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League of Legends Build Guide Author dinosaurxrawr

Sivir - Knock them Down

dinosaurxrawr Last updated on January 29, 2011
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Table of Contents

    Introduction to Sivir
    Rune Choice
    Summoner Spells
    Skill Sequence
    Summary and Wrap-Up

This build is for High ELO carrying/Solo 5v5's.
Please don't downrank for no survivability.
Thank you. :]

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Introduction to Sivir

Welcome to dinosaurxrawr's guide to Sivir, the Battle Mistress - one of the more underplayed champions in League of Legends. This is a guide I felt I should share with the rest of the MOBAfire community, as my build has led me to winning many games and performing very well with her.

Sivir - Pros and Cons

An extremely efficient pusher.
Strong solo laning power.
Excellent farming capability.
Strong survivability early game with proper application of Spell Shield.
Excellent sniping ability with skilled usage of Boomerang Blade.

Sivir is squishy.
No escape mechanism outside of Summoner Spells and On the Hunt.
Easily shut down by champions with rapid-fire abilities, such as Ezreal.
Mediocre duo-laning capability.
No stun or snare.

Sivir is an incredible pusher, with both her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet to take out mass amounts of creeps in a few short seconds. Ricochet is one of the best spells in the game for pushing, especially with attack speed boosting items. After killing or sending an enemy champion back to base, she can immediately start pushing and putting pressure on the tower with use of On the Hunt. In a solo lane, Sivir truly shines as her Spell Shield provides her with some survivability against early game harassment and the enemy solo champion will be hard pressed to reverse her pushes.
With her high DPS and pushing power comes a great and defining weakness - Sivir is extremely squishy. She is highly reliant on lifesteal-based items, such as Stark's Fervor and The Bloodthirster, and is easily shut down by champions like Ezreal who have rapid-fire abilities and can spam her to death. She has very poor duo-laning ability, as she has no stuns or snares to speak of, as well as no built-in escape mechanism against someone who is harassing her, except for her ultimate (which increases movement speed).

Sivir is great at ambushing people with her Boomerang Blade when they aren't expecting it. That ~500 damage nuke can change the course of a battle, and it should be used liberally and with skill. Keep in mind that Sivir is a hit-and-run champion early on. She has modest base attack damage and isn't meant to go toe-to-toe with Tryndamere early on. Make sure you hit them hard with your Boomerang Blade and whittle them down before closing in for the kill with On the Hunt.

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Rune Choice

Sivir benefits from a variety of Runes, and this is one of the many parts of my guide which are open to adjustment as per your individual tastes. These are merely my favourites for her, and are not to be taken as law - only suggestions.

Greater Mark of Desolation (x9) - Armour Penetration
Greater Seal of Alacrity (x9) - Attack Speed
Greater Glyph of Focus (x9) - Cooldown Reduction
Greater Quintessence of Desolation (x2) - Armour Penetration
Greater Quintessence of Furor (x1) - Increased Critical Damage

Explanation of Rune Choice:
Sivir benefits from just about every single phyiscal ability rune in the game, including crit and flat attack damage. Here are some other suggestions for Marks, Seals, Glyphs, and Quintessences (in any combination - the Marks don't HAVE to be Marks, they can be whatever you choose):

Greater Mark of Alacrity (+1.7% Attack Speed)
Greater Mark of Furor (+2.23% Crit Damage)
Greater Mark of Malice (+0.93% Crit Chance)
Greater Mark of Strength (+0.95 Attack Damage)

Greater Seal of Evasion (+0.75% Dodge Chance)
Greater Seal of Vitality/Fortitude (+1.08 HPL, +19.44 at 18/+5.35 Health [respectively])
Greater Seal of Clarity/Replenishment (+0.1 mana regen per 5 seconds, +1.8 per 5 at 18/+0.41 MP5 [respectively])

Greater Glyph of Shielding (+0.15 Magic Resist per Level, +2.7 at 18)
Greater Glyph of Warding (+1.49 Magic Resist)

Any of the above runes. �

Explanation of Rune Choice:
Sivir benefits from almost all of the Physical/Attack Runes that you can possibly imagine, and she can also benefit greatly from many of the survivability runes, due to the aforementioned squishiness. You'll also note that I don't have any per level runes in my build and might ask, "Why is that?" I excluded them from my personal build to give me extra power in the lane. She is an amazing carry if played correctly, even without runes.

