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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scout

Sivir: Auto Attack Queen

Scout Last updated on January 19, 2011
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First of all, like to apologize for any mistake in my English, but most of the blame I place in Google translator who helped me in this difficult task :)

Before I begin to explain my options and what's my strategy, I must say that this build is the way I've played since I bought the Sivir and had many good results. End up being the most of the times, the player with more kills, less deaths and more number of assists. Not counting that I farm twice the minions of the other champs and the Towers fall very rapidly.
Last 3 games:

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Your core Runes for sivir!

I like the dodge to survival but u can get The Great Seal of Fortitude, but I think like this... with the last one I can stay I battle more time, but my escape its compromise, soo I prefer dodge to my chances of escaping alive.

Mana its a problem in early game, soo I use this to get a bit more for my boomerang. U can get Greater Glyph of Furor insted Greater Glyph of Intellect if u havent problems with your mana soo u go more for crit or gank more...

I have tried Attack speed, magic resist and cooldowns, but this seems too be the ones that work better in Sivir.
Remember that she needs some survival and mana soo you can be a good carry in late game.

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Fleet of Foot

(Passive) - dodge :) nice, can save u many times in game when u r runnig for your live.

Boomerang Blade

- Your Dps weapon... Big help with squishy champs or in earlier game to do great deal of damage. ( in late game with tanks or someone with build tank, the result isn´t the best, but form squishy and farm its great)


- I like this a lot, for me its the weapon of sivir! with the crit and speed attack in mid and late game, I get the red buff and mallet and its crazy damage. When attack towers carefull if u get enemy champs neer, or the rico will work agaist u, soo turn if off. It consumes mana too soo in early game use it carefull.

Spell Shield

- Never forget that spell shield is a big big help!!! against many champ ;) most effects cant get u, have allways mana for it :)

On The Hunt

- In early game I use it to get towers, or to support other champs, In late game for get the most of kills of my team :)

First you have too see some things... Are u in mid, bot or up? Champs u are against in your lane?
Usually i get mid, because sivir dominate there with almost champs (Morde is the one I get problems with), and soo I get ricochete and boomerang first. If I get some one with stuns or disabels etc, I get speel shield pretty earlier, if they r only melee, ricochete and boomerang put them far from you.

In Bot or up, I use Boomerang a lot and the ult then i get it... If u cant get mid, go too you up lane soo u can get the blue buff and keep using boomerang.

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This are the items u have to get to sivir with this build, U can get then at diferent times, but u will need then all.


This are your options, got to see u you r facing in your lane and in mid and late game.

live leach

if you wanna get towers faster and more kills,
if you wanna get more supportive to your team, bigger live steal and speed attack. I Normally get this one, because u will be the focus of everyone attencion, in case the other team focus other player, get the Bloodthirster to get more dmg.


if you wanna get towers faster or more kills.
with a nice crit :)
with armor pen
if u can stay alive, and your team r having many kills :)

Magic Resist

Attack Speed

with some damage, armor and passive ;)
, nice attack speed and the active is nice too :)

Analise the other team, as your as well and see whats the best choise for you. U can repeat items if u like, but carefull with the uniques...

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Game Strategy

Buy Meki Pendant and Health Potion move to the mid lane (Sivir can start at the top or bottom, but the mid is definitely the lane for her, it can take up to two champs, depending on which, and farm in order to build our Champ).
The first thing to have to worry about is mana and not die! With Boomerang Blade and Ricochet u will keep a distance from other Champ and farm from minions a lot ... when u get to the enemy tower go to the jungle to continue farming.
At this time winning the buff blue, put u in a great advantage in the game, allowing increasingly use the boomerang.

At this point ganks will begin to break, you already have the ability to confront 1vs1 most champ, since you got the Berserker's Greaves, Phage, Zeal, after this phase, you can go to the red buff, and with lv.11 abuse of your ult to inflict so much damage to your opponents.

This is your time to shine since you have Phantom Dancer, Frozen Mallet and The Bloodthirster you are very well, your ult will remove any champ that stand in your way, red buff gives u a big help too! This one will be the difference in finding an 1vs2 or 1vs3 pretty easy or becaming dead for a minute ...

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Other Info

Never forget that spell shield is a big big help!!! against many champ ;) most efects cant get u and at this time have allways mana for it :)

And just one more thing... this is the one way to play sivir, and its not like math... u got to adapt your build like the game r flooing, some times i take some items first, other times some of them, I didn't take at all... I try to complet this build later with the most situacions I have been, but u got to play as U want, Sivir its a very funny champ!

Please comment, any doubt I will be happy to respond. All help is welcome:)

GG see yaa

This Build is not Complet yet :)