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Akali Build Guide by airok

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author airok

Shadow Dancing Assasin

airok Last updated on October 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Yo this is my first guide, i have bad grammar. I'm not too sure on how the skill sequence work and other things but all will be explained. ^_^b please chill out...This will rape for reals!

Sorry no picture my first time so give me a break :D

This is for my friend and enjoy

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Introduction - Please Read All, don't just rate bad if you can't read

Sorry i'm not too good with pictures, and they will be explained below >_<
Remember to build accordingly to the other team!!

The items, runes and skills are just a guideline of what i usually get and use mainly if all goes swell.

Akali is more skill based character if not fed. If you die with my build then it is your fault.
Akali is spam character AD/AP. She should never be able to die. psyche almost never

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The runes i chose are special for Akali.

She gets bonuses from getting ability power, if you already have all the Ap runes to 20, You will get her bonus of 10% bonus magic damage. This will give you an automatic advantage in attack and mobility.(with the item build).

Do no get AP per level. It is very slow, and will not effect late games. You want to have an advantage from beginning of the game then take the kill instead of growing into it while they can get items too.

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You need the masteries to be strong. You don't need defense if you use you Twilight Shroud correctly.

The spatial accuracy is mainly for you to teleport out of a difficult situation during a twilight shroud, try to save it.

ignite gives u 10 extra AP. What i usually do is get better defense mastery then spam my ignite as fast as i can for the AP to get other runes, but if your an ignite saver for important time.(which i do not believe, later explained)

Other masteries are self-explanatory

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Items - Simple Clean

If you have too many items with active, you will miss it and forget about them most-likely...
Have on gun-blade just for the AP and AD and slow active skill on slot one. It is easy to remember and practice using it on champions when not needed for better muscle memory.

You need your Mercury treads to get out of stuns, and slows faster. Your twilight shroud won't always save you.

Get the Long Sword early for her passive bonus.
With the hex-tech revolver for health Regen bonus. You will be able to lane more longer and more efficiently.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - To slow your opponent down so you computer screen doesn't get crazy, for real's once i fought an enemy on the edge of my computer screen till he died. This item will make life easier. Also more health and AP.

Trinity Force and Deathcap for extra boosts.

Vision Ward!!!!! You need against other better Akali(stealth) players.. With it you can rape them, they will most likely get it too. Watchout.

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Skill Sequence

You want to master your Twin Disciples second priority. It is ranged. The opponent has to space out, if not you get two hits(tons of damage) and your energy back. :D how awesome is that.

Twilight Shroud - Want to master second. You need it for defense and for movement. You want less cooldown the better.

Crescent Slash - Least prioritize skill!!!!!!!! You only need one for extra damage, spam, pusher, and multi-hitter.

Shadow Dance - First Priority like all Ultimates. You need this for chasing, assassinating, and raping. Far reach and you are able to get out of tough situations with this move too. (carry wards near monsters to shadow dance to them in tough situations)

i'm sure i got the order wrong**

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Summoner Spells

You need ignite for the extra AP. enuff said. spam ignite so then your AP will be up and higher through the game instead of saving it for kill. You will do more damage so why not just use it. Try not to use it on people with healing items, tanks, and healers. Lifestealers are fine, you want to pressure them not get pressured by them.

Spatial Accuracy - REQUIRED!! this spell has saved me at least once in every game. When your surrounded with no way out, use spatial accuracy in the Twilight Shroud to your base, or lane.
You won't die, even if they see you(most likely). (that's why master it for speed).

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Pros / Cons

She sucks until she has twilight shroud and shadow dance... so space out, be careful of ranges and spell-casters. Spell casters can aim so your not totally invincible in your shroud.

She is stealth so she can run away easily and very high damage. She has no health so try not to hit anyone with our Twilight Shroud.

She can spam her moves with low cool-downs. learn how to spam in order(later explained)

She is ranged and melee, space out right.

Passive gives her a good bonus. It is good advantage without buying all the items in the start of the game.

