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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegalizeWeed

Shaco Loco Can 1 shot/Carry S6.5 "InProgess"

LegalizeWeed Last updated on March 21, 2016
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Hello guys and girls, I go by the username LegalizeWeed dope right? Little Insight that's completely not even needed. I currently just turned 20 as of march, long term player starting from preseason one. Ive been here from the best to the worst moments of LoL history. To be honest don't add me if you don't want a toxic player, I love demoralizing an opposing team when seen fit. Not enough to get banned obviously, which would be a reason I main shaco loco. BTW this is my first guide so I don't exactly know how to copy and post pictures so ill describe to the best of my abilities. If someone knows how to and would be polite enough to give me TIPS ill updated the guide. THIS IS NOT A LATE GAME BUILD "Unless fed a godly amount like I tend to do <-<" this is a demoralizing guide to make your opposing team to ff at 20 or if you just want to have fun 1 shotting all the cocky players. This is my prefer build for shaco in every game I play. With over 90 games played under records "played way more" I average close to 12 kills a game with 4.3 deaths. Don't throw salt cause I can make something work. Just wanted to share a new build. My stats prove what I do, can and will work. Id love to hear feed back. Illbe updating this guide and making it better, with better highlights and mre indepth details if it becomes fairly recognized. Enjoy 1 Shotting <3

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Cons and Pros of shaco, and this shaco build.

Pros Cons
Ganks are ridiculous incredibly squishy all game long
Can 1 shot almost every AP/AD carry high risk low pay champ
Can solo drag at level 6 ez tanks can be an issue
Passive "backstab 20% increase damage from behind" Almost useless in team fights
One of the best Assassins in game Hard to master/ Yes I said it
Bait King Can fall behind, and fast at that
Snowballs like a BOSS

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What makes a good/bad shaco?

First off if you don't know you can solo red buff with your W "jack in a box" shaco isn't for you, please play jax or xin. The lack of skill needing characters < aware I just offended half the jg players who are reading this. idc ;)

Learning shaco jg

1. Deceive is the worlds best trick, using invis to gank, close gaps or to even get away makes a pro shaco player. You can Q over almost every wall in the game even the ones you cant flash over. I suggest practicing in a solo bot game to figure out the mechanics. Learn how and when to deceive IS the DIFFRENCE between kills and getting away safely.

2. Your ultimate, whats more annoying than a shaco? That's right, 2 shacos, absolutely annoying. Even if you are new with shaco, besides know when the Deceive, Knowing when to and how to control will make or break you. Kinda just like leblanc. If you plan on ulting and just letting your minions follow you. Don't play shaco, you are the reason people find this character unreliable. This ultimate allows, turret diving, soloin drag at level 6, ez 1v1 and 2v1's

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Controlling Ulti, when/how/why

Master this Ult, then you have become the biggest troll and ganker possible.
Using "ctrl" you can click and tell you clone where to go.
Well, "legalize how is this useful?"
honestly I never use my ult for ganks, usually just for drag, team fights, or to get away from a gank or fight that didn't go as planed.
I use it Primary for baiting and diving tower. Are you low hp, but so is your opposing target but you may need the first hit, Or lets say you have around 400 hp and the adc his running around about 1/2 lets go with 600? Scared your Q, AA, E "shiv" wont do the damage needed? Pull the Shaco Loco, ult in a bush, click the target so your low hp clone runs blindly towards your target. Whats everyones reaction to seeing a low hp squishy? OH LOOK FREE KILL" as your clone proceeds to walk towards the target Deceive towards them, chances are they were dumb and wasted 1 or 2 ablilties on your clone. By that time you are behind them and have back stabbed, shived and killed them. Walk away press ctrl 6 show off the mastery or do my favorite ctrl 3 and do that shaco worm ;)

Turret diving, almost killed an enemy? Is he running behind the precious turret? Awe no worries ;) Ult, make the clone run in first so he takes agro from turret, Deceive, smite ignite, Poof where did they go? oh flaming in All chat. :D

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This build is far from the usuaal Shaco build

Honestly shaco is MOST VIABLE in jg, not play him top please. If you are in high elo, well deuces. You may not get ganked but you want scale very well, or snowball close to your shaco potential.

