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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaumwolleHD

Senketsu's guide on how to be an Otaku

BaumwolleHD Last updated on July 11, 2016
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Konnichi wa, Senketsu-Chan desu aka. Best Talon EUW. So you want to be a professional League of Legends playing otaku and don't know how you can archieve that at its perfection? Fear not because I made this complete guide just to guide you trough step by step!

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Basic Terms

So as a proper otaku you will need to know some terms that are related to league of legends and use them on reguar basis:


  • Means: "idiot"
  • Usually your feeding top laner
  • Example: Teemo stop feeding already, you are such a baka
  • Means: "your superior"
  • Used to refer to people who are older, more experienced or at a higher rank then you
  • Example: Faker-Senpai is very skilled.
  • Neologism of the words yanderu (病んでる, en. "be sick") and deredere (デレデレ, en. "flirty, in love")
  • Usually your support
  • Will kill everybody that tries to interact with you
  • Neologism of the words tsuntsun (ツンツン, en. "mad") and deredere
  • People who act like they don't like you
  • Example: Azir (アジール, en. "Ajiiru"): "*yourchampionsname* stop feeding or I report you", You: "You wont, I know because you are a tsundere!" - Ajiiru: "B-Baka, its not like I like you or anthing..."

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Game start

At game start you have a few options to piss most people off with a combination of these phrases:

  • "Konnichiwa/Ohayo/Konbanwa, *yourname* desu" (Basic introduction)
  • "Ikuzou!" (いくぞ, en. "Let's go!")
  • "Mina-san, Ganbattene!" (en. "Everybody, give it your best!")

After receiving a leash you can show show just how greatful you are with these phrases:
  • Arigatou: "Thanks"
  • Domo arigatou gozaimasu: "Thank you very much"

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Adding salt to the equation

It is possible you are as salty as me. In that case I can offer you a great collection of otaku insults!

  • Kosu: "Sh1t"
  • Shinjimae: "Go to hell / die"
  • Kuso Kurae: "Eat ****"
  • Kono yarou: "You ****"
  • Fuzakeru na: "Stop being stupid"
  • Urusai: "Stfu"

And when you killed somebody and want to make them mad with how much of a weeb you are you can say:

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Getting the japanese client

Sooo, boiz and girlz what is a good otaku without the Japanese game client?! Right, so fix that and just start the and select the language in the right corner and oohhhh... there is no japanese? B-B-But Senpai (see chapter "names"), you would not lie to me, would you? Don't worry I got you, there actually is a tool out there that can switch your voice files to Japanese!

Tl;dr: Get the tool called LVOC and follow the steps to switch the voices to japanese!

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The right music

Last but not least you need to listen to the right music, it should be japanese obviously ^^

  • Anime Openings
  • Anime Endings
  • Anime Soundtrack
  • Vocaloid

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Last words

I hope my guide helped you out with your goal of being a professional otaku! If you think I should add anything please tell me.


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