Very slow cooldown in beginning of the game. (spam Q)

Can harass or be harassed... Amazing champion pusher with Twilight Shroud(later explained)

Champions - if your at my level or better
Pros- warwick, ashe, jax, yi, twitch, allistar, teemo, blitz, anivia, corki, ezreal, fiddle, galio, irelia, janna, jarvan, karma, karthus, leblanc, lee sin, malphite, nasus, nidalee, nocturne, pantheon, poppy, rammus, renekton, rumble, sona, soraka, swain, taric, tristina, twisted, vayne, xin, yorick,
Even - trynd, cho, kat, amumu, annie, brand, cassiopiea, evelynn, gang plank, kennen, leona, olaf, ryze, shen, sion, sivir, tundle, veiger,
Cons - Morgana, lux, mordekaiser, shaco, caitlyn, dr.mundo, gang plank, heimerdinger, kassasdin, kayle, kogmaw, mao kai, miss fortune, nunu, orianna, udyr, ugot, zilean

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Team Work

Your Twilight Shroud helps your team and slows your enemy. Place 75% of it in enemies side and 25% in Yours. It should slowly become 50/50 from fear of stealth.
Use it on your opponent while running away if you about to die. It slows them. You will be able to escape with your teammates.

Always be hidden. You can't handle 1v3's unless fed. not even 1v2's unless they suck, or your unbelievably good. 1v2 as in one spell-caster, the got ward and on ad. it is difficult. Go for ganks and punishing them.

Always use Crescent Slash for multi target hit!!!

Your suppose to be the chaser in the game.

Always come in with Mark of the assassin or shadow dance to the person with least health, don't attack tanks, you wasting moves.

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Unique Skills - Important

Order of skills!!! in acronyms. SPAM THIS **** ASAP
M.O.A. (with Auto hit with it) , S.D. , or MOA SD auto hit(best one) // C.S. // T.S. not in opponent turret , to opponents trying to run away , and on teammates to save them. // MOA or SD (meaning both) // S.D. // CS // MOA // TS // Etc.
This order will give you the most hits in the least time. Always CS or MOA auto hit after dance. Chasing with hits alot easier with this order.

//* next move, CS- Crescent Slash, SD- Shadow Dance, TS- Twilight Shroud, MOA- Mark of Assassin.

Twilight shroud - #1. Escape - place it where you can have the most escape routes. Go towards the edge of the circle. if he starts to go the opposite side of your TS then act fast. remember you have a second before you invisibility goes away so it will be hard for him to react.
-Use other stealth such as bushes as a trick of escaping. Go the other route. They will go for the bush, don't go for it.
-Use Spatial accuracy if all else fails and surrounded.
-Use it to slow your enemy down for escape.
#2 Taunt - They will be afraid of the TS, use it to champion push so they won't get xp. If they don't move and try to hurt you. Use MOA in a distance then go for hit then run away. They should fear it soon.
#3 Dodging - Everyone sucks at dodging. If you place your TS in a bush. to dodge an attack go out the bush!!!! Always stand on the edge of the circle. You will get hit 25% less!! always be in the most obvious spot or behind the enemy champion. Use it to get to a bush. You have one second of stealth before they can see you.

Mark of Assasin - Spam - Harass - Use this as said... only hit them if they let you. do not chase them before level 6, 1v2's , 1v1's(gankable). unless you have TS and your confident.
-Use it to get last hits in a distance.

Crescent Slash - Use it to hit all the minions.
-Use it to gain health quickly. Use it in the middle of all fights.
-Use it for chase after SD.

Shadow Dance - Use it wisely, do not spam too much unless your going to get a kill. You get an extra one per kill. Use it esp. if your losing in chases.
-Always use another move or Auto hit right after SD. stupid just to do three SD alone...
SD's is not energy based.
-Use it while cooling down of your other moves. Good video i found to help show what i mean

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Don't jungle... Lane or Solo 1v2. Don't solo 1v1, other characters are better for that. I tell my team that i will solo bottom. it messes up the other team. If they switch then you have your level handicap. Win win!!!

Also in 2v1's or 1v1 if it comes up. Use Your Twilight shroud in the back of the enemies minions. This will make them go back, unable to get minion exp. Do it when they space out wrong and if your minions are about to die. ^_^ the higher level you are the better. It is not about money yet. XP beat money!!!!

Don't kill the minions- Last hit at the very least or don't hit at all!!!! If they push then they are gankable. It is easier for you to use Champion Push Tactics. You want your minions to be pushed!!!