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League of Legends Build Guide Author elektrana

Simple and OP Karthus (farmers way)

elektrana Last updated on April 23, 2011
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This is my first build for champions. I posted this build because it's soo effective for me that I dont even read anyone elses guides for Karthi <3

And please dont thumbs up or down untill you didn't tryed it out ! :D

And if you have any other questions about Karthi add me ingame on EU server :
KuCo Machiavelli

Karthus is OP - that's a lie! He's bit stronger than any other squishy nuker. For me ryze is more op than karthus cause ryze does more damage without even thinking to buy AP items. So reconsider about talking trash how Karthi is OP :D

Oh and this guide is more focused on starters for Karthus it's explained in ending words.

And this guide is only for good farmers that leave no creeps for minions ;)

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Pros / Cons

Global ulti
Short CD nuke with Q
Infinite mana with defile if smart farming
Mega cool staff what you need more? :D

Quickly out of mana if defile not used well
Not so good escaper..but flash and wall of pain can synergize very well for escape :D

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Okay this is the list of runes I use and description why to use them

Greater Mark of Insight - This is your main rune that you are forced to have it if you think to deal some damage. It sinergises great with boots and it's "Recipe for Death" against tanks!

Greater Seal of Clarity - Karthus is very mana dependant in early game so I get these runes so I dont have to take Clarity for my summoner spell. This runes will make you stay in lane longer and give you ability to nuke'em out with Lay Waste more often :)

Greater Glyph of Focus - First thing everyone says when sees Karthus in loading screen thinks something like "Sh*t, fu**ing Requiem again -.-" . And yeah, you will make them regret playing against you :)
This runes give you 5.85% Cooldown Reduction, with frequently taking blue buff you have 30% constant cooldown reduction. (Let's say your ulti on lvl 16 has 110 sec cooldown.. 110-30%=77 sec. That means 1k nuke Requiem every little more than a minute. That will keep your enemys blocked in base near pool afraid of Requiem :)

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I take 9/0/21

I take it especially cause of ingame XP boost that synergises with my runes and makes 10% more XP gain ingame wich means lvl 18 in mid while my mates are lvl 13-14..
Oh and that cooldown reduction on summoner spells make you insanely hard to take out cause of Flash and Wall of Pain. And even if they take you out you have that short cooldown Teleport wich makes you constantly in lane :D

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There is no much phylosophy with items

3 Archangel's make 500 AP (they make 600 when limit of mana expansion is used)
With Lich Bane you will have Like 680 AP and When you finish your itemisation with Rabbadon's Deathcap you have like 1k AP.

This itemisation makes you take out turrets in 3hits because of your physical damage boost of Lich Bane and your monstrous ulti will take out the hardest tanks in game :)

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Skill Sequence

I take Lay Waste as most important spell of karthus. If well placed you can 4hit kill lvl6 Vladimir

So first max out Lay Waste. On level 2 I take Wall of Pain because on lvl3 Lay Waste becomes nuking spell and when I sinergyze it with ***'s magic resist reduction it's mega nuke :)

On lvl4 I start taking Defile, Defile is your bread and butter for chasing and escaping(in mean time killing :)

So Max out Q,on lvl2 get W,then max out E

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i pick Flash and Teleport

Karthus is not some good escaper so flash will take you out of any hard-to-survive situation

and Teleport will make you constantly in lane wich means more farming more gold more items.


Summoner spells that can be used too:

Clarity - great spell for starters who dont farm very good so they constantly have mana
Cleanse - Karthus is squishy caster.. when he gets under CC efect, just use cleans and continue running or casting
Heal - Good survival spell if starter and cant handle squishy hero very well
Ignite - Oldschool finishing spell everyone knows it's effect and when to use it ^^

Summoner spells that are not for Karthus:
Revive: It's useless you are undead lich why would you have revive? -.-
Fortify: Absolutely no use of it
Smite: No use of it near Lay Waste and Defile

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Team Work

If you are in solo queue make agreement with your team what you can and what you can't

for example: Don't steal kills with Requiem it will drive your comrades mad at you and you will hardly get help from them in team fights

Make agreement how will team signalyse to you when they need your ulti (example: pinging on map)

Help your mates to run away by casting *** between enemy "hunter" and your team's "prey"

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Karthus is great farmer even if someone play's him with just "R" button and Mejai Soulstealer.
Defile and Lay Waste combo is insane to take that juicy minions out :D

There is no philosophy. Take what you can and take as much as you can because you seriously need good farming to succes in this build

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Ending words

Okay mostly you guys will say this one is insane build. But whenever I do it it's insanely effective soon i'll post screenshots.
This builds make me pentakill with no problems.

Oh and yes I'm megaserious about this this build will introduce you to Karthus after you skill up with this you can try with modifying some items maybe some runes replacements and stuff.

I tell you you wont regret with it :)