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Now, this is another place where you can have a few creative liberties with my build. I've focused more into the defensive tree if we don't have a very tanky team, or stacked as much offensive as possible. The current build I have set up, the 21/0/9 build, works best with the chosen Summoner Spells and her items. I feel that any masteries set-up needs Good Hands, especially with Sivir, because she has the power to reverse pushes quickly; therefore, spending less time dead (10%!) is extraordinarily beneficial all game.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is excellent on Sivir for SO many reasons, the first of which is its ability to get you on the other side of terrain while escaping from the enemy team, and because its just an amazing ability for escaping. The second of which, a very little-known fact, is Sivir can hit an enemy 3 times with her Boomerang Blade with an expert Flash. I have done it myself - only once in the many games I've played with her, as settings have to be perfect in order to do it correctly.

Teleport is fantastic due to its ability to get you back into your lane near on instantly, minimising experience and gold loss, as well as keeping the pressure on your opponents and possibly saving a tower.


Ghost is an excellent alternative to Flash, as it stacks with her ultimate ability quite well, and for the simple fact that it is just an incredible escape ability. What it trades immediacy for is extended worth and escaping ability.

Exhaust is another great alternative, as you can change the course of a fight with good judgement and timing. Its also good because it provides Sivir with a much-needed slow.

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Skill Sequence

This section is devoted to Sivir's skill sequencing and the skills themselves, as well as the reasons I chose each. To start, let me introduce you to each of her skills and how they work.

Boomerang Blade:
Sivir hurls her crossblade like a boomerang, dealing magic damage to the first unit and 10% reduced damage to each subsequent target.
Cooldown: 9 sec
Range: 1000 (Approximate)
Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 Mana
Magic Damage: 20 / 70 / 120 / 170 / 220 (+0.75 per Ability Power)(+0.75 per Attack Damage)

This is Sivir's one and only nuke, and it is impressive. On paper, it doesn't seem like much, but in practice you can bring a squishy hero down to half health with one cast (if it hits both ways). It is also excellent for clearing a creep wave in tandem with Ricochet, her next skill.

[Toggle] Sivir's basic attacks will bounce to additional target(s), dealing 25% less damage with each bounce (only the first hit procs item effects).
Cost: 6 Mana per attack
Bounce Range: 450
Bounces: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

This is an incredible pushing ability, as later on, Sivir can wipe a creep wave off the map in less than twenty seconds. This ability can also be used on towers, and the hits will bounce off the tower and onto the creep wave. In team fights, this ability is absolutely devastating to squishy champions like Ashe and Miss Fortune.

Spell Sheld:
Creates a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability used on Sivir. Lasts up to 3 seconds. If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains 150 mana.
Cost: 75 Mana
Cooldown: 22 / 19 / 16 / 13 / 10 seconds

Spell Shield is basically a free Banshee's Veil every 10 seconds at Rank 5. That should be enough said, but it goes further than that - it also restores mana to you. This ability is incredible and has saved my life so many times against stuns and especially Karthus' Requiem.

On the Hunt:
Grants Sivir and nearby allies 25% extra movement speed and a percentage of attack speed (a third for her allies) for 15 seconds.
Cooldown: 90 sec
Cost: 100 Mana
Area of Effect: 1,200
Attack Speed: 30 / 60 / 90%

This is another ability that has saved my life countless times and has allowed for me to push a tower early game. This is best used in tandem with a group of friendly creeps or a lane partner to help you get the tower down faster. This ability has also saved my allies, as it gives 25% movement speed. That's basically giving them Ghost. The attack speed is a ridiculously good buff at Rank 3, and at Rank 1, it can give you the edge over that Ashe or Miss Fortune that's been harassing you all game.

Passive: Fleet of Foot
Sivir has an increased dodge chance by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% while moving. The Dodge increases at levels 6/11/16.

Sivir's passive ability is great, especially if you have dodge runes. This is why I mentioned investing in dodge runes earlier, because they stack so very well with this skill. Escaping against someone like Ashe is difficult, but if she misses her last hit needed to kill you, you're as good as gone. This passive has saved my life many times as well.

Skill Sequence Explanation:
The reason I have chosen Spell Shield first is more of a suggestion to you as a player. What I typically do is go to the lane and wait for the first enemy champion to appear, then choose either Spell Shield or Boomerang Blade depending on who it is. Against an enemy like Anivia, Spell Shield is the obvious choice. Against someone like Ashe, it becomes Boomerang Blade. Be wise about your choice, and you'll succeed in your lane.

