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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author apackofjews

Semi Hybrid Kennen

apackofjews Last updated on April 29, 2011
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So this is my first guide submitted on here it's on my favorite version of kennen.

I'm going to continue updating this guide as nerfs and my own improvements happen but as of right now I haven't had any issues in use.

As always feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy.

Pros - One of the best solo mids in the game
[Almost} Limitless lasting potential
No escape tactic summoner spell needed
Excellent late game carry/disabler

Cons - Without hourglass is easily focused
Somewhat difficult to duo lane due to coordination between lanemate [may be user error, I'm kind of a rambo at times]

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Attack speed marks and quints - Easiest decision I made with runes, this will make it faster to get your marks off with your auto attack resulting in more harassing. This coupled with the life steal also compliments your lasting potential early game vs hard harassers.

Heath Seals - If you haven't noticed, there are no health items in the guide at all which makes you super vulnerable on occasion. To compensate I use health per lvl seals to assist as I progress with my life steal and attack speed.

CDR Glyphs - Cool down is somewhat important on kennen but not totally necessary, the main use for it is to always have your escape and your surge up as often as possible just to keep you mobile and stunning as much as possible. If you feel that CDR per lvl is better go for it, but the main issue needing the cooldown is in your into laning phase lvls 1- 10ish so after that yes youre getting less timing on your skills but you'll be spamming them so much your energy can't handle it.

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22 0 8

Originally I had it that I got the ignite buff and didn't have the spell pen, but the conversions on his spells don't really find much use for 10 AP and I'd much rather have AS and spell pen.

Key points
The 1st time I tried this build I had a masteries glitch and only had half my offensive tree done so people that aren't lvl 30 yet, this may be a good way to go because I still held my own pretty well.

Secondly overall everything masteries wise is pretty self explanatory. I understand I have mana and Hp gen utility because the additional regen is completely worth it when it comes to pushing and lasting.

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Starting out with lifesteal off the bast is needed. Yes dorans blade gives Hp but you're really not worried about that because youre already doing great damage without the 10 and you should be more concerned with rushing bloodthirster than buying and selling the item. If you want to, grab it up but I honestly dislike anything doran related.

Rush your BF sword and then grab boots, if you need to back in between use your ball to get there faster. Launch once at the end of the two nexus turrets and once as soon as its off cooldown and youll be at your mid in no time.

Boots wise, I like the AS for this build but others may be needed. If your team needs ganks the Boots of Swiftness may be needed or if youre getting CCed get the magic resist boots so they can't slow you down.

Hourglass is honestly key middle and late game for survival. I cannot stress this enough. When building kennen without this you're asking for the other team to dive you far too quickly for you to do anything. If it wasn't for this item alone AD Kennen wouldn't be *** effective in any sorft of team fight.

Btw Deathcap is only an option, if you need hp grab frozen mallet or the crystal scepter for Hp and some slow to keep you going strong.

All the other items are self explanatory for the build IMO but let me know what you need added please.

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Skill Sequence

Your passive with your surge is your bread and butter, so maxing it first is always a good idea. The reason why I start with the Toss and the ball though is simply because it makes first blood so much easier than you realize. After that maxing out your auto attack damage is fairly simple and make farming a breeze. Try to always hit a champion when you're at your passives charge to add to their aggrivation.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and ignite paired make life easy solo laning. Your damage output early game is already great so adding two abilities to improve them just makes it that much easier to last and destroy. You already have an intro and outro with your ball so no escape is needed so why not add some punch. If you're having problems I suggest removing Ignite and adding in Ghost or Flash for an additional way out.

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Laning Phase

I wanted a special chapter for game play as to how to go about this so no one wondered how to go about the build.

Start off last hitting while throwing jukes at their skill shots taking any available moment to use your Q and hit them with auto attacks. Make sure to pay attention to minion paths for open tosses hidden in the minions fighting because most people will not do this leaving you with easy hits.

After harassing with your skill shot and auto attack until they are about half hp roll in on them when they have one of the marks on them hit, exhaust, ignite stun and watch them die. It's the easiest harass you'll see early game and biggest payoff.

Be mindful of flash because the first time you do this don't waste your summoners, let them make it easy for you just stun and watch them run away.

At this point as you go on each time you get the chance to mark with an auto attack use it on your enemy for easier stuns and more damage. The key to these situations are to negate their survival tactics; Hp pots and heal. If they attempt to back your Q is a delightful way of telling them no also.

Keep this up and out push them as much as you can once you're auto attack buff comes into play and start ganking if you already don't have kills. After backing once you should be able to buy a BF sword unless there was an early gank on you or if you facechecked some damage.

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Mid/lategame Team Fights

I needed to put a small thing in here just to explain survival in this point of the game.

First and foremost, you are seriously squishy. Don't let that stop you from diving into a fight though.

Use your ball to rush in and spread the marks and quickly ult. At this point all aggro should be on you so use your glass to prevent this and let your team do some work while you stun people with your ult. Afterwards use your surge and spam away with everything you have.

Key points for after this happens.
1 With this build and your thirster, you stop attacking, you may die so keep racking up the life steal and you may outlast and kill whoever thinks they can take you.

2 If escape is possibly needed keep your ball handy as much as you can to get out when needed.

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Anything Else

Situational items are going to be something you need to keep aware on.

Madreds Bloodrazor instead of deathcap may be needed at times, as well as frozen mallet or even getting more AP for a mainstay of your team. This build is simply an ideal for what you need everything else is based on what you're going against and how you react and build to it.

Be mindful of some characters early game while soloing.
Karthus will be an easy first blood or early game kill, however mid game he will be able to take you down with him so always think of escape vs kill when diving on him

Anivia has an egg and before you get a BF sword it's almost impossible to dive her and live. Use your ball to dodge skill shots and rush her for damage and a Q. The harassment will get you far until youre able to break her and her egg.

Katarina is similar to karthus in the way that shes easy to take down early game but once her ult is active you need to respond with a stun or be ready to visit your spawn pool.

Cait is fairly easy to deal with but make sure to not ball into her traps because it's fairly easy to do

Everything else is pretty basic stuff, if you need anything explained further keep me posted and I hope you enjoy the build!