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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author likyle

Sivir - QB of the Battlefield

likyle Last updated on February 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

Sivir - Battle Mistress

Sivir's Role

Sivir is a strong selection in any game, possibly the strongest. The reason for this is simple. Sivir owns team fights. Your role on the team is to win team fights, win team fights, and control lanes. If this is done correctly it should lead to an easy victory.

Pre-Battle Prep

Summoner Spells

Ideal Spells

First, I choose Clarity. With this build you need mana early game. And this will let you lane forever.

Second, I choose teleport. You can clear minions like no one's business and can clear multiple lanes at once with teleport. Again, a great mobility spell that allows you to control the battlefield. In addition, it allows you go back to base, get your philospher's stone and boots, and get right back into action.

Acceptable Spells

    Rally - This is interesting on Sivir. You will most likely be pushing whatever lane you start in due to your minion massacring. This can help get your team that first turret very quickly. In addition the extra damage/hp regen in combination with on the hunt makes a very strong team fight combo.
    Flash - Again, a good offense/defensive spell for map control. If you use it well...then use it.

Eh, if you like these spells don't let me stop you


Do NOT Choose

    Exhaust/Ignite - You are not a ganker, you do not need these spells. You CONTROL the battle field
    Smite - You are not a jungler
    Heal - Not necessary. If you really need health, buy health potions, you will kill more than enough minions to afford some
    Ghost - You won't need it with Boots of mobility/shurelya's/On the hunt


So, here's what I do. If you want to go straight armor pen, go for it
I use 3 greater marks of alacrity for 5% attack speed, this helps to finish minions quickly and just helps sivir overall. I then use 6 greater marks of desolation for 10 armor penetration

Next, 9 seals of evasion, Sivir already has dodge, with this and your masteries escaping is even easier

9 glyphs of focus. This allows you to spam boomerang blade. Have fun!

Finally, 3 quintessences of fortitude. The reason to do the flat health over the hp/lvl is that it helps you stay in lane to start the game. Mine that gold, get your items


Ok, so I go 21/9/0
This will give you an attack boost which is good early game before you start stacking your sword of the divine and give you a little defense to stay alive and boost your team. Defense wins championships and in this case games.


Ok, this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this build guide.

Most people build Sivir straight dps. This is because is it fun to deal a lot of damage. You will be squishy, you will die bravely and quickly. Winning is also fun. If you want to win, follow this build.

Shureyla's Reverie is a great item on Sivir.
It gives you flat health. It gives you health regen. It gives you mana regen. It gives you reduced cooldown. And most importantly its active gives you and nearby teammates a speed boost. This can help to escape or attack.

Boots of Mobility
These allow you to lane all lanes simultaneously and get to teammates to give them boosts

Sword of the Divine
This will give you enough attack damage to get by, as you won't die you will just build stacks all game.

Banshee's Veil
This is a good item on almost anyone. There will be at least one champion on their team that has a kill spell, e.g. Lux/Ashe. This will block it. Also, in combination with spell shield you will be blocking a lot of spells. Good work!

Stark's Fervor
Ok, now you are almost unkillable. Time to boost the team. Stark's Fervor + On the Hunt = team fight domination. Plus the lifesteal is really nice

Madred's Bloodrazor
So, you have spent all your money so far boosting your team. If the game is still going on it's time to have some fun and finish it. The attack speed and 4% max hp damage is real nice. One note. Buy Recurve Bow and Pickaxe first


You must skill build based on your lane opponents.
1) Always get BB first
2a) Your second skill is Ricochet if your opponents deal physical damage and especially if they are not ranged. Ricochet keeps non-ranged champions away from minions. Your Gold > Their Gold.
2b)Your second skill is spell shield against spell champions (makes sense). E.g. ryze, azrael, galio, sona, etc. When they charge at you (or start a whirlwind in the case of Janna and Galio) start it. This can build your mana in lane. E.g, step into the whirlwinds against Janna and Galio. Stand still against Ryze and TF. They cannot resist going for you. Free mana. Beware of champions that cast back to back spells. You will take damage.
3) From there max BB against spell champs or Ricochet against non-ranged champs. Then max the other. You will not need more then two points in spell shield. However, first, max out on the hunt as soon as possible.


Early Game

"Welcome to Summoner's Rift"
If you can mid, then mid. You can mid against anyone. Hardest champs are Ms. Fortune, Heimer, Mordekaiser. But you can take them all.

You want 1150 gold before you go back. Get Shoes. Get philosopher's stone. Then stay in lane as long as possible. Try to stay long enough for teleport to cooldown for quick return to minioning.

Don't be afraid to play defensively if you have to until you get your boots and philospher's stone. But push if you can.

Mid Game

Ok, this isn't an actual point in time. But for me it starts when lanes break down. Now your job is to join in team fights and control lanes. Teleport to minions, get gold. Use Shureyla's Reverie and On the Hunt. Build your team gold. You can also minion either gollum, both are useful on Sivir.

To kill minions 1) throw BB straight down the line of minions. This should almost kill them 2) use Ricochet to finish them off.

Late Game

For me this starts after you get Banshee's Veil. With your speed/spell blocking/hp you are now almost unkillable. You can now solo dragon, good work. If you are even/down a few turrets/kills at this point you SHOULD win the game. If you are up at this point, you will definitely win the game. This is when you start dominating team fights. If your teammates are not greatly outskilled by the other team the other team's turrets will start dropping like flies. You push, you get Madred's. You win. The END.

Final Thoughts

This is my first build. I have played it for a while. The Shurelya's Reverie and Banshee's Veil were borrowed from HotShotGG (#1 online Sivir player). I like boots of mobility over Berserker's Greaves for mobility (duh). I also like to get Stark's and Madred's before Infinity. Let me hear your thoughts, and don't take **** from people who are entwined in the dps Sivir paradigm.