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Sivir Build Guide by fishboy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fishboy

Sivir - Cant Touch This (New 5v5 build - Dec 23 2011)

fishboy Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, I am new to creating builds but have used mobafire builds and guides several times before. I have taken this build and use it every time I play Sivir. She is a great helpful champ and can backdoor turrets and inhibitors later game very easily. Since I am new I would appreciate comments on how i could improve this build in any way.

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When playing Sivir do not do your masteries AP, big no no. Her abilities do not work AP at all. That is why I have all atk speed, dmg, armor penetration and much more. Pretty easy and simple all attack and some utility. Attack damage is very crucial for Sivir since Sivir is an AD champ so why wouldnt it make sense to build her masteries attack damage and not ability power or defence. You could try building her abulity power and or defence but I can almost guarantee you that it wont work out to well unless you're against lvl ones and you're a lvl 30, haha

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is essential for Sivir in 5v5. She always needs to be farming minions and harassing champs and of course killing them. It keeps her always in battle ready to hold other peoples lanes and it gets her out of tight situations. Teleport just aids Sivir and all of her teamatges shes on top and then the next she's on bot pushing out her teamates lane, teleport is great for a 5v5 setting. it's also great for her to always be in the game farming farmin and farming i will repeat this many times because it's something you justg need to do with sivir.

Flash should be used over ghost when playing Sivir. Her ult gives her movement speed so ghost is unnecessary and she is not a slow character. You can evade tight situations so easy when using flash as well it is super helpful.

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Berserker's Greaves: A must because it's cheap and very useful to have beginning game. Atk Speed and movement are essential.

Blood Thirster: Great damage and life steal. Once you get the blood thirster do not die and farm all the minions you can. When you farm the minions it increases the stats of your blood thirster and once maxed has more atk damage than the infinity edge :D

Phantom Dancer: Amazing item i buy for most champions I build all around great item. Increases obviously atk speed but also aids your movement speed.

Infinity Edge: Once you get the infinity edgeby now you should be absolutely pooping on kids! The next time you crit you'll be quite happy!

Frozen Mallet: The frozen mallet is amazing with sivir. Its passive has a chance to slow the thing your attacking which greatly enhances sivirs chasing methods. Her passive increases her speed every basic attack and with the Frozen Mallet they're done for.

Black Cleaver: Is just a little item I like to add to poop on kids just that little bit more ;)

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Skill Sequence

Building sivirs skill sequence is quiet easy if you some what know her. Upgrade her boomerang as much and often as possible! Her boomerang is an amazing harass and keeps the other champs at a good save distance. You then upgrade her spell shield because sivir is very mana dependent and if you want to do lot's of damage you're gonna want mana. Her spell shield is amazing for just that, when you know your opponents champions abilities its essential to use. Use about 1 second before they are about to use it and when it hits you it does nothing and you gain mana! It is really easy to use and spell shield doesn't need to be upgraded a lot at the start. Another way you can use it and try and make sure you get the mana is you start going towards the other champ and use it then they use it on you you get mana you dodge their ability and you can poop on them ;)
Sivirs ricochet is really good for farming minions, minions and more minions. Ricochet costs very little mana so you are able to use it quite often unlike your boomerang which is way better for farming but not ideal or helpful for your game play as you will run out of mana in a quick second.
On the hunt is as it says in the name to hunt. To chase other champs down and kill. It is also a very useful ability to evade opponent champions with your flash it'll work great. It's cool down isn't that long and it lasts quiet the period of time.

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Sivir is a great champ that can carry and push very well. I like to play either top or mid with her. I prefer mid because I level up very fast and its really easy to harass and farm especially with sivir. When playing middle it gives me the upper hand and for the most part I have very successful matches. I usually like to lane with a champion with good crowd control because we are able to get the champion at a descent health and then I am able to chase them and we all know just how great sivir is at this ;) But also sivir does not have great health or armor so having some crowd control is great to be able to rely on. A thing I love love love love love love doing is when some one is teleporting back with like one or two bars near there turret and i'm on the other side of a wall, use your boomerang threw the wall and kill the opponent champion! It is so funny to see there reactions and it always gives you a good laugh.

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Sivir is great, amazing, sexy, elegant; I love her you guys should love her too!!!!!! She's a ****ing babe with a deadly *** ****ing boomerang who cant love her, like actually. I hope that you now are in love with her and want to make love to her because of my build and remember hugs not drugs. Drugs will not enhance this sivir build and yes i have tried to play while under the influence put wasn't even able to open my laptop let alone use this beast build and poop on kids so DON'T DO IT and make sure to; CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF. By that i mean dont be a complete ****** and people these days being super squishy check your health before you go into battle it'll help that little ice cube line there ;)

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Farm Farm Farm!!! Sivir Sivir Sivir!!! As I mentioned before farming is very very easy and is very helpful with Sivir. Sivir gains tremendous experience and gold from farming and her Ricochet is amazing for this as well as her boomerang. Her boomerang can easily clear out a minion wave later game and is helpful when you score an ace and need to push really hard. The ricochet is also amazing because if you have a group of minions with low health it'll kill every last one of them like a charm and you get GOLD, which is always good! ;) When you're farming with Sivir it is also very easy to keep your minions pushing and pushing so it makes your lane partners and your life way easier and keeps the opponent champ a fair/safe distance depending on the champ.