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Kayle Build Guide by KuteKitten1798

Shredding Them with TRUE AoE

By KuteKitten1798 | Updated on March 9, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Top Lane
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Top Lane
Win 53%
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Pros / Cons


-Good Farm (will have around 150 cs at 20-25 minutes)
-Cheap Items
-You do massive AoE Damage
-Deadly in teamfights
-Whats not a pro about your ulti


-Not Support
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Your Righteous Fury (E) will now hit a shh-ton, Your Splash damage is now greater than your basice attacks. If you need proof, follow the guide and then go to Double Golems, you will notice that the one you aren't will die faster, gg and have fun shredding their grouped up team

(tip, sometimes hitting a champion or minion that is near a low HP enemy (who is running away) will kill them because your splash damage is insane)

(Item sequence and reasoning explained below)
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In Lane, always try to go Bottom or Top.



way to do extremely well and farm at the same time is to

make a deal with your lane partner.

You get all the last hits, They get all the kills. This is possible because you can zone well, harass well, and also last hit well, problem officer??

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This mysteries page is generally used on DPS carries, you will take the role of Backup Carry, which means if your carry isnt doing so hot.....with your 30/0/'ve got this =p
x1 - improved Ghost/Exhuast

x1 - +1 AD YAY

x2 - More damage on minions to farm

x4 - More ATS

x4 - More CDR

x1 - Damage Towers More (helps with tower #1 or tanking a tower around 400hp

x4 - +4% crit. chance at lvl 1 helped ALOT

x1 - Helps with damage output

x1 - Helps with damage output

x3 - Helps with damage output

x1 - Helps with damage output

x3 - Helps in lane

x3 - Helps with damage output

x1 - Ruins squishie's lives.

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Summoner Spells & Runes

Ghost = Chasing/Escape

Exhuast = Disable/Escape

(ghost can be switched with Flash)

Never run out of mana with yellow and blue mana/5 per. lvl
More ATS with reds
and Chase/escape faster with MoveSpeed Quints

What else is there to say?
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Item Explanations

Early Regeneration for extending time in lane (hardcore players can skip health potion)

Attack Speed and CDR for synergy with Righteous Fury (E)

To chase and Run

Attack Damage, Regeneration, and more splash for synergy with Righteous Fury (E)

Survivability* and some AP for Divine Blessing

More AD, Regen., and splash for synergy with Righteous Fury (E)

Active Slow, More AD/AP and both Life Steal/Spell Vamp

More ATS and CDR, Righteous Fury (E) should be up almost all the time now
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Interchangable Items

Sometimes not everything works out right for the awesome angel of death. So once a while in certain games, our hero will trade out a
for a

- When there are tanky people you don't seem to be shredding

- When there are tanky people who just wont die!!

- When their AD carry has killed you twice in a row

- Mess with their team more, problem?

- Chase more, problem?
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While sometimes it may be useful to use Intervention on yourself, it may not always be the best idea. As Kayle, your job is to carry hard WHILE saving people's butts.... there are a few ways of doing this.
#1 - Heal (E) someone and slow the enemy (Q/Exhaust) as you and a teammate escapes
#2 - Use intervention (R) on a teammate and run with (Q/E) combo
#3 - Use Q/E combo and kill the enemy

#1 - Use Q/E combo and Ulti yourself as you tank 3 people saving your teammate and getting a kill as you die
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Will gladly take advice from other members and make good use of ideas/feelings,
please rate and comment ^.^