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Sivir Build Guide by Ludvigy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludvigy

Sivir-The Boomerang Carry

Ludvigy Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Hi this is one of my frist guide here on I play sivir as one of my 3 main ad carrys.
Sivir has a very easy way to snowball and is perfect for solo/duo que.
I have been playing sivir for soon half an year i started playing sivir cause of a old friend of mine siad that sivir taric was realy strong and it ended up that we was unstoppable with that combination and ever since i started duo quing with sivir ive had a true adiction for playing sivir/taric bot lane.

Lets get onto the guide explanation.

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Pros / Cons

Pros= Very strong early game
Good teamfights
One of the few ad characters that can burst as well as a Graves.
Fun to play

Cons=Doesnt have a very good escape
Isnt way to hqard to shut down.
Very dependant on her Q to hit for early kills.

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Greater Mark of Strength= This rune helps you last hit alot better. It is viable to switch it up for an greater Mark of Desolation which will give you an easier time against an taric at bot lane.

Greater Seal of Resillience= I always pick these runes for ad carry cause it helps you trade better at bot lane and is overall just very helping. I see no rune that can replace this one but you can absolutley try to find some other rune that can work for u.

Greater Glyph of Shielding= These runes strengthens your late game defences which is good. But his rune is highly replaceable by a Greater Glyph of Warding but i still prefer Greater Glyph of Shielding.

Greater Quintessence of Strength= Same story as the marks.

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My points in the offensive tree is pretty basic even though i could have choosen one point in summoners wrath instead of butcher. I only take 2 points into vampirism so i can take 1 point into havoc for abit bonus dmg on my q and basics i am aware that it gives a very small amount but i still believe it is worth it.

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I start with a Dorans blade most of the time cause when i play sivir its 90% of the time with a taric which has a descent heal and it helps me pick up some early advantage at lane.
Then i buy Boots of speed(add some hp pots when going back for boots if youre having a hard lane).
Most times the first time io go back i buy second dorans and berserkers greaves.
Then i build into an Bloodthirster or Infinity edge depending on how the game is going in most cases i will pick up infinity edge instead of bloodthirster cause of that im mostly winning lane with sivir and Infinity edge helps me snowball te lane much harder.

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Build 1/Build 2

Build 1=i use Build 1 in most cases cause sivir has a great chance of snowballing in lanephase and the burst potential is just huge with sivir. And infinity just gives you so much dmg and you dont rly need Bloodthrister very early in most cases.

Build 2= I use Build 2 if the game is going poorly at bot and i want to turn it around then bloodthirster rly helps with that lifesteal and huge dmg bonus on your q and w which is actually rly strong.

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Summoner Spells

Flash= Amazing spell kinda op.

Ignite= Gives u even bigge kill potential at lane,

Exhaust=Exhaust isnt rly that good cause your support should have this spell.

Heal=U shouldnt be needing heal way to much if u can use your Spell Shield porperly.

Cleanse=Your spell shield is good enough to protect you from heavy cc.

Ghost=U got enough move speed with ult and passive so no need.

Surge=Doesnt realy help you way to much.

Promote= Its a realy odd spell doesnt recommend it.

Teleport=I dont like it way to much and doesnt see alot of use for it when playing ad carry.



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Skill Sequence

I start with my q at lvl 1 at lvl 2 i pick up w at lvl 3 i make an odd coice according to some people cause of i put another point in q this is because i often lane with taric and puting a point in q at lvl 3 gives a huge burst potential at lvl 3. After that its pretty basic points.

Sivirs q is broken and gives huge burst.

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This is my sivir guide im very proud of my sivir performances and i wish to continue my domination with this character. I had fun making this guide and i want everyone who read this to post a comment about their opinions about this guide pls upvote if u like it.

I play on EU west my summoner name is Lylyly add me if u have something u wanna ask em directly.
If u liked this pls check out my vayne guide.