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Wukong Build Guide by JiggyDancer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JiggyDancer

Show Them Who's Boss! - Sneaky Burst Caster WuKong

JiggyDancer Last updated on April 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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WuKong is not the best character. He's not OP. He's not feared. But he IS hella fun to play! He's got excellent burst damage, a bit of tankiness, AND stealth. This is a unique combination that makes him an excellent physical damage caster / assassin / ganker. This build focuses on maximizing damage and health to help with one one one fights, while taking advantage of his burst potential from his abilities.

The standard WuKong Combo:
Nimbus Strike -> AutoAttack -> Crushing Blow

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The runes I chose maximizes early game potential. My logic is that runes make the most difference in the early laning phase, when fights boil down to 1v1 or 2v2, and every point of stats count. Late game is more about teamwork, positioning, so stats become less of a worry.

Flat defensive runes and penetration marks gives an early game advantage that can snowball into more gold / xp from kills.

Movement glyphs are excellent. Let's face it, you'll either catch that runner or you won't, and what that boils down to is whether you are faster than the other guy or not. These puppies give you the edge you need. Furthermore, having movement glyphs allow me to delay getting boots for a little while so that I can go double dorans, which gives you an incredible edge during laning phase.

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It's all about damage output! Shoot for the extra 30 health bonus on the defensive tree. It's not much, but that is an extra hit you can take for the first few levels which could mean life or death. Once again, maximizing that early advantage.

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Double dorans is how I usually start. The movement glyphs + Decoy lets me run away if things go south. But this setup is all about abusing your enemy during laning phase. Don't bother running, just believe in your stat advantage and let your burst damage go to work.

Certain matchups will require you to play more defensively. Anyone with a spell shield will give you trouble (Lee Sin is my bane). If you're lane has too much ranged harass and your grouped with a melee lane partner, you will have trouble catching up in damage from the ranged barrage. Situations like that, request a lane change immediately!

The build alternates between health and damage items and well as throwing in a good bit of lifesteal. This provides you with excellent 1v1 potential, with the sustain necessary to farm till your next big item. Once you get that vampiric scepter, you can also jungle very effectively.

Where is the attack speed / armor penetration? You will have to rely on your abilities for that. Crushing Blow already shreds 30% of armor, and Nimbus Strike gives you 50% attack speed. So for the 3 seconds that both of these abilities are active, all that physical damage will allow you to produce a heck of a lot of burst. If they start to run, then the fight is yours! Spin-and-Win, and by the time that is over, you're ready for your next burst combo.

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Skill Sequence

Nimbus Strike gives you the most DPS per skill point, max it first. It also hits three targets, so it's worth maxing first for the sake of team fights and farming.

Crushing Blow doesn't do much extra damage and is only there for the shred and for the attack sequence reset (WuKong Combo), max it second.

Decoy is there only for utility, max it last.

Put a point into your ultimate as soon as you can! (Levels 6, 11, 16)

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is standard for any melee class. It works offensively and defensively. It just works!

Flash is such a great spell for sneaky types. I find it very effective in conjunction with Decoy. Decoy from long range, walk towards your target, Flash, then Nimbus Strike! This'll let you catch those pesky ranged and caster squishies off guard.

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Pros / Cons

- High damage maximizes damage from abilities
- Highly survivable build especially with your passive
- Early game dominance leads to mid game advantage

- Sacrifices some mobility early game (but you can build boots earlier if you'd like)
- Susceptible to CC (but isn't everyone?)

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Creeping / Jungling

Harass any way you can during laning phase. Your excessive burst damage should force him back to base to regen, push lane while he's gone and use this time to return and buy items / pots. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Try not to Decoy if you don't have to. You have to be aggressive and let yourself autoattack for a bit to take full advantage of your abilities. If the opponent tries to build tanky, your Crushing Blow should negate it, and you can ignore his attacks for the most part.

Be careful against opponents with spell shields / stuns. They can negate most of the advantages you have. Damn you Lee Sin! Best thing to do in those situations is ask for a lane switch because WuKong requires getting into the thick of a fight to be effective and his harass is an all or nothing situation. Yes you have Decoy, but you don't have the mana to use it as part of your harass. It should be mostly for emergencies and for gank-proofing.

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Team Work

This build is quite tanky and will function effectively as an offtank. The best thing to do in a team fight is to position yourself to target a squishy.

Nimbus Strike -> AutoAttack -> Crushing Blow -> Decoy

The enemy team WILL focus your decoy, burning up their cooldowns and earning you massive props from your teammates. They're probably grouped up rather tightly around your Decoy at this point, so jump back into the fight with a Cyclone and that should disrupt any spells they have left, as well as putting out massive AoE damage. Use the last few seconds of your ultimate to chase down a target squishy, and your WuKong Combo should also be ready for you to help catch up to any runners.