How I build shaco, I know its completely out of the meta, at least towards common builds.
Yet I tend to do far better than the carry builds I have seen on this site, which is why I decided to make this guide.

Start off with, hunters blade, 3 healing potions regular ward
Hit red buff, COUNTER JG RIGHT AFTER if you start on red side this is easy, by the time you hit red put your point in deceive, you go straight to their blue buff Q over the wall. 60% of the time that's where their jg is, and hes close to killing the blue buff. The next option is your call, Either back stab and kill the jg with ignite if he flashes away, or if its say WW or Elies they may have enough hp to get away, Q and smite their buff for mockery and a ez blue buff. I typically get first blood on counter jg before the 2 min mark hits on a realistic vase id say 55% of my games.

After doing that, we go to the scutters and we kill both of them, get the ez gold and scutter ward and speed for our team.

Proceed to blue, box behind the blue guys so he turns his back "extra damage of course"
Kill Frog, wolfs, then wraiths, recall.

You should have at least 1100 gold for your CaulFields WarHammar. We buy this FIRST, we do NOT upgrade huntersblade first.
"oh but Legalize if offers like 65 tru damage and a slow" well that's great and all but your shiv SCALES MASSIVLY with AD and it helps clear the jg faster, and ganks are a TON easier. After picking up CFWH we continue to jg and gank when the opportunity presents itself. The goal is to clear the jg maybe pick up a kill and to stack enough gold to finish your hunters blade to get that ***ing 60 AD. you should have this accomplished by 8-9 mins tops. Any later your falling off.

Next item believe it or Not is the BF sword, people think im crazy. which I am, im shaco sily :D the 100 AD matches your shiv and back stab respectfully. The damage is honestly ridiculous. If you are this far, honestly if your team was smart and didn't feed, you can kill mid, adc, support. every time you gank. EVERY TIME. Unless Warded, but that's when using Deceive over certain walls come into place. Do not forget your shiv slow enemies.

Depending on how the games going, but typically id say on 80% of my games I build static shiv next, why? UUHMMM crit chance, attack speed? OH and static shiv CRITS so if you Deceive you have a 100% crit chances with that extra 100 AD and that static shive crit. late game I typically crit 800 damage with a 350-400 static shiv.

After Static shiv this varies on how the game is stacked Either build Rengards if they have 2 or more tanks, if not were building phantom dancers. Why? more crit, more attack speed, more movement speed.

Finally we build Infinity edge last, "which can be substituted with bloodthirster say if your fed asf and want to 2v1 or jump into a 3v1 and ult and start critting away while preserving health at a crazy rate. Considering at the end of this build you with have a 74-94% crit chance you heal ungodly amounts which plays in your favor considering Shaco is built like paper

I like to mention that I buy Boots of Swiftness with clarity enchant. Its makes popping up 1 shotting a champ and running away a breeeeeezzeeee Famous quote "See shaco? Now you dont"

Runes? Again I do it crazy differently. I do ALL CRIT, yes you right. no extra AD. Again call me crazy, but when you walk out the spawn doing 14% crit chance off the bat. That crit makes the difference between a early gank or a early counter JG I usually run ALL crit, 3 Crit quintessence, MR and HP. Kinda self explanatory.
For my masteries again most people preach TL yeah its broken asf and it works well. Though for this guide WE want STORMSURGE. DO NOT underestimate this godly mastery. dealing 30% hp damage to activate it is not a problem for Shaco Loco, the movement speed and resist to stuns and slows makes you a scary freaking clown. They running away don't have smite? SS with save the daaayyyyy, Or if you 100-0% a enemy it allows you to run to the jg or turret with ease so you don't get targeted.


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