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Olaf General Guide by Nikita497

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nikita497

Sexy Bromacian Beast

Nikita497 Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1

Olaf is a brilliant champion and played in good hands can lead to great success. He is not very hard to learn to play as he is a strong character. personally i believe he can 1v1 and win any other AD champions. The build shown is ideal for normal Summoners rift although it may be wise to switch up the Phantom Dancer for a Thornmail depending on your enemies. anyway HF and GL xXx

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Chapter 1

Guide Top

Chapter 3

First of all, this is my first guide in Mobafire so i don't really know if you will see all the images so i just copied links of everything needed.

I wanted to do an EASY guide so you can just watch it 1 minute and say "yeah, i get it!"

You might see this guide for Olaf quite strange due to the fact that I don't put Warmog and for the second fact that I use Vampire runes on him... but if you follow this guide wisely, you may discover a new way to defeat your opponents in a quicklier way than with the conventional guides for him!

Also I will explain how with this build you can survive solo top perfectly despite you have
the worst jungler ever! Now Let's move on

By the way, I apologyze because I don't know how to put images that are also Links for the item, skill, maestry... so if anybody tells me i will remake this guide to make it visually more good looking :)

Pros & Cons

Pros :)

- Great Early
- Can deal true damage
- Very nice slow Undertow
- Vicious Strikes Simply perfect: 1vs1, Jungling, Recovering health...
- Deals good damage with health items
- Doesn't need much AS items due to his passive.

Cons :(

- Deals Damage to himself with Reckless Swing...
- You might find Undertow quite hard to masterize it.
- Usually focused :(
- Ignite and all items that rips your lifesteal are your worst enemy

Runes and Why

x9 Greater Marks of Desolation
Probably the best Marks in this game for melee options, and furthermore, for Olaf. He has a very special Ultimate wich gives you some Arpen, then with this 15 extra of Arpen would allow to rape most of your foes and deal a lot of damage even to tanks.

x9 Greater Glyph of Shielding
Ok, lets check out this Runes: When you start at level 1, you don't really need to much magic resistance, foes don't have all skills and you should be able to dodge most of it, but in mid and late game , a fed enemy might be a problem, so bringing this provides you enough MR to survive while you escape or while you are using Vicious Strikes trying to fight him 1vs1. I find this runes the most helpful for Olaf and for most offtanks since they really provide a big deal in late game!

x9 Greater Seal of Resilence

Yeah, this will make you to last a little more at top and when facing melee foes, even if you go on jungling at mid-late , you will find these runes very helpful

x9Greater Quintessence of Vampirism

This will be the most shocking part for most of you ... "why lifesteal quinte, instead of armor penetration ones???" Well... Due to the fact that you get about 45 with ultimate's passive and marks, making 6% of lifesteal provides you more survivality than 10 more Arpen (Arpen means armor penetration btw...) And what's the big deal here?

Well the fact that you start with 3% + 6% provides you a total of 9% wich is almost a vampire sceptre! If you use you Vicious Strikes at early it provides you more than enough Life Steal to survive your lane, at mid game, when you have starker fervor it will provides you 21% total lifesteal and with your vicious strikes at level another 15% wich makes 36% of lifesteal!!! Amazing! FInally at late game you deal 41% of total lifesteal... who gives a damn about Bloodthirster? You have vicious strikes and Vampire Quintessences! You will make bloodthirster users cry , i can insure you, that you will troll them a lot when you activate your W and see your whole life quickly increasing as well as your enemy's one decreases!

Masteries and Summoner Spells

Why this Masteries?

It's a nice question that i will fast explain here:

- This guide focuses on Health, Lifesteal and a lot of melee damage: Sunder, Vampirism, Weapon Expertise are the most usefull masteries you can learn as long with Executioner (making it perfect to regain even more life) and Lethality due to the fact that with your items you will reach 45% critic chance.

Also i've spent some points on armor, magic resistance and of course life. Despite it may seem only over 100 of life you will notice that Vicious Strikes provides you damage depending on your life and what is more... how many times have you escaped from death with less than 100 hp ;D? Just Think about it and you will laugh



What can i say. You are solo top. You will need teleport as hell to keep your turret alive and for not losing exp from minion waves. Also believe it or not, you won't need Exhaust since you have your Undertow and you might not need Ignite since you will deal enough damage and again.. . you can give the killer blow with Undertow :).

Flash is needed for everything in this way of playing Olaf... to aproach the enemies, to avoid the enemies, to avoid a ultimate like Lux ones, to move from walls... pretty usefull for most situations you can deal in the game.

If you want an alternative try Ghost so you can run in circles if they dive in tower :P or for the same uses of Flash... i think this would do an intermediate of Flash and Teleport, since the first one is use it for escaping and Teleport for arriving somewhere, anyway because of that, i would go for these 2.

