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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mindbender9

Short guide to zac

Mindbender9 Last updated on April 2, 2013
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(This guide aims on presenting summoners with a gamestyle and provides some tips and tricks not shown in the spotlight. It assumes players already have a good idea about the items, runes and masteries. It doesn't provide any pictures of items or tips on farming and jungling. The guide does not take into account any patches after zac release)

Zac is an AP offtank, jungle/top laner, who excels at crowd control. His long range ganks and tankiness provides a unique variety of team combos.

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The runes shown in the spotlight work best for Zac, as Zac is suppose to be played as (primarily) a tank and then as an ability power jungler. Since Zac has no mana or energy, he can be played with the same masteries and runes as Dr. Mundo, but unlike Dr. Mundo, Zac does not have attack damage. In other words his attack damage is equivalent to the auto attack damage done by most supports like Sona and Nami. Keeping this in mind his Runes can be altered to give him a boost in attack damage.

9x Magic resist Glyphs
9x Armor Seals
9x Ability power Marks
3x Magic Penetration Quints

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As the primary goal of Zac is to be tanky, summoners are advised to use the 9-21-0 build concentrating on Ability power and magic penetration in offense and health and armor in defense. Again keep the auto attack damage in mind when choosing the masteries, because monsters are killed quicker with attack damage.

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Starting build (laning):
Doran's shield---> Mercury threads
Mid and Late game
-->Spirit visage--> Sunfire cape --> Wit's end---> Hextech Gunblade ---> Rylai's crystal scepter

Starting build (jungling):
Hunter's machette--->Spirit stone----> boots
Mid and Late game
-->Spirit visage--> Sunfire cape --> Spirit of the Spectral Wraith----> Wit's end---> Hextech Gunblade ---> Rylai's crystal scepter

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Skill Sequence

Starting gameplay should be defensive until the slingshot is learnt

R > W > Q > E

1.Q Stretching strike
2.W Unstable matter
3.W Unstable matter
4.E Elastic Slingshot
5.Q Stretching strike
6.R Let's Bounce
7.W Unstable matter
8.Q Stretching strike
9.W Unstable matter
10.Q Stretching strike
11.R Let's Bounce
12.W Unstable matter
13.Q Stretching strike
14.W Unstable matter
15.Q Stretching strike
16.R Let's Bounce
17.E Elastic Slingshot
18.E Elastic Slingshot

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Flash is necessary

(summoners should choose the spells according to their play style)

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Pros / Cons

Easy Crowd Control
No mana
No energy
No rage
Amazing potential for ganking
2 escape abilities
Anivia's Passive
Doesn't need blue buff
Blobs heal percentage of maximum health (collecting bloblits is essential for a good, controlled game and should be done throughout the game)

Passive is useless in teamfights
Auto attacks do minimal damage
Satisfactory damage output
Slingshot has long cooldowns
Slingshot takes time to charge and can be cancelled by stuns
Can not survive without Bloblits
Can not survive without Spirit Visage
Q,W and E cost a % of his health

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Ap offtank that can provide good crowd control and tankiness to the team
Spirit visage+Sunfire cape= Core Build
Flash is necessary
Amazing potential for ganking
2 escape abilities
Slingshot has long cooldowns
Passive is useless in teamfights


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