Skill Progression, annotated earlier, repeated here:
Spell Shield
Boomerang Blade
Boomerang Blade
Boomerang Blade
On the Hunt
Boomerang Blade
Boomerang Blade
On the Hunt
Spell Shield
Spell Shield
On the Hunt
Spell Shield
Spell Shield

[*] Your Boomerang Blade returns to you, no matter of your position at start. So if that carry moves away from your Boomerang blade, don't give up! Walk with them and try to hit them with the return. It hurts all enemies on the return path as well.
[*] Toggle Ricochet on before pushing a tower or when you wish to harass a champion without being punished by the minions. This is great for laning against champions who stand behind the ranged minions, like Caitlyn. If you are laning against someone who significantly out-ranges you, such as Caitlyn or Tristana, it might be beneficial to level this first.
[*] Use On the Hunt before team fights and while pushing towers.
[*] Spell Shield should be triggered in anticipation of a hit. Don't be embarrassed if you're off time once or twice - its difficult to use, especially against Vladimir's transfuse.

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Early game, Sivir is a very modest champion, with not much damage to offer right off the bat. If you can, nab mid or a solo lane if you have a jungler, as Sivir shines in solo lanes and has a very expensive item build.

Sivir is a physical damage carry, and as such, should be played like one. The items I have chosen are for a damage-centric build, and are for high ELO carrying. You may feel free to substitute a weapon or two, but I highly recommend the build I've provided. Here are some item replacements I believe are worth it:

Frozen Mallet:
Now, as a damage item, this item is a tiny bit lacklustre, but it is a great chasing/survivability item. It gives 700 health, which is the most out of any other item than Warmog's Armour.

Banshee's Veil:
Now, you might stand to think that Spell Shield makes Banshee's Veil a bit superfluous, and you're mostly right. But, in tandem with Spell Shield, it makes you very difficult to kill by someone like LeBlanc who has a ton of burst damage, but is worthless after her spells are blocked/tanked. It also gives health and mana, both of which are great for Sivir. Very useful for play against an AP-heavy team.

Quicksilver Sash:
The Quicksilver Sash is a great item for how cheap it is, and it gives you a cleansing mechanism for escaping from a snare you aren't able to block in time.

Madred's Bloodrazor:
Madred's Bloodrazor is a fantastic item against tank-heavy teams, and I highly recommend switching out one of the above items for this if you're having trouble cutting your way through their health. The attack speed stacks well with Sivir and provides her with some armour.

Youmuu's Ghostblade:
Youmuu's Ghostblade is a great item that stacks with her abilities extremely well, as well as the rest of her build. The active stacks with her ultimate, giving you a quick burst of damage to finish off the enemy.

These are key items that I feel were worth mentioning. Selling your Manamune late game is always a good idea in exchange for perhaps a Bloodrazor for extra damage and attack speed. Now, on to the explanation of my current item build.

Manamune, if you are going to build it at all, is a great item early game. It gives Sivir damage, mana, and mana regen. The key focus of this is the mana and mana regen. Sivir has a pathetic mana pool off the start, and Tear of the Goddess is exceptionally good with her to give her that extra lane staying power so she can spam Boomerang Blade and Ricochet.

Stark's Fervor:
Stark's Fervor offers a great deal to Sivir, as it gives her a large amount of attack speed and lifesteal, which she needs in my build because I do not buy many survivability items.

Boots of Swiftness:
Boots of Swiftness are necessary with Sivir, as she has average starting movespeed and no escape mechanism. These can be substituted if you like, but I highly recommend them.

The Black Cleaver:
With the recent revamp of this item, it is a perfect item for Sivir, as it now gives attack speed and damage, in addition to the armour penetration. Regardless of your ordering, this should ALWAYS be your first expensive item. It is so far beyond worth it, and very easy to farm up with Sivir.

The Bloodthirster:
As Sivir is such a good farmer, I believe The Bloodthirster to also be a great item for her. I don't usually recommend The Bloodthirster, as it requires good farming capability. This can be switched with Infinity Edge, as games typically don't last this long.

Infinity Edge:
Infinity Edge is an amazing weapon for AD carries like Sivir, and it is a must have for any AD carry. It gives them the crit they need to finish off tough champions. As I stated above, it can be switched around with The Bloodthirster to give you that extra edge.

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Summary and Wrap-Up

All in all, Sivir is a very understated and underestimated champion, and can easily carry an entire game in the hands of a skilled player. It is imperative to remember that she is a hit-and-run type hero, and doesn't do well in stand-up fights until she has a few kills under her belt. After that point, Sivir is nearly an unstoppable force and can easily finish off an entire team.

Thank you for reading this long guide. I hope it has helped your understanding of Sivir, as well as given you some good item choices in your future games. Keep in mind, she is my favourite champion, so be good to her. :]

Good luck! ��