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League of Legends Build Guide Author Funklez

Shyvana Jungle. (Queen of the Devourer *****es!!)

Funklez Last updated on September 28, 2015
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I dont know alot, but heres what i have learned!

First of all, thank you for reading this and following my guide, this is my first guide to a chammpion i main and i highly reccomend to other players since the only thing thats hard for a beginner maybe is her ult and how to land it and her E. Since its a skillshot, but again ty you for reading this and feedback would be nice and i will update this as i learn more about this amazing jungler

1:Shyvana is probaly one of the strongest junglers with Sated, she gains so much benefit from with her q passive
2: She doesnt need to be counter jungling with,unless youre sure ti get that camp since you got good clear speed and need to get your sated fast for the maximum dmg output
3:I would say shes good to gank with at lvl. 6 since you then got speed, slow and gap closer with ult, but can have insane ganks at lvl. 3 already cause she got so much early dmg and that makes her a great early game ganker PS. Aalways have your chilling smite up for ganking!!
4:Dont gank a lane unless its clear to gank (Enemy have pushed the lane out or they are playing aggresive (since you again need sated as fast as possible)
5:Maximum health dmg can take Shyvana down pretty easy since shes a AD Offtank
6:CC is bad
at Shyvana to cause you either run into a fight and then you can get CC easy and stuns is the best against her since she is meele
7: She can get kited easily after she used her ult or if she havnt got it
8: Her combo is: Smite the enemy, E for extra dmg to them and easier to land since they are slowed, W For the speed to get to them and get dmg off while they are slowed a little bit more, then auto attack once maybe, then q and just auto attack further. If they then tries to kite you can ult at them and then the same combo again after ulti.


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