Items, explanation and alternatives

The secuence is fast, i've put what i normally do and what is more efective acording with the Gold you can obtain in a game (cause items like trinity are are good options but they require a lot of gold) So let's move on with this guide and i'll explain you why I build like this.

Doran's Shield Yeah this should be you first item if you are going to solo top. 120 of health (despite they are nerfing it) 10 armor and 8 armor regeneration. This will be your way to survive untill you buy your second item...

Phage Phage... typical isn't it? You can upgrade it in late game but as for now, you will need to save your money for an item that will allow you to survive even more than if you try to go for Frozen Mallet first...

Vampiric Sceptre Yeah, this item despite his nerf will provide you enough lifesteal in sinergy with your masteries and runes so whenever you hit a minion you recover 1/5 of damage done!

Now we have a good question... Ninja Tabi or Mercury Threads? That just depend on what's on top more than what's with the whole team since you are going to stay at solo top for over 10 minutes or so, then you should wisely choose what's better

- Armour and having less damage for each hit
- Magic Resistance and some tenacity to escape!

If it's unclear because you have 1 melee and 1 ap on top i would really go for Mercury ThreadsMercury Threads Because you won't be that reckless to push more than needed so you shouldn't get hit by autoatacks quite often...

After that you will have to complete your Frozen Mallet and Zeke's Herald because it will provide you a total of 1050 Life, and what is more , 15% of Coldown Reduction so you can cast Vicious Strikes more often and you can also get a profit of 20% atack speed and a little more life steal than before ;). Obiously now you are the perfect chaser! With your Q you will slow from range and with autoatacks you will slow from melee, it's perfect!

OK, from now on i'm moving to late game and the end of mid game also, and i will explain the 3 alternatives that i Like

1st Alternative

As you could see in the previous in-depth of this guide, you have Zeal and then you move to Atma Impaler After that you have enough atack, enough movement speed and enough critic chances to be the worst nightmare of your foes.. I recomend to build Pickaxe before doing Phantom Dancer Because of the gold and because this way , when you go for Phantom Dancer you will have 25 extra damage from pickaxe with for less than 1000 gold i find it quice nice... after that... just move to Infinity Edge :)

2nd Alternative!!!

Ok this is another one i like it a lot since they are going to nerf Atma and because i think this item is made for Olaf...Maw of Malmortious Yeah, Maw of Malmortius provides damage, magic resistance, a good shield when you think everything is lost and damage for each % of life you lose, which combines perfectly with Olaf's passive ;)

3rd Alternative!!!

Well... some people simply don't like to play with Critic chances and infinty edge is sometimes hard to make, as well as using zeke's herald for lifesteal... so insteaf of theese 2 items i would highly recomend you if you didn't like these optiones to go for
1- Raduin's Omen With this item you will have enough Armour and Life to deal with most melee character aswell as you will have another way to chase your opponents or to escape from them! This would fit more in an offtank guide but it works well here too :)
2- BloodThirster Yeah.. you know... most people prefer Bloodthirster instead of zeke's herald. If you want more burst damage and lifesteal go for this item :) Not as expensive as infinity edge and provides with this guide a total of 29+25 ... 54% lifesteal with Vicious Strikes activated! WOW! I laugh at tryndamere's ulti ;D


When you are at solo top, just focus on throwing your Axe wisely because your mana is not infinite! You will find that after you get 2nd level of Undertow you deal a lot of damage , enough for not allowing the foes to hit your tower as well as vicious trikes will provide you enough lifesteal/spellvamp for surviving more in lane. Remember you are solo top... don't waste your skills in trying to get Reckless Swing fast because it's true it deals a huge amount of true damage if you have maximized it the first one, but you can't afford loosing 136 life each time you cast that strike! I would only recomend to maximize that skill if you use Trinity instead of Frozen Mallet...

Play with your rivals... Let me explain, if you have 1/3 of life bar and the opponent has 2/3 of life bar but you are sure you can kill him... just let him think he can kill you then cast quickly Vicious Strikes , Undertow and Reckless Swing. If you followed this guide, you will get shocked when you notice you regain most of your life while the enemy gets trolled and probably will tell you how "lucker" you are

If you see a chance to recall, buy and using teleport to your lane or any other, just don't hesitate, do it. As soon as you get your items, more chances of killing enemies you will have.


This is a Quickly guide to use Olaf in solo top, i've made it very quickly so i didn't have a chance to put some of my best matches, so I apologize, i will remake this guide when new patches arrive and if you like it i will give a more in - depth guide of how to play this Olaf.

Finally i have to say that probably you will lack a little Survival in comparision of most Olaf guides but i will insure you that you will kill 4 times faster and you can do perfectly 1vs2 because you still have a lot of life, armor and magic resistance thanks to maestries, runes and items... Remember that Vicious Strikes are the key to the victory having over 40% lifesteal for 6 seconds with all the damage you deal will make you feel like you are invincible :) I hope you find this guide usefull thank you for having the time for reading this!


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