Freezes all champions around it)

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Sejuani is flat out awesome to play. If you ever get a full build on her she's imposable to kill and does a high amount of damage as well. She can slow everyone and stun as well. You're a mage tank which can annoy the **** out of the opposing team. To put it simply you're on a badass on a boar.