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League of Legends Build Guide Author jamesmek

Sion the Fast, Strong, Triple Killing, Warrior [AD/AS]

jamesmek Last updated on December 28, 2010
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The maximum damage i have gotten was 703 dmg and 3.4k hp.
Recommended for more experienced players and for a SOLO lane.
I dont know what to buy for my yellow runes, if anyone can help me with this please comment.

Sion can be played in many ways. Caster/Tank/AD. I believe AD/AS with a bit of tanky-ness (depending on your amount of minion kills) is the most effective and most strongest way to play Sion. I know my items are quite odd, but it works. You just need to receive early game kills.

10 armor reduction from exhaust mastery
30 armor pen from runes.
60 armor reduction from The Black Cleaver.
45% attack speed from Phantom Dancer. ( 90% attack speed if you get two )
25% attack speed from Beserker's Greaves.
50% attack speed from your Cannibalism.
250% damage from Infinity Edge.
64% crit chance. ( 94% if you get another phantom )
100% life steal from Cannibalism.
25% life steal from The Blood Thirster

W/ ulti on : 100 armour reduction w/ exhaust mastery on. 120/165% attack speed. 64/94% crit chance. 900-1.2k damage dependant on armour. 125% lifesteal. Keep on hitting and you'll obliterate. Get another phantom dancer and you'll create doom upon the other team.

Cryptic Gaze is Sion's first skill. It is very useful and can be used in more than one way. It may just be a simple stun, but it also has some DMG to it 70/125/180/240/300. It is sure to get you first blood if you are 1vs1ing in a solo lane. It initiates a gank. It finishes off your opponent while hes running ( kind of cancels out the act of ignite ). It lets you escape in a one vs one.
Death's Caress is Sion's second skill. This skill is not very great for AD but still quite useful. You can use it for it's AOE affect against minions. It gives you some taken damage reduction while tower diving, but I do not recommend using it early game due to your low mana.
Enrage is Sion's third skill. It transforms him from a beast into a FRICKEN GOD. It's health cost doesn't really affect you that much and increases your damage by a lot.
Cannibalism is Sion's last ability. You can really call it a ultimate, its a great buff. 100% lifesteal, 50%attk speed, healing 50% of damage dealt to nearby allies. Imagine doing 1 k per hit with your critical. While healing that at the same time. When you are in a 1VS1 NEVER RUN, when you are in a 1vs2 DON'T RUN, when you are in a 3vs1 you will most likely be able to take them on, depending on who you're vsing and what items they have. As long as you can hit you heal. As long as you heal you will live.
Summoner Spells
Exhaust : Good for 1vs1. To receive no physical damage taken to you. Good for running away. Good for chasing. 10 armor reduction from mastery.
Ignite : Killing someone running past turret. When you have no more mana left for stun.10 ap from mastery.
Flash : Running away. Chasing.
Teleport : Porting back to base then quickyly porting back to your lane. Ganking.

RunesMark : Desolation. Quintessence : Desolation. Break through your enemy's armour and maximize damage.
Seal :Focus Glyph : Celerity. Decreasing your cooldowns is pretty useful for Sion. He relies on his stuns and ultimate quite often in a 1vs1/teamfight.
First you want to start out with a Dagger (buy a hp pot if needed) and build up into Berserker's Greaves. If you receive first blood you will obtain these boots. Next buy two daggers or straight into a Zeal. Then build your phantom dancer. Buy a long sword then a B.F sword then your Cleaver. The Cleaver will stack up to 5 times each hit reducing enemy armor by 12. That comes up to 60 armor reduction and if you include your 30 armor penetration from your runes that comes up to 90 armor pen. You are able to get negative armor which will increase your damage even more. Go onto your next B.F sword then Agility cape then I.E. Your critical now does 250% instead of 200. This will help you dramatically when your ultimate is used. By now the game is usually finished for me but The Blood Thirster is next just to increase your physical damage. If you do are not satisfied with your speed buy another phantom dancer which will increase your crit chance to 94% which will dramatically change the rate of your criticals actually happening. If you want more hp to deal with hard hitters get a Frozen Mallet which will you you a little bonus helping you chase and succeed with your kill.

Go kill the dragon at level nine, you will need to use your ultimate and maybe even a few stuns. Keep on killing the dragon as soon as you can since you need the extra gold. Don't forget to max your thirster stacks. You want to kill a lot of minions to get all of your items. I usually get around 200 minion kills a game.